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  1. Mh... This is not what I have here... A black 100% shadow a no other color (look screenshot, same file i sent you) : But I really appreciate your tenacity on this case haha :)
  2. Yeah Thomaso, here it is... test ombre.afpub I just duplicated the items... So I don't understand how the setting could be different. If you duplicate the last one, then the new duplicated item will have backgground latered and the previous will be OK; Weird, ins't it ?
  3. Yeah Mike, in indesign, I always used à K shadow at 40% ou 50% "Multiply" and the balack was just added to the background... I do not agree Old Bruce. The black shadow should just be "added" to the background. As I said above, Shadow in Indesign work that way ... Plus, how do you then explain that in my case, only the last object created has the background altered ? That's no sense and so... a bug, right ?
  4. Hi Thanks for sharing your test, great ! :-) So I have done another test, then another one and then I noticed something weird : The altered background is only on the last item created with a shadow. For example on my screenshot below, I simply duplicate the text block and the image block 3 times with exactly same shadow on text. Exported on PDF (X-1a), only the last item has the background altered. SO I definitely consider this as a bug from Publisher, right ?
  5. Hi Thomaso, thank you for your answer... I had translated "Product" from the french term. I have just restarted Publisher in english and the term is actually "Multiply". So my shadow was correct. I have tried export in PDF X1 or X3, even X4, but the image is still altered ... Just to make a test, i have cancelled shadow on the text, duplicated the text, filled it in black, added a Blur effect and 40% opacity in Multiply mode on the layer. SO it is a "kind of" shadow manually done. In that case, the image IS NOT altered. Funny isn't it ? :-) (See screenshot). What I'm expecting is to have that with the shadow option (much more easy to use ;). Do you think it is possible ?
  6. Hi, I have made a test with some text shadowed on a picture. The shadow has to be in black only. That's how i parameted my shadow : Black (K) only -> "product" mode, and it work. But as you will see, the picture is a bit altered where the shadow is overprinted (see screnshot). The first file joined is all colors shown, the second is CMY only (no black) just to see the altered picture. Any logical reason ?
  7. Hi Mike, thanks for answer :) Anyhow, quitting Adobe to be "All" Affinity is not the THE solution neither :-) I will have a test on pdfToolbox, thanks for suggestion...
  8. Hi, I'm testing Publisher and have already bought Designer and Photo. Yes, I'm trying to stop being hostage to Adobe But ... What about the PDF management in Print Process : Do I need Adobe Distiller to have proper PDF for Print ? Is there any roadmap for an "Affinity PDF reader" compatible ? : most of my customer work on PDF with me for modification/validation, so I need to to be able to read notes, comments, etc) I always check my PDF in "Acrobat Reader" before send it to printers I would probably have to "rent" Acrobat DC, but I would buy any Affinity alternative, for sure :)
  9. Hi Affinity... I've been working with Adobe since 2001, before it was Xpress. When uark Xpress has the monopole, they had a price politic so exagerate that I change for Indesign the day they published their Indesign 1.0. Today, adobe force me to buy an annual plan for the whole adobe collection, and i just need 2 product (Indesign and Acrobat - Photoshop has been replaced by Affinitiy Photo, and I'm learning how to replace illustrator with "Affinity Designer". I promise a migration to "Affinity Publisher" during 2017 if you get it out :-) Capitalism only makes sense when there is competition. And you are the only ones offering a reliable alternative. So, above all, continue! :)