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  1. I found if you select the icons preset first then the gutter setting reappears ( see attachments ). I'd like to see this setting reinstated permanently as it was before.
  2. Can I run my retail 1.6 version and the beta 1.7 side by side using the same product key? ( Windows 10 )
  3. +1 for a simple way to remove an applied style
  4. Hi, I just created a rectangle in Affinity Designer, applied a gradient to the fill and the stroke and created a new Style from it called My Style (shot_0.jpg) I created a second rectangle exactly the same size as the first and applied the style to it, but the gradient stroke looks different (shot_1.jpg). You can clearly see it's not as dark in the top left hand corner. I checked the gradient fill of the stroke on the new rectangle using the fill tool and found the gradient slider still in it's original position (shot_3.jpg). I am assuming this is a bug? If not, can someone try and explain this behaviour?
  5. razorpig

    Gradient stroke issue when applied to Style

    It must be a bug. I created a new document and applied the style to five identical squares - they all look different ( see attached ). When you select the fill tool and choose Stroke from the context dropdown, the gradient slider is in the same position as it was when the Style was created, even though the original shape doesn't exist. Hopefully this'll be resolved in the next update. Who knows, maybe we'll even get a rotation setting in the Gradient tab while they're at it
  6. Hi, Please forgive my rather naive question but I'm a little confused. As a rule of thumb I understood 16px is a good font size for readable text on a website. I'm just examining the great Grade UI Kit and see that some of the header text is 4.8pt ( see attached screenshot ). I've just read that 1pt is equal to 1/72" so at 72dpi 1pt should equal 1px. Obviously if I follow my rule of thumb here and use 16pt ( which should equal 16px? ) the text is huge. What am I missing? I've just referred back to some of my PSD designs and 16pt looks fine. Many thanks in advance if anyone can clarify this for me.
  7. Hi haakoo, Thanks for the link - great site with some really useful tools. Initially I was still confused because the conversion gave me a font size of 6.4px ( see attached ) which is clearly not what we see in the design. I've now resolved it - I'd incorrectly assumed that the document was set at 72dpi. It was actually 300dpi. When I set it to 72dpi the font size changed to 20pt. Thanks once again for your input.