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  1. Great! This issue is fixed. Just downloaded the latest update. Have a great holiday season, Ralph
  2. Starting a new document, I activated the baseline grid with 'Top of the margin'. On the first page it works great, but when I add another page the following text does not match with the grid anymore. Hope I haven't missed anything.
  3. I observed this issue with several old-style savvy fonts. But having read your post, I tried the following: I hit the Restore Fonts button in the Preferences Panel and it seems to have solved this issue. After having set almost an entire A4 page, this issue hasn't appeared in the text.
  4. When using a font with old-style figures the last digit of a number is switching to default, and this strange behaviour continues throughout the entire text.
  5. Hi Walt, Best advice ever! When selecting both swash cap and the following glyph the kerning pair will be recognized. Ralph
  6. Try any font with swash caps and you will see. It's not the fonts, it's an issue with the apps mentioned above.
  7. Sure I did, as you can see in the third line.
  8. It's a fresh font of mine which I offered to MyFonts to make it public.
  9. Hi, It's me again with that kerning stuff. Attached to this comment is a screenshot (Publisher Beta) with three lines. The first one is set in default, the third line was typed after activating the swash button in the typography panel. In the second line I wanted to change only two glyphs from default to swash, and exactly in this case the kerning will not be accepted. Crazy! Please beware that this issue also occurs in Affinity Designer and Photo (on the Mac)! Cheers
  10. dtpunger

    Outside the frame

    Hi Chris, I work with an iMac and macOS 10.14, so this issue appears also in the Mac version. Ralph
  11. dtpunger

    Outside the frame

    Seems a bug in Publisher, since all other apps like Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Pages handle this correctly.
  12. dtpunger

    Outside the frame

    Doing this procedure with the same font in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, and in both apps the result is okay.
  13. Sorry for replying so late. After clearing the font caches, this issue was solved. Cheers, Ralph
  14. Affinity Publisher Beta When I turned right-aligned words into small caps, the last word is reaching over the frame. Changing to words to normal, the words get back into the frame. See screenshots!
  15. Seems that the beta version has an issue with recognizing the font's internal kerning table when certain letters start a sentence at the text frame (see screenshot).