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  1. Why is the picture frame still showing a big X across the picture? Is it a bug or have I done something wrong? I placed the picture and then dropped the picture into a picture frame because for whatever reason the option to 'Convert to Picture Frame' didn't show up on right click (why is that?) Thanks for your help!
  2. See screenshot. Unless I've misunderstood? But it doesn't look like Publisher thinks it's a group.
  3. OK, so one way of causing the issue is if you right click on the image and Rasterise the image when it's in the frame. Sorry, when I mentioned about embedded, I meant as in 'if you download the file I'm uploading, will it include the image or are you just going to get an empty picture box?' (because it's not very helpful of me if you don't get the image in the file as you won't be able to directly see the issue). I believe by default Publisher links to the file rather than embedding it into the document? Typically an X will not show on a picture frame with an image in it regardless of whether or not Preview Mode is on. With the bugged frame, the X is on for both Preview and Non-Preview mode. Apologies if I've misunderstood what you're getting at :-)
  4. I can't share the original file as it's a confidential company document. However, I copy / pasted the offending picture frame into a new document and it's still weird, so hopefully that should show your end? Also, in the frame properties even though it's set to 'None (Don't scale image)' it will still scale/distort the image when you adjust the frame. Let me know if the image isn't embedded in the file, I'm not sure how to check. Also worth noting that on the Publisher Beta, right clicking on the image does show the option to Convert to Picture Frame (but it's greyed out), but the frame/picture still doesn't work as it should. dodgy frame.afpub
  5. I'm trying to add a mask to this little grid of crosses and it should be making them invisible, right? But it's not. (I wanted to use a teexture brush to make them visible) The colour is set to black on the mask (tried turning it to white, doesn't seem to do anything). Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help!
  6. Both colours are set to black when I create the mask and that's the result when I click the Mask Layer button in the layers panel (or Layer / New Mask Layer). Is there a special way of making the mask black that I'm missing?
  7. Seems to be an issue with my textbox where it just cuts up words (see screenshot) if I use a specific font. Turning hyphenation on and off doesn't work, nor does resizing the textbox. Also tried flicking between all the Align options and it doesn't stop it from slicing up the text. It's a free font called Caveat, as the text corrects itself if I change the font (but then breaks again if I switch back to Caveat). Any reason why the font would be causing this? Happens on both stable and beta versions. I used this font on the old beta (i.e. pre-release) and didn't have this issue. caveat-bold.ttf caveat-regular.ttf
  8. That fixed it, nice one! Didn't realise that could cause issues like that :-/ (or is it a bug and it shouldn't cause those issues?)
  9. Reshuffling is fine, it's that it had an issue whereby three overlapping tables were on the bottom of a page and trying to reshufffle to the next, but got caught in a limbo whereby they just flickered between the two pages constantly (i.e. the bottom of one, to the top of the next). It was impossible to grab each table and move it beneath one another as they just kept jumping around, they were just this glitchy clump of tables. Only way I could fix it was to delete the lot and manually create a fresh table in Publisher. Another thing that was odd on importing the document was that whilst most of the tables had been automatically set to 'InLine In Text', one particular group had been set to 'Float with Text'. No idea why. Don't know if that caused any particular glitches, but I just thought it a bit weird that 3 or 4 tables had come through with a different setting despite not seeming to be any different from any of the other tables in the Word document. Just loaded the file back up again this morning and was met with invisible tables (see screenshot). They were in the Layers panel and and you could select them, they were just invisible in the actual document. Only way to force them to show up was by backspacing a new paragraph line and then they all appeared again. I'll try running the Beta version and see if that helps. If it's helpful info for diagnosis, I'm running Mojave 10.14.5 with the below spec: iMac, 21.5 inch, 2017 3Ghz Core i5 16 GB DDR4 Radeon Pro 555 2 GB
  10. I've imported a 45ish page Word document (.docx) that has quite a few tables in it (2 or 3 tables per page on average, most of those tables are 4 columns, 2 rows—the rest are 4 columns, 1 row) and Publisher is struggling to handle it. I've been reformatting it (going through the document resetting all styles (to clear any Word ones) and applying my own Publisher paragraph styles) and it has crashed a number of times (quits unexpectedly or stops responding / wheel of death). The Word document was formatted using the default 'Heading 1', 'Heading 2', 'Normal' stylings on Word.
  11. File uploaded. It imports OK (as in, doesn't crash) but not brilliantly (in that not everything displays right). I had to break up the tables on Word because some of the larger tables clumped together and made everything below them in the document disappear. Even then, some of the tables imported sitting on top of each other in a bit of a jumbled mess; if there were a few tables in a row (as in, 3 or 4) without text in-between them they usually imported on top of each other —one group I had to delete entirely and place in a Publisher-created table because they just wouldn't sit right. The crashing and quitting is somewhat random, but I could make it consistently crash if I tried changing the font size on the 'Normal' paragraph style (font didn't seem to matter). I've since gone through the whole document (in Publisher) and reset formatting on all the text (including everything in each cell) which seems to have helped (font size change no longer seems to automatically trigger a crash), but it is still very occasionally crashing. A lot of visual oddities too. If I adjust a font size or table and it causes the document to reshuffle (as in, some tables get moved onto another page, etc.) the pages sometimes 'screw up' (stuff on a page is invisible, auto-correct red lines randomly placed on a page, tables on top of each other); managing to click into a table and editing the text then seems to snap Publisher out of its confusion and it'll rejig the page so everything is back in its correct place (I'll try to get a screenshot if it happens again)
  12. I've attached an Apple crash report if that helps publisher crash.txt
  13. I've got a 75 page Word document and need to import it into Publisher if possible. Firstly, on InDesign I can match up Word's paragraph styles to InDesign defined ones when I'm importing so all the text imports nicely formatted—far as I can tell on Publisher this isn't possible using Place, or am I missing something? Secondly, if I set up a master double page spread with linked text boxes on InDesign, and I import a big document into a page with that master page applied, it will automatically generate the required number of pages to fit in all (e.g.) ~75 pages of text. Publisher doesn't seem to do this, but even if I manually create 75 pages, how can I get all those text boxes to link to each other (see screenshot)? Or would I have to manually link all 30+ double spreads which is a ludicrous faff? Thanks for your help! Sam
  14. Thanks for this tip, much appreciated. However, it doesn't seemed to have worked 100%. I think some table formatting is causing issues. I can import around 30 pages or so, and then the text boxes start turning blank (see screenshot —it still looks like the text is importing, but it's not displaying properly). I had a similar issue on InDesign where imported tables were turning the document invisible and needed adjusting. Checking from where it's cut off, it's at a point where it's a table that goes over 2 pages or so. Does Affinity have issues importing large tables, and is there any way for me to adjust this table without being able to see it? :-/
  15. It took me a while to figure out why brushes weren't working on one of the pages I was trying to paint on in the Photo Persona because Publisher thought I was working on a different page so was adding a raster layer to a different page (it's not immediately obvious from the Photo Persona). It's only a small thing, but given how easy it is to switch to the different personas (which is fantastic), it might save some headaches if the Designer and Photo personas hide all pages but the one it's adding the layers to to avoid any confusion? Alternatively maybe add a way of switching pages in the Photo / Designer Personas instead of having to go back to Publisher, change page, then switch back again?
  16. I'm finding this with two text tables. If I try and highlight text in one text box, it starts to select another text box somewhere else on the page. Only started happening on the latest version.
  17. I created a PDF flyer on Publisher, exported is as a PDF, and want to place that PDF in a new Publisher document. The PDF flyer contains a TIFF image of the book cover. If I place that PDF into a Publisher document, the TIFF image goes all weird and black and white (see screenshot). I have other PDFs in that include TIFF images, and they seem to place OK, so not sure why this particular PDF / image is causing issues. Screenshot and PDF attached. Thoughts? Schwanzer AI.pdf
  18. Attached. I'm not sure what options I changed (in that I can't remember), but I probably turned off JPEG compression and turned Resampler to Bicubic. Schwanzer AI.afpub Edit: I might have also converted colour profile to CMYK, Coated FOGRA39
  19. If I have 4 separate lines that visually form a shape, is there any way to convert them into one shape? Clicking Combine doesn't seem to work (see screenshots) (The reason I did it this way was so I had an identical curved line on top and bottom (i.e. draw one curved line, then alt drag for a copy) —I'm very new to vector graphics, so tips on an easier way of doing this would also be welcome) Thanks for any advice!
  20. If I've made a textbox slightly larger than the text in the box, if I double click on the adjustable node on the frame to get it to auto-resize the frame to the amount of text in the box (see screenshot) it crashes Publisher. Happened twice in a row now. In case it helps, the text box had 3 lines of text, each line had text with a different font. (Edit: Just tested again, it'll crash if there are just two different fonts in the same text box) Version
  21. My iMac has updated and restarted since yesterday; opened the same file and tried it again and it seems to be working now. However, I can root out the log files from the system library. Seemingly relevant logs are called: Affinity Publisher Beta_2018-11-21-112808_Mares-iMac.wakeups_resource.diag Affinity Publisher Beta_2018-11-21-113204_Mares-iMac.cpu_resource.diag Affinity Publisher Beta_2018-11-21-113329_Mares-iMac.hang Affinity Publisher Beta_2018-11-21-115349_Mares-iMac.cpu_resource.diag Affinity Publisher Beta_2018-11-21-120713_Mares-iMac.hang Affinity Publisher Beta_2018-11-22-161627_Mares-iMac.wakeups_resource.diag Which ones do you want me to attach? Edit: Oh, and the fonts it initially crashed on was called Akkurat (Bold, Light, and Italic). I then tried again with a few system fonts (can't remember off the top of my head which I picked. It was a random choice) and it crashed with those too. However, now (today) it seems to be working. Perhaps a restart (or the latest Mojave update) helped? It was on a regular page.
  22. See screenshot. Brush width seems to be the only adjustable slider that actually applies to the drawn line. Am I missing something obvious?
  23. Don't know whether this is a glitch or a missing feature (if it is missing, please add it!), but if you click-drag to highlight several objects, it only selects certain things (seems to ignore groups and images). This is rather annoying when you quickly want to grab a few objects and move them around. I don't want to group all these objects (or try to find them all in the layers panel and CMD+click to select them all) in order to make the occasional movement adjustment on otherwise separate objects, as it will quickly become a faff to keep grouping and ungrouping things. When I click drag over everything in the screenshot, only the two boxes pointed to with the red line are selected. (The object on the left is a group; a box with a fill colour, and two text boxes). Why are groups and images ignored on click-drag selections? (They're not locked either) Am I missing something? Edit: Made a mistake, it only selects one object at a time, not both boxes, which is even more annoying (it's just that click drag can be used to select either box, whereas it won't select at all an image or group). My bad. Edit 2: OK, sometimes it seems to select both the textboxes, so maybe it's a bit glitchy too.