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  1. I have some text styles for popout text box with a background fill that spans the column. I would like to break up the content with a empty paragraph that has the background fill that spans the column and a line decoration. So I took my "box" style with the background fill, duplicated it and named it "box break". Between paragraphs of "box" I have paragraphs of "box break", but the empty box break paragraphs are not getting the background decoration. Am I missing a trick here? I have tried inserting other whitespace characters to no effect. As soon as I do add a character the decoration fills.
  2. Tyson of the Northwest

    Decorating a paragraph with no content

    Where do I insert an inline image into a text frame? Or do I just place an image over the text frame and adjust the wrap settings?
  3. We mostly work in markdown and google drive for content creation and exclusively use Styles for formatting. How should we be marking up our styles so that when we bring the text into Publisher it applies the Publisher styles to the corresponding content. So Body, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Emphasis, Strong, etc. instead of holding onto the Style formatting of the source content?
  4. I have a Project that I can export using PDF/X-1a:2003 presets and the resulting it prints perfectly. However I set it to in booklet model on tabloid paper and print it from Affinity directly to the printer, or print it to a PDF using PDF/X-1a:2003 in the Adobe PDF print driver then print the resulting pdf, I get the ghosting from text frames and images over the background image. Is there a way to export it into into a PDF arranged in the booklet layout model instead of going through print?
  5. Tyson of the Northwest

    Text Normal blend different on print than screen

    Looks like it was a miss-set on my end. I didn't export with the X-1a:2003 preset.
  6. Of the two attached files, IMG_20181023_165815.jpg is the printed version and multiply.PNG is a screenshot.The text has the blend of Normal with no fill color set. And the image has a blend of Multiply. When I take the background image and the foreground image and put them in another program, merge them to a single image with the blend of multiply and then print I don't get the ghostly square. Am I missing a setting to prevent this? It is odd that it is happening to both images and text boxes with different blends. When I look at the exported PDF I don't see the ghosting, but when I print I do get it. Thoughts?
  7. Tyson of the Northwest

    Suggestions on blending layers with effects?

    The X-1a:2003 preset when exporting seems to have resolved. Thanks!
  8. I have a text layer with an outer shadow layer effect on it and is set for multiply. When I look at the pdf it looks fine. But when I print it the layer has a faint background lightening. It seems to only be for layers with effects on them. Thoughts?
  9. When I create an index, I get the "Index Section Heading" style. If I edit that style and change the Based On: to one of my existing headings it pulls all the style settings from the heading. But if I go into Paragraph->Decorations there is no decoration set, even though on the page my index section headings do have the decoration. If I try to modify the decoration it disappears from the page.
  10. I am moving between text frames on my layout cleanup pass. When I finish with one frame I have to switch to the node tool, click the next frame, then switch to the text tool to click and drop a cursor. Would it be possible if I already have the text tool selected, when I click on a frame it just drops a cursor?
  11. Is there a way to add cross reference links in a document? I am prepping for export to PDF, and I want clicking keywords to jump to it's entry in the glossary, or open a link in a web browser. Or is this something I will need to do in Acrobat after I get the PDF?
  12. If you mark a second copy of a word as an index, there is a good chance Publisher will crash. Manually save because the crash recovery doesn't always make a backup. I have crashed about a dozen times in the last 10 minutes.
  13. Tyson of the Northwest

    Save regularly if adding index marks

    Seems to be related to keyboard shortcuts and the suggestion dropdown.
  14. I created a master page with set margins, added a bunch of pages based on those margins. Realized the master page margins were wrong, reset them to new values, and the changes didn't propagate to the pages using that master. I saved and reloaded the file, still no changes. I cleared the Master Page from all pages, then reapplied it and the margins changed. Great, I saved the file and shut down. When I came back the next day and reopened the file, the margins had reverted back to the previous values. So I have to clear the master page for all pages again, then reapply the master page every time I open the file to get the margins right.
  15. Tyson of the Northwest

    Master Margin changes not propagating.

    Unfortunately I have different margins for different sections/master pages because of header/footer decorations. Maybe I can gimmick a solution with guides instead of margins. Thanks.
  16. For some reason in the Text Styles-> Decorations-> Fill color picker there is not a opacity dropdown or keyboard entry field to precisely set the opacity. I can get around this by setting the desired color and opacity elsewhere to add it to the recent swatches. But having the option in the Text Styles interface would simplify things and make it consistent with other interfaced.
  17. I have imported a PDF and want to match the layout in my new project. So I go into spread setup and change the "Show in Units" from Points to Inches for all spreads. If I have to I can do all the math with the points and document resolution. But the documents I am moving over to Affinity Publisher are fairly complex.
  18. Tyson of the Northwest

    Markdown File Compatibility

    Same, I am already using pandoc to convert my markdown files to docx, epub, and pdf for digital publishing. To be able to pull my markdown into a publisher file and have it auto apply my body, heading, bullet, numbered, emphasis, and strong styles to the text would be amazing. Especially if it was able to generate and fill tables from markdown and insert the linked pictures.
  19. I have set up the styles in publisher. I would prefer not going through 100+pages clearing the styles brought over from the source files and then resetting them to the Publisher styles. I would like to set a paragraph as Heading 1 in the source file and then when it hits Publisher automatically apply Publisher's Heading 1 style.
  20. Tyson of the Northwest

    Move Master Page to another file

    There is a merge limit in that there is no way to merge content into the publication. I am designing decks of cards, the contents of each card is in a spreadsheet, so far there is not a way to give Affinity Publisher my spreadsheet and have it generate a page for each row. So now I am merging it in MS Publisher, exporting it as a PDF, then importing it into Affinity Publisher. At least until our programmer puts together a script to generate the PDF from the spreadsheet. At this point my workflow is: Create the template in MS Publisher Merge the spreadsheet Export the PDF Import the PDF into Affinity Publisher Page settings/dpi/etc. Design the Master Page Set style for each text box in each card Proof each card As opposed to the inDesign workflow of: Design the master page Design the merge template with style set for each text box in the template once Give inDesign the spreadsheet Proof each card. The longer term solution looks like it will be replace parts 1-3 with a custom coded script to generate the PDF according to a programmed template. Which will take a bit more time to set up, but should simplify the process, but won't speed it up much because of step 7 & 8.
  21. To get around the merge limits, I have exported my merge to a PDF, then imported it into Publisher. Now I need to to copy the Master Pages into this new document. Is there a way to copy master pages between files?
  22. Tyson of the Northwest

    Move Master Page to another file

    So I have a document that just has the master pages, I am not seeing a way to import the contents of the PDF into the document. I have tried dragging the file to the Pages sidebar and nothing happens. Am I blind or just not seeing the import option?
  23. Since Publisher currently does not support merging I was wondering what sort of options we would have for a workaround? Is there any documentation of the format of afpub? I was thinking I could potentially write a tool to generate a file that would walk a data source, create elements, size them and place them on pages, then apply the appropriate master page to the page. From there I could open it in Publisher and modify it appropriately. Alternatively is there (or will there be) api or plugin support where we could develop such a plugin independently? I am developing a Card game and being able to merge from my content source database (or csv export) would make this a perfect product.