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  1. As the title implies, modified pdf files in picture frames still have a wrong position when updated in the resource manager. Jpeg files works fine since the update, pdf files dont.. Please make it work..
  2. "Fix for Replace Image moving Picture Frame content unnecessarily" it works fine now with image files, but it is still a bug when applied to pdf files
  3. on Windows we have the same problem.. absolutely horrible..
  4. this should be fixed, it also applies to pdf and jpeg files, thus making the document unworkable
  5. ...this also implies for images placed in a pictureframe and edited in photoshop; when updated, a complete resize and scale malfunction in AFP..
  6. Updated the beta, Still a linked pdf, placed in a picture frame and rescaled in AFP is behaving awkward when relinking or updating the file after editing the pdf in another program (incorrect scale and position).. totally unworkable.. Please try to fix this, we cannot use the program as it is right now.
  7. Hi Adam, thank you for the reply, I will sent the issues at the end of the week, very busy now..
  8. Please resolve this problem, the program is unworkable for us in this way.... (we work with scale sensitive drawings(pdf); architectural firm)
  9. Same problem here, totally unworkable, I reloaded affinty 1.8.5 wich works fine, but now I cannot open my 1.9.1 files anymore.. what a mess.. Please Serif, do something about it..
  10. I downloaded the beta, still pdf files are scaled incorrectly when placed in a pictureframe and updated, very frustrating!
  11. The same problem here, pretty unworkable if you want to maintain scaling. Please try to fix it!
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