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  1. dtpunger

    Text on a path

    Thanks Walt. Using Designer most the time, I simply missed that Text Frame panel. Of course it's working.
  2. Version 1.7.3. After having set a text along a path, the path remains visible, and also will be printed out.
  3. dtpunger

    Automatic reformatting

    In version 1.7.3 this issue seems being solved. Now the text stays put as I set it.
  4. dtpunger

    Automatic reformatting

    When I place the image via the image frame, the result looks much better and there is no reformatting, at least on the left side of the image.
  5. dtpunger

    Automatic reformatting

    I don't use Publisher's automatic hyphenation and place the hyphens manually (red underlined). Thus I assume the destruction of my typography is an issue of the app.
  6. dtpunger

    Automatic reformatting

    I use Font Explorer X Pro but the fonts activated are permanent until I deactivate them manually.
  7. When I open again a set page with text wrapping around an image, Publisher has automatically reformatted the text, ignoring hyphenation and leaving ugly gaps between the words.
  8. Since Publisher 1.7.2 this issue seems being solved. All fonts containing old-style numerals are now working fine. When I activate this feature, it will hold from the first to the last page, even when changing the styles of the fonts. On the other hand, working with macOS, the direct feature button Swash Letters doesn't work. So I have to use the all-features panel. This panel works correctly.
  9. I set this fancy text packed with couples of numerals, and as indicated, this issue with jumping old-style figures to default ones still exists.
  10. dtpunger

    Issue in changing figure styles

    Affinity Publisher .337 on the Mac. Also in this version the issue continues with the fonts mentioned above. I wonder because in both Designer and Photo these fonts, with oldstyle figures activated, run absolutely normal.
  11. dtpunger

    Issue in changing figure styles

    Kis Antiqua Pro and Rhythmus Pro (MyFonts)
  12. dtpunger

    Issue in changing figure styles

    Default figures are the lining ones, and for activating the old style figures I usually use the typography panel. But anyway, this feature should run more robustly.
  13. Even in version .257 Publisher shows a strange behaviour in changing from default to old-style figures. In one font the old-style figures only show completely after having typed the letter 'f'. In another font a four-digit number only turns to old-style figures after having type the letter 'c' (see screenshots).
  14. dtpunger

    Baseline grid and text

    Great! This issue is fixed. Just downloaded the latest update. Have a great holiday season, Ralph
  15. Starting a new document, I activated the baseline grid with 'Top of the margin'. On the first page it works great, but when I add another page the following text does not match with the grid anymore. Hope I haven't missed anything.

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