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  1. Giving a proper evaluation within such a short time-frame is by all means questionable. I resume my verdict to a later date so that I can see for myself what V2 will do for me.
  2. Hi Affinity team, I am over the moon with this announcement. As I have purchased the individual apps through the Mac App Store, I was curious about how this works out for me during the transition to V2? Kind regards, eab
  3. Hi fellow Affinity users, As I stated in my earlier post on the subject of direct Sara import, I finally reworked all necessary files in Affinity. At the time,I learned a lot about a suitable workflow for me using Affinity as my first choice. The business diagrams I use the most I have I have transferred into templates. I also have a lot of symbols that I can use as I wish now. These alone have been a tremendous time saver over time. After the first 'conversions' I have never looked back. Have a lovely Christmas time and a creative 2022.
  4. Is this a feature request for being able to incorporate Map views inside Affinity Publisher? In due course, I use the macOS version of Maps, prepare the best possible map viewing, perform a screenshot, import it into Affinity Designer to add any additional informations (like logos, arrows, visual directions, etc.). then I crop it into the suitable map I want yo use in my Affinity Publisher project. This is quite a straightforward workflow with maximum flexibility for current and future alterations.Best of luck in the meantime!
  5. Hello Harold, I had loads of Xara multi-layered files. Was unable to transfer them to Affinity Designer by importing them directly. Now, more than 5 years down the line, I have redesigned the most prominent ones in Affinity Designer. It helped me a lot to find the same and similar ways of working with multi-layered vector graphics. I just had the Mac App Store update to 1.8.3 on my iMac and iPad. I love Affinity dearly for what they have made possible from day 1. Good luck with using Affinity Designer and their other friends at 50% off. Highly recommended!!!!
  6. This is an excellent suggestion. For this project I have numbered the objects (one layer of postal code regions and one layer of labels). These are locked base layers. Any 'to be changed' layers will be on top or in between and always be distinctly one purpose, e.q. dynamic sales territories or regional marketing campaigns. It would be nice and safer to be able to sort on the tags involved in the stacking order (Z-axis). In due course I will upload a screenshot of the finished project. Thank you both for your thinking this through.
  7. I do acknowledge your concern. The file consists of several functional layers, based on the specific content shown. Any object on these functional layers have same Z-axis level. Maybe I need to work a little bit harder to facilitate the correct order myself. Maybe I had better asked for ways of sorting according to stacking order. Just to give you some background information: The project consist of an Affinity Designer file with different layers of specific visual map content. The base layer is showing the map with all postal codes we use in The Netherlands. Every single postal code was traced and has its own object on this base layer. These objects are coloured to show the individual postal codes. These postal codes are part of larger regions, say major postal codes based on 2 digit postal code, and therefor grouped accordingly. All objects are now individually distinguisable and fillable with 'regional' defined colours. The rationale for this project is that this file will facilitate the building blocks for additional use cases: These major postal code areas are used to develop sales territories allocated to different sales people/teams visualising their responsibility for their 'own' sales territory. Our Customer Care Center is using this map to allocate appointments and care requests to the responsible sales and customer care representatives. Necessary changes to numerous objects on this map used to take a lot of time. So I developed a layer and object structure in Affinity Designer that make any changes in personnel/teams, sales territories and adding any additional information a breeze. Sorting these same layer objects on the same stacking order can be done manually but it would be much more convenient to have this automated, at least in my mind. In the meantime, I have ordered the objects by hand. This was fun after all, knowing how many hours I worked in the latest version of Affinity Designer. Affinity friends: any suggestions are more than welcome!!!
  8. While working on an actual project (designing a geographical map with distinct regions) involving loads of layers (either labels or actual illustrations), I would be an enormous help to be able to sort on the layers' field name I order to be able to sort either alphabetically as well as numerically. This feature is imho relevant for all Affinity Suite apps, for all of them use layers of some sort. I happen to love Affinity Designer on desktop as well as iPad from its first beta. Thank you very much for all the magnificent features up until version 1.8.2. Keep up the good work to make us even more professional and amazingly productive!!!!!!.
  9. Maybe this functionality could be implemented in both Publisher and Designer. Government bodies request the WCAG 2.1 standard as from December 2018 for PDF and web material. It would be an enormous bonus to be able to use both Affinity Designer and Publisher to conform. The rationale of this standard can be found here: https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG21/ Also see other requests on this forum https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/65212-tagged-pdf-support-for-accessibility/
  10. Excellent tutorial. Extremely slick animated graphics. Looking forward in learning more in the next part. Those interested in working with these color models inside the Affinity productrange I invite you to view the hands-on tutorials on using color in Affinity Designer and Photo by Elaine Giles. Affinity Designer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXUVnZ9Eqdk Affinity Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz14E9LJqdI
  11. Maybe you should have tried the Beta program of Affinity Publisher. Just to discover that the necessities you bring forward are already implemented.Mind that this is still a beta version of an immensely talented piece of software with keen developers. It can mean that some things do not work as in the olden days. Please keep an open mind and explore this Beta and the finished product. You will be amazed by its potential, given its current state of timely 'infancy'.
  12. I purchased the 2018 iPad some weeks ago, including Apple Pencil. I mainly used Affinity Designer as it was introduced on iPad about the same time. Based on my experience so far, it works like a dream. As far as I have noticed almost all desktop features work on iPad. The interface is extremely responsive as well as Apple Pencil. The little gap at the tip of Apple Pencil didn't bother me at all. To see for yourselves, follow the excellent videos by Elaine Giles on Affinity Designer and Photo (with Apple Pencil) at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci_ai5ZMv7k&frags=pl%2Cwn. You will be amazed by the versatility and usability of the 2018 iPad concerning Affinity products. I wish you all the luck in using your new iPad and Pencil in future work.
  13. Thank you for the quick reply's. As a app developer myself I know Metal can seriously improve the performance of apps in lots of ways. Keep up the good work guys.
  14. I use the Mac version of Affinity Designer from 1 month after its initial release. It is getting better and better. I do appreciate your effort to develop a Windows version of Designer and Photo. My question is whether this release for Windows will cut off Metal support on the Mac side of things in upcoming releases. Thank you in advance.
  15. Hi All, I am an Affinity user for 3 weeks now. I must say I am more than pleasantly surprised about the quality of this app, being a 1.0 incarnation. Being a long time Xara Designer Pro user, I have decided to prolong my efforts with Affinity Designer. It is heartwarming to see the commitment of the early adopters to the success of this app and hopefully the forthcoming sister/brother apps. Just read the review of Affinity Designer in the US version of MacLife, which I fully underline. Their verdict: “awesome" and granted Affinity Designer their MacLIfe Editors’ Choice mark. Keep on the good work and your dedication to the user community. And a healthy and fun 2015 to all of you.
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