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  1. How about an option to install Affinity to a selected folder? Installation without asking where to install? I do not want installation on my C drive. I would like to choose path of installation. Thank you. Boris
  2. Affinity Publisher crashes everytime when I change linked PDF from interpret to passthrough. PDF is version 1.7. After placement of file it is automatically set to passthrough. Preflight immediately shows a message that PDF 1.7 is incompatible and will be rasterized. Change of PDF version 1.5 does not help, it is also incompatible. Afer changing to interpret message disappears. After change back to passtrhough I get immediate crash. We do not want PDFs to be rasterized. So what is PDF compatibility then?
  3. For me first test of Save As Package is a disappointment, it completely freezes the Publisher. After an hour Publisher shows 0% of processor power but a large memmory consumption. Packaging info did not close after the command was done. Some files were copied where it should be. But it ends widh dead Publisher. It is not usable at all at the moment.
  4. This problem seems to be finally corrected in Win version 1.9.1. in the recent update, so hopefully it comes soon also to Mac version. I did different tests and it worked in Win 10. However even I turned on option of manual update of linked files, referenced Affinity files are being updated automatically without any asking. While working in one document popup window belonging to other document shows up. Quite messy. This still needs to be done properly. At least it is not rescaling. Good luck and solid nerves. Affinity is on the good way, but still many things to be developed.
  5. Your idea led me to a solution. I have tested your procedure and finally I did it little bit differently. Try it. You do not have to move picture from picture frame. I tried just to turn the picture frame off in Layer manager. Then reload or replace the file. Then Turn the picture frame back on. And it works. Much simpler then resizing all linked files, but still manual work if you have many references. Still it is a bug and a temproary workaround. Publisher should not work this way. Hope it helps.
  6. This is test from current Beta version with sample section drawing in PDF where moving the content with the crop tool within the frame works really in uncontrolable way. Content should not be changing while manipulating the frame. Furthermore it is changing proportions. I hope this is fixed soon. affinity_beta_crop.mp4
  7. Yes, this is a super bug. A real nighmare in a production. We have as a test produced large architectural presentation in Publisher, 6 large panels with tens of attachments in very thigh time competition schedule. All attachments needed to be updated frequently as on this project worked 6 to 8 people, non stop change, standard development of the content. Every update of each linked PDF caused that the frame of the inserted file was reset, reference file lost its scale and location. What we could do? We finished the presentation in pain. Until this is fixed we unfortunatelly have to stay in production with Adobe InDesign, which just works smootly. This really needs to be fixed! I wrote it in more section of the forum with no response. Otherwise we really enjoyed work with Designer, node tool is great, many fantastic tools, etc. But this is so major BUG, that for now we cannot use the Affinity for our job.
  8. Same problem here. My Account is greyed out also on Windows 10, apps cannot be registered. Also in the menu. It worked in Beta, does not work for 1.9.0.
  9. I always check Beta versions and look for how manipulation with linked contect is resolved. In this version Vector crop tool even got worse, it is deforming linked PDF rather than what it should do - cropping it. In Alpha version cropping works, however cropped frame setup is fully lost after reload of linked PDF. After converting the frame to picture frame crop tools works correctly, however option to scale inserted content of picture frame is lost, it should be there. By my opinion this should be finally put right. This is one of the major issues to make Publisher a usable applicaiton. Somehow I miss the strategy in the manipulation with linked concent, which is really cruital. Thank you and good luck.
  10. Of course it is qestion of purpose of software you are looking for. The functionality we as architects need is mostly commenting drawings, combining booklets, rotating, printing, replying comments, distribution of documents. We were not looking for advanced color speration functions or advanced printing etc. Adobe Reader itself is useless except viweing th files, it cannot do almost anything, and to buy to 60 seat office of engineers an architect 60 licences of full Adobe Acrobat only for this purpose is just too expensive and unnecessary. So for us PDF Xchange was a great solution. Proffesionall printshop etc is a different story. As for the commenting of PDF drawings PDF Xchange is for us even more pracital than Adobe Acrobat with much more options, presets of annotations etc, integration into Windows Shell. So we have successfuly cut a lot of cost by this solution, which might be not for printing service. Then Adobe Acrobat is worth the money. Generally we are looking to get rid of all Adobe fully, but purely due its pricing policy, not because it is bad software.
  11. You can check document colors. Here is information: https://help.tracker-software.com/pdfxe8/convert-colors_ed.html?zoom_highlightsub=CMYK If this is what you are looking for. Comparing to other software alternatives we have checked this one has all function we need, including context menus, integration into email. Guys at Trasker Software are doing their best to cut away customers from Adobe. They have free version with limited functionality, but still with many features.
  12. Is there a way to keep dimensions of frame of inserted linked file in the Publisher 1.9 fixed? Each reload of the file resets the dimensions-frame of the linked file in an unpredictable way, which is totally frustrating. We are putting together a large book, plus panels, presentations from our projects with many referenced PDF files (architectural drawings) and images (visualizations), which are being updated constantly by many team members. It is literally impossible to keep setting the frame again and adain of the linked file after each reload. The dimensions of the file are the same, only it was edited and there is updated content. This makes Publisher totaly unusable to put together a presentation. Is there some trick how to do it? The normal procedure is that I setup a frame in which a I want the contet to sit, rectangular or other and it is not changing without me wanting, never. Then I put content inside it and scale the concent as I wish, typically 100% of orginial. If I relaod it, it sits where it is and only brings updates I have done to the file. This is the way program should work. Thank you for any advice. If there is a feature Publisher need, it is the one I desribed.
  13. The best one is by my opinion PDF Xchange Editor. Full Acrobat functionality, or even with more functions. Really recommended. And incredibly cheap comparing to Adobe Acrobat. https://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-editor
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