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  1. Hi, Since #843 update, the IDML import of wave lines (curve) doesn't work anymore... Recipe_Book_Template.zip
  2. Hi Chris and Tom, first of all, thanks for that! Unfortunately the Lens field in EXIF is empty now (#532), instead of e.g. 24-70 mm. Btw in Detail the Lens Model and Lens is shown correctly as 24-70 mm. Another thing would be great, if you could keep the last tab in the manual lens correction (e.g. Favourites) instead of going back to All after a restart of Photo. Thanks to the QA and the Devs!
  3. Since I suspect that this has the same background as discussed in this thread Identification of Tamron lenses mounted to Canon bodies I would suggest to be more consistent in such cases: a. to enter only the neutral focal length like 24-70 mm instead of Sigma 24-70mm f/2,8 IF EX DG HSM or Tamron 24-70 mm f/2,8 Di VC USD or even in some cases an empty field b. to enter the manually selected lens profile after develop Btw a. is how Lightroom deals with such issues.
  4. That is clear, I've hoped something like drag and drop or right click and convert to or save as master page including all settings and elements... Well, maybe it's something for the feature request section. Nevertheless, thanks for your input.
  5. Hi, is it possible to create afterwards a master page from a regular page of an imported PDF document? Thx!
  6. Hey Bruce, it would be really a great idea, but it doesn't work that way or do I miss something?
  7. Thank you for your efforts! I know that, but unfortunately it doesn't give me the flexibility to change the steepness or direction without to readjust the characters. Well, in this case Indesign is more comfortable, but in some cases it's still sufficient...
  8. Ah okey, now I've got it! Thanks a lot for your help and the file! I've created the whole stack (echoes) of characters as one symbol, which couldn't work...
  9. Hi Garry, thanks for that, but it drives me crazy How do you achieve to change the characters including the echos?? For me it doesn't work.
  10. The characters following a path, but the alignment is always vertical to the ground, like this...
  11. Hi, is this effect available in one of the Affinity apps or at least an "easy" workaround? Thanks!
  12. Hi Tom, thank you for that hint! Yes, this new option is a good solution after a shooting with just one lens , but you don't have to forget to disable this setting again to avoid wrong corrections with other lenses. I'm not a programmer, so I hope it's not that much work... Thanks again
  13. Thanks Tom! Yes, it's not a big deal to select manually the correct lens now. Additionally, it would be great, if I could define a standard lens for such cases. So, for the next time the right body/lens combination will be selected automatcally (similar to Lightroom). It's already fantastic to mark the correct lens as Favorites, but such a feature would be the cherry on the cake.
  14. I did some further investigations, and it looks like, that this behaviour is somehow related to the pixel dimensions of the image and/or the resolution of the display (as @sat312 already pointed out). Hope you will get this fixed for the last Google version, even if DXO already did it for their version.
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