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  1. Hey Chris, but your results do not correspond with your statement
  2. IndigoMoon

    Developing Performance #240

    Yes, always 19 seconds or even reduced to 17 - 18 seconds. So, no accumulation anymore. But it seems only the new noise reduction algorithm slows down the development significantly.
  3. IndigoMoon

    Developing Performance #240

    Thanks Mark, well done! Pressing the Tone Mapping Icon improves now on my machine to 19 seconds and no crashes anymore repeating the procedure. But #243 still takes longer for developing, so I did some investigation... Noise Reduction
  4. Hi, after some inversigation I found out, that the new Noise Reduction algorithm increases the develoging time more than three times (on my machine): #135: 4 seconds (default setting) #243: 13.5 seconds (default setting) also the new Lens Correction and the Lens Remove Vignette increases a bit the developing time. Without any settings the developing time is nearly the same: #135: bit less than 4 seconds #243: bit more than 4 seconds Is there any chance to improve this in the future or enable to toggle between the new and old noise reduction algorithm?
  5. IndigoMoon

    Developing Performance #240

    Yep, it's the same email address. I'm on Windows 10 Home, 1803, i7-3770 and 16 GB.
  6. IndigoMoon

    Developing Performance #240

    Sure, it was enabled. Where to find these reports? Regarding the memory usage, it's just an assumption, because of the time accumulation after each try.
  7. IndigoMoon

    Developing Performance #240

    Ok, I've done a test by using the previous developed .CR2 file: #135 --> 31 secs first time, all additional attempts by canceling the result and trying it again increases the time by a few seconds (35, 37, 39, 43 seconds etc.) #240 --> 23 secs first time, then about 45 seconds for the second try after canceling and finally it ended up with a app crash, app freeze or a complete Windows 10 crash with the third attempt. I've tried it a few times, always with the same result. I assume something with the memory usage...
  8. IndigoMoon

    Developing Performance #240

    @Mark Ingram No, I didn't. Are you talking about the Tone Mapping Persona or the HDR Merge? I can try if you like...
  9. Hi Mark, regarding the developing performance with a 22.3 MP .CR2 of a Canon 5D M3 Load time: #135 --> 7.5 secs first time, later then 6.5 secs #240 --> 4.5 secs first time, later then 3 secs Developing time without adjustments (default settings): #135 --> 4 secs all the time #240 --> 13 sec all the time and I get a "washed" out image (btw. it's 1.5 seconds faster then the previous betas) If you need a sample file, please let me know... Thanks!
  10. Hi @Mark Ingram, btw are there any plans to add the double click function to the Hand Tool after pressing the Space key?
  11. Thanks gdenby, that's what I've expected too, but in AP it looks like that it's the same brush dab. At least I can't see a difference and it's as >|< said just a different hardness preset. Well, nevertheless thank you both for clarification!
  12. @gdenby Sorry, maybe I'm too stupid ;-) , but what is the difference between choosing a hard brush with settings like flow 5% and hardness of 0% and a soft brush with the same settings?
  13. I'm struggling with this problem as well. Is it a bug or simply bad performance? @gdenby Unfortunately it does not work neither, after setting opacity, fl´╗┐ow and hardness... @gdavis Yes, in 16 bit it provides much bettes results, but still not like in PS. But what about 8 bit mode? Won't switch the mode all the time.
  14. IndigoMoon

    Slow develop speed

    Developing time of a 22.4 mb CR2 Raw from a 5D MIII with no adjustments: AP 1.6 --> 4 sec AP 1.7 #188 --> 14.5 sec
  15. Any ideas? Now I need 3 steps: 1. Preview mode with click on icon or hot key 2.Tab to toggle UI 3. Ctrl + 0 for Zoom to fit Is there a better and quicker way, maybe I've missed something. If not, then it's a feature request. Thanks!