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  1. Focal length has been added now in .404 for Windows as well. Thanks for that!
  2. IndigoMoon

    Lens Correction and Canon 20D

    Hi Gabe, attached a 20D RAW file using a EF-S 17-55 lens. If you need another lens combination, please let me know. IMG_7871.CR2
  3. I guess the longer developing time is caused mainly by the new noise reduction. Uncheck the noise reduction in Develop Persona and try it again...
  4. I'm sure you won't change this before release, but please check this again after the release of 1.7 - The former Shadows/Highlights filter was fine, or at least much better than the new rewritten one - On the other hand the Shadows/Highlights adjustment layer needs a fine tuning compared to other app algorithms Thank you very much!
  5. Yes, it already has been fixed in #333 and Mark has listed the fix in that build. Sorry for my late confirmation!
  6. Indeed, the new S/H filter is a step backwards. Hm, unfortunately nobody didn't realize it before.
  7. Hi, I'm not sure, if it's a bug or simply because the camera it's to old, but the 20D with any lens (even newer) won't be identified by the new lens correction filter nor the lens correction within the develop person. Both camera and lenses can be manually selected within the filter, but just not automatically.
  8. Thank you smadell! I've tried it again, and it works also with my newer cameras. But my old Canon 20D with all lenses won't be identified, even though it is in the list. However the focal length is correct.
  9. Ok, I see. So we still have to wait for Windows... @smadell Btw, using the new lens correction filter. Is the camera already preselected on Mac or only the focal length as on Windows?
  10. Are you sure? I can't see it in the latest build.
  11. +1 or even better make Summery individual configurable
  12. Hi, there is a little bug after canceling the Tone Mapping. It shows still the applied image in Photo Persona. It disappears again after clicking on the layer or changing the tool.
  13. Ops, as I see on their homepage .cr3 file format is still not supported... ...but which iOS version do you have, can you see the . cr3 thumbnails in finder?
  14. Btw NeoFinder is also an optinion for Mac...
  15. Hey Chris, but your results do not correspond with your statement