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  1. I find this question interesting for different purpose. In Publisher i.e. : When I re-instal affinity product on a new device, so I can export my sets or keep the file where they are store, I could have different set : when I work on a book, when I work on PDF file, etc... So, saving sets and restore them could be really time saver...
  2. I have already used the "alt" + Add to get around this issu (and not only on curves letters). It works for me so I can wait for the fix with patience :-)
  3. My fault, i was on FontLab 5 page ! :-) As I find this app a bit expensive, i have given a try to TranType demo (as you suggested in your update above). I could convert my Industria Font to TTF and use it then in Designer without any problem. I even test a PDF generation, and it works very well. So the solution I will keep is that one : As Type 1 font are becoming really obsolete, I will buy TransType just tested (under Catalina with success :-) so I can convert all my 30 years old fonts stock (one by one, as needed of course). But thank you very much to both of you...
  4. Hi @Lagarto and @MEB, Just to tell you that i still follow this topic, even if I find that it becomes really very specific BTW, I wanted this morning purchase FontLab, but it is specified that it does not work under Catalina (Sacrebleu. !) As I think that the final solution would be to convert my old fonts, does anyone know another app to do that, working on Catalina ?
  5. Hi @MEB, i zip it myself... Have any trouble with it ? Here's a DropBox link to have it uncompresed... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/12jk5mnq7tg40df/AAC5I5FidTuxmGWAy2BEuRmFa?dl=0
  6. Hi @Lagarto, Hey ! Thanks for your time spent here Actually I have sometime that exactly same kind of issue. I then have to quit and restart my computer. Usually, I can then export my PDF. I think I can deduce that it comes from the font... (I thought first it was coming from Acrobat reader, or the Affinity PDF engin, or something like that...)
  7. @MEB FICHTRE ! hahaha That's great for you. OK then... Any idea if it is possible that it comes from my Font manager ? Or Mojave/Catalina ? But you must know that actually I have tried to manage THAT font with Mac OS X core font manager OR FontAgent Pro, and could not have any result.
  8. Hi @Lagarto & @DWright, Here you can find an example of font that works in Publisher but not in Designer. I'm using FontAgent Pro 9.5 to manage font on my computer (Mac OS X Catalina). The only solution I found, as @Lagarto, is to close my works in designer, and re-open it with Publisher. Then drop in Designer Personna from there. This maybe THE solution, but I find it weird anyway :-) industria.zip
  9. Hi @Lagarto, I actually meet the same issue. My font stock is now 30 years old! :-) I have there a lot of fonts in Postscript Type 1. I can use them without any issue in Publisher but none of them (NONE OF MY WHOLE COLLECTION! i.e. : Industria, Swiss924BT) in designer. Why ?
  10. Hi @thomaso, thanks for this topic. I actually got around this problem by not using the "Shadow" tool for my 4C documents, but by duplicating the layer and assigning it a color K with a blur + multiply. It would be my pleasure to use "Shadows" again with version 1.8.3 if this was corrected. It's so much more… easy and practical
  11. Hi @garrettm30, yes I think you're right. Is there anything to do to push this topic as a bug or I just let them find it in the forum ?
  12. Hi @walt.farrell, hi @garrettm30, Thanks a lot for your answers and sorry for the delay, I had some others "emergencies" 😬. I agree with you, @garrettm30, i can easily copy the fr_FR file and rename it fr_CA, specially as most of my customers are from ... France 🙂 But the difficulty was to find this fr_FR.dic and fr_FR.aff files to copy. I did not find them on my computer (Mac OS X Catalina 10.15.4) as mentionned in the FAQ. So I took a look Qwant (you know, this new privacy-Google ) and found some there. I installed them, and everything work great now. So the question now is, "How to make sure thoses files are "official" - or kind of. Have you any better sources?
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