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  1. Don't know if this will be helpful, but what language is your Mac set up for? Mine is english and I'm assuming (from his previous posts, correct me if I'm wrong) Bruce's is English also. I'm also using an Apple Magic Keyboard with extended keypad. Again, just trying to find some thing that could be causing this issue. Are you using any key/type utilities like TextExpander? I had mine set up to automatically close parentheses and brackets and that caused issues when I was trying to increase brush size using the open bracket key. So maybe your shift and modifier keys are being remapped or something ...
  2. Have basically the same setup as Bruce, not having that issue. Shift and command (for not contiguous item selection from a list, like Layers) work as they always has on Affinity and Mac OS in general. Also using a Wacom intuos pro tablet.
  3. The fact that the files are Embedded and not linked, forces me to repeat the Place command for each page. for a 32 page comic, that's a bit of effort that is caused by the arbitrary elimination of Linking to files. Linking allows the source file to be changed (or replaced if the exact same file name is used) and that change is propagated to the doc that is linked to the file. In essence, just embedding the file is costing me anywhere between 2-3 hours of work per 32pg comic. I didn't know the replace image was a trick, so I didn't mention it. To be fair, All affinity apps have had so many changes, my head is spinning and I don't know how to work around this embbeding thing. So this is me throwing up my hands and I'm just going to work through this and maybe by July, I'll have figured out how to use AD/APub for comics or just revert to using Comic Life (which is a good app), which can export a ePub, PDF and raster formats (JPG, PNG and/or TIFF).
  4. One of the interesting things about modern comics, is that the creator(s) have to be mindful of multiple formats: from printing to e-book (PDF, epub and CBZ) to Webcomic presentation. Each requires their own format. Print is 300 DPI CYMK (or RGB if printing via a Print on Demand service), E-book DPI is around 144+ ppi (depending on its specific format) and Web requires 72+ ppi (depending on the venue it's being distributed on). While publisher is great for Print, it's not geared up (yet?) for anything digital beyond PDF. In the interim, I've developed a workflow for Designer for the electronic side of comic publishing which came to rely on linked files. Basically, I draw my rough drawings, and then I place the image into a Designer doc and do the lettering from the script of the story. Then if I have too much text for the art, I can resize/redraw the art on the originals (on paper usually). Then, once the art is all lettered for the story/batch of strips, I finish the comic drawings with pencil and finally ink it and color it. Then I scan the finished page with the same file name as I did when the page was in rough form. And when I open up Designer with linked files, the files update. At least that was the workflow. See in my case, because I can't (or don't know how) to export from Publisher a page at a time and at a specific pixel size like I can in Designer (after a fashion, the export personas just always seemed to be overly complicated for something so simple, imho), I have to go back and "eyeball" things again and resort to tricks to fit text in a panel that just can't comfortably fit that much text. By arbitrarily removing the ability to place linked files in Designer, I just had the legs of my chair knocked from under me. In a bigger sense, this could shake one's confidence in Affinity Apps beta testing. What good will beta testing be, in the long run, if features get added and removed for "reasons" after the Release Canidates but before the actual release? I realize that comics is a niche area, and I can figure out work arounds (like taking screen capures on my 27" iMac for web comic as an example), but between this issue, the non-opened docs issue and the question about iPad only brush sets, well, I've hit a rough patch here and only waiting will resolve things.
  5. Just to be clear, this issue wasn't in the last Release Canidates of the Designer and Photo betas, it was introduced in the actual release of 1.7. So please understand that, in my mind, fixing it in the betas won't be important until the actual released point version is released and doesn't have the issue. But I have faith in the devs, in any case.
  6. Just installed Affinity Publisher (RC1) and it will reopen with the same documents that were left opened in the previous session. So it's fixed there, still not working in Designer or Photo, though.
  7. I posted this in And so far not a word from any one from Affinity, so I'm posting it here, hopefully it'll get some attention. Basically in ALL Affinity apps (Desiger, Photo and Publisher) I can have documents open, the preferences set to reopen documents and I close down the app. When I start the app back up, there's no documents opened. This happened with the 1.7 release of Designer and Photo. Other apps on my Mac opens with the documents that I was working on in the previous section, so I can definitively state that this is a Affinity issue. edit: the reopen documents works in Publisher and still won't in Designer and Photo. seems to me that the Publisher RC1 has corrected this issue. So it just needs to be corrected in Designer and Photo Any help is appreciated.
  8. This behavior worked in the last RC of the beta 1.7 and in the released version of AD 1.7 it seems to be broken, at least on my iMac. The previous behavior was that I would have 1 or more files open, all of them are saved and I would quit AD. Then reopened AD, in an hour or day or so. The files would be automatically opened and be ready for being worked on. Now when I quit AD 1.7 with files opened (tried it with 4, 3, 2 and a single file opened) and restart AD later, no files are opened. I restarted AD with the shift key held down (which I seem to think opens the app in a "clean" state -- default settings all around) and still no joy on opening AD with the files opened from my last session. the "reopen documents" option in the General tab of the Preferences is ticked. In other apps, they re-open the docs that were opened from the previous session. I even deleted the folder com.seriflabs.affinity designer in my Library/Containers folder. And when I restarted AD, it rebuilt those folders and everything in AD was reset to a default state. I then pasted the folders and files from the AD beta into the container/data/library folder and over writing the existing files when there was a conflict. restarted Ad and same issue of non-opening docs. And now the latest beta of Publisher is now exhibiting the same behavior of not re-opening docs that were opened when the app was last used. This beta worked as expected prior to the download and installation of AD and AP 1.7; which is why I'm posting it here rather than in the beta as it seems that the released versions install coincided exactly with the reopening docs issue. I'm going to reboot my mac and do some maintenance on it and see if the issue is taken care of. If I don't amend this OP, then rebooting and such did nothing to solve this own my end.
  9. CartoonMike

    Will Designer Beta Continue?

    Not working on my end. Using AD from the Mac App Store. In step #2 there's no Library folder inside of the com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner folder. There's just a Container.plist and a folder named Data, which has a Library folder. So I used this path to paste the copied files & folders from step #1: ⁨Users⁩ \ ⁨username\ ⁨Library⁩\Containers⁩\⁨com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner⁩\Data⁩\Library⁩\Application Support\ started up AD and everything that I installed in the beta is now in the released version of AD 1.7.
  10. This is just something I kinda resigned myself that i had to do after every beta/update: reinstall all brushes, textures, assets, etc. It got to be such a hassle that I didn't bother to install any add-ons at all for a few dot releases .It would be great if the location of these add ons were in a unified location -- independent of versions, so that what I install on Designer, could be accessible (when appropriate, like for raster brushes) in Photo and Publisher. Maybe even for Layer FX,
  11. And I'd like to thank you and the rest of the team for their fantastic skills in making Publisher the great 1.x app it is and will be in the future!
  12. Just tested it out on the same pesky document and the lookup word works on the 4 interior pages I checked and on the title (first) page. So thanks so much, I'd consider this issue "solved" I've used Pagemaker (back in the day) and a number of other Desktop publisher apps and Publisher is the best I've used. Affinity took the science of desktop publishing and put it into this app so all I have to worry about is the art of design. Thanks, again!
  13. I've tried this on several docs both old and newly created in the most recent beta version (312). And here's what I did in the new docs: create new document. paste in some text in a text object. double-click on a word to highlight it. Right-click on the word and choose the "look up '[word]'" menu item (where [word] is the word that's highlighted.) IF you're on the first page of your document, then this will work. IF you're on the second (or later) page, this kitty won't purr I don't know if this has anything to do with a second monitor (which I use and have the navigation and textural palettes on, btw). But I do think this is a urgent bug to attend to, as most documents will start off with a cover or something. I wouldn't have noticed this if it wasn't for the other look up bug report; as I usually write my prose in a word processor and then copy-paste the script into a text object. so it's already been proofread by the app (Pages) and the spousal unit (Janet) and nothing gets flagged once in Publisher. Anyway, I don't see the need to attach files or anything like that, I copied the text from a plain old TXT file and rendered it in Publisher in Courier. Anything I can supply, just let me know and I'll try to provide 'em as soon as I am able.
  14. and it's on the autoupdate on Mac OS. Downloaded and installed with no issues. Really enjoying this beta!