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  1. @Hilltop Thanks for the reply - I appreciate you taking the time. Why would anyone want this behaviour? It's called a 'first draft' Unfortunately I'm not blessed with your ability to place everything perfectly and purposefully the first time. For the benefit of others who might be reading this thread, the solution in my case involved a combination of text wrap settings ( specifically Jump ) and pinning objects to their required position within the text. Pinning is explained here : https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/337296999
  2. Hi, If I have a document containing lots of different elements ( text frames, images, tables etc ) and I want to insert another table ( for example ) in to the middle of the document, do I have to move all the subsequent elements manually to make room, or can it be set up so these subsequent elements shift further down the document automatically to accommodate the new table, creating additional pages where necessary? I hope I've explained that clearly. I'm sure it must be possible and I'm probably overlooking something very basic - in which case some quick clarification would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, I must be doing something wrong or overlooking something simple - is there a quick and easy way to create a borderless table ( ie. no table frame or cell borders) ? UPDATE : Nevermind. Just worked it out.
  4. @Dr. Dave Thanks Dr Dave ! - that works very nicely with two different nodes but I can't seem to get it working with the two transform handles of a single node. How do you select both transform handles? I've tried holding CTRL, SHIFT, ALT and all the usual combinations.
  5. Does anyone know if this is possible yet? I've tried several modifier key combinations but none of them seem to work.
  6. @AndyQ Cheers Andy - glad it's not just me ! You might also find this thread useful for reclaiming a bit of that vertical real estate - gets rid of the info bar along the bottom if you decide you no longer need it.
  7. @fde101 Ah so they are ! Thanks fde101 - very much appreciated.
  8. @pjglad@LittleFella Totally agree with you guys. It's step backwards in terms of functionality.
  9. Many thanks for all your suggestions. @thomaso Geometry options weren't available in Publisher Beta but now the Personas are active it's all good. @Aammppaa Your solution also now works :-)
  10. I work mostly on a laptop so vertical screen real estate is always at a premium. I think it would be nice to have the option to dock the toolbar vertically either left or right, especially as the default buttons leave quite a lot of empty space on the toolbar and horizontal real estate seems plentiful. I realize many designers are working on large desktops so this probably isn't much of an issue, but I'd be curious to know how others feel. PS : I'v posted this in the Designer forum but it applies equally to Photo and Publisher.
  11. Thank you both for your input. I would like to use the shape ( inverted ) as a mask for another layer, but keep the original shape.
  12. Is it possible to create a pixel selection from a shape in Publisher?
  13. Thanks thomaso. Yeah this is what I had to do in the end. Was hoping for something equivalent to New Smart Object via Copy from PS.
  14. Is it possible to make a copy of an embedded object that can be edited independently of the original?
  15. Hi Ron, Sorry to be so brief, but you clearly haven't read the original thread. I posted it here by mistake.