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  1. Hi guys, just to notify it is still not available in last version of Publisher 1.8.3...
  2. Hi @garrettm30, yes I think you're right. Is there anything to do to push this topic as a bug or I just let them find it in the forum ?
  3. Hi @walt.farrell, hi @garrettm30, Thanks a lot for your answers and sorry for the delay, I had some others "emergencies" 😬. I agree with you, @garrettm30, i can easily copy the fr_FR file and rename it fr_CA, specially as most of my customers are from ... France 🙂 But the difficulty was to find this fr_FR.dic and fr_FR.aff files to copy. I did not find them on my computer (Mac OS X Catalina 10.15.4) as mentionned in the FAQ. So I took a look Qwant (you know, this new privacy-Google ) and found some there. I installed them, and everything work great now. So the question now is, "How to make sure thoses files are "official" - or kind of. Have you any better sources?
  4. Hi, Thank you for that amazing tool Preflight is. However, I have a problem with it. My Mac OS X language parameter is "français - Canada". With Spelling activated in the preflight, i get the message "Missing dictionnary for language (fr-CA)". I have read topic "[FAQ] How do I add additional Dictionaries to Affinity Publisher?" but i can't find any fr-CA dictionnary to install (on Catalina OS)... Is that possible to just duplicate some files from fr-FR and rename them in fr-CA ? If yes can anyone tell me which files ?
  5. Hi @woefi - Ho, that's what my printer is asking for. See below for more info... Hi @Jon P - Yeah, no worries, I prefer to go in circles a while and then find an exit. Now, I have changed the rasterize option on both version (1.7.3 and 1.8beta556) from "Everything" to "Unsupported properties" - Thanks to @Dave Harris for his explanations - and the text now overprint background as expected. I just have to check with my printer if can print this - Even if i think that his parameters date from 2000 cnc-bilan-2020-p02only-ap173-cmyk.pdf cnc-bilan-2020-p02only-ap18beta556-cmyk.pdf
  6. @Jon P I understand that it can be confusing :). My first post here has been generated with PDF 1.4 (Acrobat 5) my printer is asking for. I generated it from 1.8 to test this BETA. This parameters are thoses I'm already using with version 1.7.3 without any issue for the text overprinting on background. So, If I recap : Version 1.7.3 Create a color swatch C:0 - M:0 - Y:0 - B:100% overprinting - Named "CNC - Black Txt" (like in my original file sent to you with Dropbox) Text with "CNC - Black Txt" color : Overprint OK Shadow with "CNC - Black Txt" color : Overprint NO I got around this problem with duplicate the layer "Multiply" on the layer and a Blur effect. Version 1.8 Using color swatch C:0 - M:0 - Y:0 - B:100% overprinting created in version 1.7 - Named "CNC - Black Txt" Text with "CNC - Black Txt" color : Overprint NO Shadow with "CNC - Black Txt" color : Overprint OK Here you will find a screenshot of my PDF params used in 1.8, the PDF generated AND a screenshot of what I SEE on my Acrobat reader when I check the file. The params of 1.8 are exactly the same I'm using in 1.7.3 where I have no issu. with the text overprint. Hope this Is what you expect for informations. cnc-bilan-2020-p02.pdf
  7. Thanks @MikeW for all yours precious comments on this forum
  8. Hi @Jon P here it is... Just to notify it : the black 50% "multiply" square (bottom left) on @woefi PDF has a little issue that does not appear on my PDF. Maybe du to some modification on the Publisher file ? Something to check too there... Anyway, thanks a lot to both of you for patience on this case 🙂 test-cmyk-shadow-v-1-8-pdfx4.pdf
  9. hi @woefi , first, thank you for your implication here The "Simulate Overprint" is already check on my screenshot (in french "Simulation de la surimpression"). So, no worry here... But I'm still lost with the PDF Generating as I can't reproduce your PDF, even with your PDFx4 preset copied from your screenshot. The black text is not overprinting the background on my side. This is why that 1.8 version make me scared : I've been generating PDF to print for now 20 years (Xpress and Indesign) but I can't do it correctly with Affinity Publisher 1.8 (with 1.7 i have no problem except the shadow effect issu which is easy to bypass). I'm not saying Publisher is the cause but the fact is that I was pretty sure of myself and today I have to question everything again... somelike a reboot .
  10. Great! I love it I assume you have done "Zornes Wut" too ? Nice job, well consistent...
  11. Hi Jon. Thank you so much for your time spent here I have opened your file and effectively, (despite the font issue ), black typo is overprinting the background. I join a screenshot here because there's something I do not understand : On left your file just open (nothing modified), on the right, the profil FOGRA39 applied (the same profil as your!) with Acrobat, and text no more overprinting. Have you any explaination for that ? Note the shadow under text and the Overlay "Multiply" 50% that do not print properly (on your PDF). Plus the fact that I can not reproduce it on my computer. So i join a second screenshot with the PDF params as my printer want it. (Note that I maintain the fact that the same export with 1.7 has no problemo, but appear when the export is done under 1.8 and exactly same parameters). I probably do not understand something here, but i can not find what...
  12. Hmm... This is a big file. OK Sent - You will recieve it soon I can upload too a test file which is not the same content but lighter on which i meet the same problem - Version 1.7 and 1.8... (see this topic).... I join the background too... test-cmyk-shadow-v-1-7.afpub test-cmyk-shadow-v-1-8.afpub
  13. Hi Jon, Thanks for your attention on this case
  14. I already love most of features in the 1.8 version. But is there any considerations for the differents topics I opened about the Black Text overprint? This IS really well working in 1.7... The screenshot joined here is generated with 1.8 version. As you can see, black text is NOT overprinting background, while it is filled with a swatch "CMYB 0 0 0 100% overprint". This is one of the rare thing that make me scared about this update...
  15. Hi @GarryP - Thanks for your kind comment! You're right, exactly What I was trying to do. Great 🙂 Hi @G13RL, *%^ù£ ! This one is now a "coquille"! 😧 - Thanks for reporting. About "Coquille", here's the ethymologie. Cool hein ?
  16. An annual report for a Nautical Club based in New Caledonia, South Pacific. My first release with Affinity Publisher 1.7. I wanted to try all the new graphic tools, going from Publisher to Designer or Photo in one click, painting on my pages, insert picture in different way. I'm now sure I'm a new Affinity addict 🙂 Before sending the PDF to the printer, i opened the file with AP 1.8 just to test the preflight tool. A PIECE OF CAKE ! Some screenshot joined... For those who want to see the whole report... https://issuu.com/paoproduction/docs/cnc-bilan-2020-issu
  17. Hi @Jens Krebs, thanks to be so "obstinate" on this case :-) But @MikeW is right : Black 100% pure is mandatory in press job. Actually in V 1.8 the only issue is with the text itself : Shadow with swatche "Black 100% CMYK process color with overprint" work very well (better then V 1.7) Black square with "Multiply" on layer and opacity at 60% (i.e.) work very well Text with swatche "Black 100% CMYK process color with overprint" should over print background but does not in V 1.8 (while it IS working in V 1.7) Now I have opened your last "test_new.afpub" file and all text were NOT overprinting the background (see attached i have done with your file). Now I have done a test in just selecting "Multiply" on the text layer and it work. But this is not how it should be because I have already selected "Overprint" in the swatche color. If I have a book with 60 pages to manage, i want to be assured that my black text overprint background. This is why this topic is open.
  18. Mike, sorry for delay, i have just seen your file joined... What is YOUR PDF ? The Black for the text is good on yours. That's good. Nevertheless, have you noticed the overlay square at the bottom left ? When Black is hidden on Acrobat, the background should not be altered. On YOUR PDF the text is OK but this square is not ... (We will get it, we will get it :-) )
  19. OK Jens, i have opened your different files and tried out your PDF configuration with. No problem, i could reproduce your PDF with black overprint. Now there's differents points i would like to highlight : I do not understand why you cannot create a "Black Global Colour" - To try, I have created a swatche black 100% K without a problem... Fyo, if I'm doing it this way, the black does not overprint. I cannot use the Generic CMYK profil as my printers ask for COATED FOGRA 39 - It looks like Generic CMYK Profil is mandatory to have your good result. (Im even not sure to have the possibility of PDF/X-3 instead of PDF 1.5 I use. I'll ask my printers). I can't go further today as I have some job to deliver But for me this topic is still not solved... So I will be back for sure. Thanks a lot for your time and help Jens...
  20. Hi Mike... Most of my Job are destinated to Printers in New Caledonia who ask there PDF 1.5 (Acrobat 6). I know this is a kind obsolete, but I'm pretty sur the issue is not coming from there. As I already explained, generating my PDF that way with AP1.7 give me a Black text overprint on background without any issue. That has stopped with V 1.8... Any idea ?
  21. For your information, I have opened your test.pdf file with photo AND Acrobat, and can confirm the issue appear on both...
  22. Hi Savage... I totaly agree with you. Even if i have already upgrade from A.... product to Affinity. I just take very care of this on my PDF and my jobs are OK. But solve this would be really appreciated :-) Yeah, i'm trying to solve it on an other topic in this forum. see it here :
  23. Thank you for the time spent here, Jens! I have just opened your test.pdf file... But what I see is not a "Overprint black". This a 4 colors process black. What I expect is a C 0% - M 0% - Y 0% - B 100% color overpint the background (no white behind the txt)... See what I mean ? See my very first screenshot above on part "1.7" : the sky is behind the text (sorry there's a french word for this i can't translate in english = "Pas de réserve blanche" ou "Pas de défonce")
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