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  1. This honestly looks so good @PixelPest! Thank you for mapping out your process like this. It's really interesting to see!
  2. This looks brilliant @PixelPest! If you don't mind me asking, how did you go about creating that shape? I'm guessing you used three concentric circles fo the base? Also, did you have any luck with the gradient effect applied? Would be really interested to see your results. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thank you @GarryP! I completely hear you. I'm really interested in learning more about grid systems and geometric design. Will definitely take your advice on board
  4. Thank you for your input @firstdefence! Appreciate this. Is it possible to apply a gradient that runs with the curve? I've only been able to apply gradients in the basic directions (linear, elliptical and radial etc.) with Affinity so far.
  5. Hello everybody, I recently saw these designs for a Pear Logo on Dribbble by Second Eight. I love the overall aesthetic but I was hoping you could please provide some guidance on the following things: How would you go about creating the path of the spiral in Affinity Designer? Would you use a series of Boolean shapes and join their paths? If possible, please can you shed some light on how you would recreate this design? Is the second design simply the first one with a stroke applied to the border, or are there other steps to be aware of? Is it possible to get the gradient to follow the path of the spiral in Affinity Designer? If not, can this be achieved in Affinity Photo? Apologies if these are newbie questions! I will be grateful for any help you're able to provide. Thanks in advance!
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