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  1. Tyson of the Northwest

    Decorating a paragraph with no content

    Where do I insert an inline image into a text frame? Or do I just place an image over the text frame and adjust the wrap settings?
  2. I have some text styles for popout text box with a background fill that spans the column. I would like to break up the content with a empty paragraph that has the background fill that spans the column and a line decoration. So I took my "box" style with the background fill, duplicated it and named it "box break". Between paragraphs of "box" I have paragraphs of "box break", but the empty box break paragraphs are not getting the background decoration. Am I missing a trick here? I have tried inserting other whitespace characters to no effect. As soon as I do add a character the decoration fills.
  3. I have a Project that I can export using PDF/X-1a:2003 presets and the resulting it prints perfectly. However I set it to in booklet model on tabloid paper and print it from Affinity directly to the printer, or print it to a PDF using PDF/X-1a:2003 in the Adobe PDF print driver then print the resulting pdf, I get the ghosting from text frames and images over the background image. Is there a way to export it into into a PDF arranged in the booklet layout model instead of going through print?
  4. Tyson of the Northwest

    Text Normal blend different on print than screen

    Looks like it was a miss-set on my end. I didn't export with the X-1a:2003 preset.
  5. Tyson of the Northwest

    Suggestions on blending layers with effects?

    The X-1a:2003 preset when exporting seems to have resolved. Thanks!
  6. I have a text layer with an outer shadow layer effect on it and is set for multiply. When I look at the pdf it looks fine. But when I print it the layer has a faint background lightening. It seems to only be for layers with effects on them. Thoughts?
  7. Of the two attached files, IMG_20181023_165815.jpg is the printed version and multiply.PNG is a screenshot.The text has the blend of Normal with no fill color set. And the image has a blend of Multiply. When I take the background image and the foreground image and put them in another program, merge them to a single image with the blend of multiply and then print I don't get the ghostly square. Am I missing a setting to prevent this? It is odd that it is happening to both images and text boxes with different blends. When I look at the exported PDF I don't see the ghosting, but when I print I do get it. Thoughts?
  8. I am moving between text frames on my layout cleanup pass. When I finish with one frame I have to switch to the node tool, click the next frame, then switch to the text tool to click and drop a cursor. Would it be possible if I already have the text tool selected, when I click on a frame it just drops a cursor?
  9. When I create an index, I get the "Index Section Heading" style. If I edit that style and change the Based On: to one of my existing headings it pulls all the style settings from the heading. But if I go into Paragraph->Decorations there is no decoration set, even though on the page my index section headings do have the decoration. If I try to modify the decoration it disappears from the page.
  10. Is there a way to add cross reference links in a document? I am prepping for export to PDF, and I want clicking keywords to jump to it's entry in the glossary, or open a link in a web browser. Or is this something I will need to do in Acrobat after I get the PDF?
  11. Tyson of the Northwest

    Save regularly if adding index marks

    Seems to be related to keyboard shortcuts and the suggestion dropdown.
  12. If you mark a second copy of a word as an index, there is a good chance Publisher will crash. Manually save because the crash recovery doesn't always make a backup. I have crashed about a dozen times in the last 10 minutes.
  13. Tyson of the Northwest

    Master Margin changes not propagating.

    Unfortunately I have different margins for different sections/master pages because of header/footer decorations. Maybe I can gimmick a solution with guides instead of margins. Thanks.
  14. I created a master page with set margins, added a bunch of pages based on those margins. Realized the master page margins were wrong, reset them to new values, and the changes didn't propagate to the pages using that master. I saved and reloaded the file, still no changes. I cleared the Master Page from all pages, then reapplied it and the margins changed. Great, I saved the file and shut down. When I came back the next day and reopened the file, the margins had reverted back to the previous values. So I have to clear the master page for all pages again, then reapply the master page every time I open the file to get the margins right.