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  1. I am another Xara user from the Corel days. Have had to keep Windows up and running as it was always the best solution for the work I needed to do and was way simpler and makes much more sense than Illustrator. Not sure how Adobe ended up with that paradigm. I like the similarities here with layers and the way the interface looks similar to the tools Adobe makes as I am very used to using Photoshop. One of my chief complaints about Xara was the limited raster capabilities of the software with regards to photo manipulation. I never really thought the Bitmap Tracer did a very good job either. Very happy to be learning to use Affinity and am sure it will begin to mature as a powerful vector / bitmap platform. I look forward to moving away from Xara and using Affinity exclusively soon!
  2. This may be a problem you can't solve - but I have thousands of Xara files that I will have to convert to some other format to import into Affinity, or I'll have to keep Xara for a while. I have been using that software since 1995 and would love to simply be able to import their files into Affinity. I have only continued to use Xara because until now, there has been no MAC program that could compare to the speed and versatility of that software. So if we could get the ability to import the XAR formatted file, or if you included an algorithm to convert it to PSD or whatever on import - that would be awesome and I (and many others) could get rid of Parallels off of our MAC's, dump Windows and regain valuable drive space. I can't begin to tell you how cool that would be as I do not have time to take almost 20 years worth of files and convert them all to another format for import
  3. I would enjoy being able to create and use my own page presets in any category within the document design window. If we could create categories and additional presets that would be cool too.
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