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  1. Windows 10. It looks like it might be a bug. If I clicked the three bars in the upper right and chose the options it worked. But if I right-clicked in the blank space in the box and chose, it does nothing.
  2. I have a publisher document that I was able to get the table styles set up. Now I have a new document that I want to use the same styles. In the document with the table styles I have right-clicked and chosen "Save Formats as Default" but that doesn't carry over. In the new document, I have tried "Import Formats..." but that does nothing, doesn't open a window or anything. I have also tried copying a formatted table from the old document into the new document, selecting the table and tried "Add Format from Selection" and again nothing. How are those 3 options supposed to work? Is there actually a way to move formats between documents?
  3. I have been making decorative text boxes in Designer to be used in Publisher. But when I try and resize them it distorts the designs. So I have to go into the Designer persona, select the nodes that I want to move together, move them, then repeat the process at least 3 more times. More if I add a midpoint decoration. Is there a way to group the nodes so that when I resize the whole design, they stay in position relative to each other and don't scale with the size change?
  4. Is there a way to precisely enter the position of the grid's axis editing handles?
  5. My products regularly have pop-out boxes holding text with multiple paragraph styles (headers, lists, etc). I would love a way to create standard text frame properties, like fill, stroke, insets, borders, etc. Currently, I have to create duplicates of all my styles, and then carefully make sure the backgrounds don't overlap. Or I have to try and consistently replicate the styles for each text area over a hundred pages.
  6. Yeah, but I have hundreds of objects I want to delete in the group. so individually ctrl clicking is not an option. So far what I have done is lock everything but the group, ungroup them, make the mass changes, and regroup them. It is a bit messy, but somewhat functional.
  7. Whoops, sorry Affinity Designer. I don't think I want pixel selection, I want to select a subset of the items in the group and then change their brush style/color.
  8. In Designer, I have a custom grid in a group, so hundreds of nearly identical lines. I need to be able to mass select with one of the tools and not by walking through the layers. Is there a way for me to select grouped items with a click and drag?
  9. I am doing a lot of crosshatching and I keep overrunning existing lines. Is there a way to snap the pen to a curve so it doesn't go past and I have to get in an adjust nodes for every end node. I am not particularly precise in my penwork, unfortunately.
  10. Where do I insert an inline image into a text frame? Or do I just place an image over the text frame and adjust the wrap settings?
  11. I have some text styles for popout text box with a background fill that spans the column. I would like to break up the content with a empty paragraph that has the background fill that spans the column and a line decoration. So I took my "box" style with the background fill, duplicated it and named it "box break". Between paragraphs of "box" I have paragraphs of "box break", but the empty box break paragraphs are not getting the background decoration. Am I missing a trick here? I have tried inserting other whitespace characters to no effect. As soon as I do add a character the decoration fills.
  12. I have a Project that I can export using PDF/X-1a:2003 presets and the resulting it prints perfectly. However I set it to in booklet model on tabloid paper and print it from Affinity directly to the printer, or print it to a PDF using PDF/X-1a:2003 in the Adobe PDF print driver then print the resulting pdf, I get the ghosting from text frames and images over the background image. Is there a way to export it into into a PDF arranged in the booklet layout model instead of going through print?
  13. I have a text layer with an outer shadow layer effect on it and is set for multiply. When I look at the pdf it looks fine. But when I print it the layer has a faint background lightening. It seems to only be for layers with effects on them. Thoughts?
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