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  1. YES! YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!!! Not having this feature causes bottlenecks. I have an ongoing project where we have control over the stylesheets in Word such that we can change the names in Word to match what we have set up in Publisher templates. If this was InDesign, we could do a hundred page document in well under a day including manually going through the Publisher document looking for items that formatted poorly for some reason and need to be manually fixed. Using Publisher, .... I despair.
  2. I was just coming here to ask about this very thing. I don't know know what the issue is in the delay getting back to Fontbase. Sure would be nice to use both products together seamlessly.
  3. Dang! I got here via Google and didn't notice which section this thread was in I would strongly believe it would be the same on ipad but I don't use that version. Are you able to confirm or dis-confirm that is the case?
  4. Here's a hack. In the Desktop version, the Transform palette will give the width and height of the photo if it is selected. Change the Document's measurements to pixels if it isn't already (and it likely isn't if you are preparing a file for printing). Up at the top of the document window in the Context bar, choose "Edit Document". This will open a new tab with the embedded photo at its full size. Compare what the Transform palette says in this "<embedded>" tab against what it says in your finished document tab where the photo is embedded. For example, if the "<embedded>" tab's Transform palette says "4500px" and the main document's Transform palette says "1000px", you can guess that you are in good shape re: dpi All this said, it sure would be nice if there was a built in feature that showed the embedded or placed document's details so we could instantly know the photo is safe to print.
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