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  1. Hi, using the image table (tools) to get pics out from only one folder; therin is the .afpub too. Would be fine to see in the ressource manager ALL images included in this folder. So one could 1. see which pics are NOT used. And 2. to delete them in the rm. Hope to the next rev. Thx. lars
  2. Hi, there is a little help. As you, Thomaso, want to show me long ago now I use an image frame in the master page now. Learning by doing. Then it is possible to activate on each page this frame AND to click: change image. So the image will be set into the frame exact. In former time I moved the image from the image site (getting with the tool: little image, in mac: Finder). The image was set into the margins then, BUT it must moved to to exact mass. The image name was seen all the time. Now I activate the frame (master) and get the image from the image site without setting the mass (it is done). The name is not seen. BUT cmd-click to the image/ frame changes the frame from the master site to the other frame (which is to manipulate with the blue points) AND opens the picture name. Better would be to see the name always. Reg. lars
  3. Hi, if using image frames then in the menue: layer the frame is shown following a little arrow. To see the name of the included image this arrow must clicked. Is there a way to set this arrow always down to show the pics name? Or can the name shown in the blue field from the frame without to click? Would be easier to change a pic if one see which pic is looked for. Thx., lars
  4. Hi, I saw now, what I asked for is possible. Thanks! I will try later to understand. Reg. lars PS: it was my file and it is a new one working.
  5. Hi Walt. No, it is my own file in which I tried to use the artistic frame. The backup file works. Is there a way to read out the text from this damaged file? Thx. lars
  6. Afpub is broken now. Restart mac does not help. Is there a file to delete to start it new? It starts, a moment later it is gone... May be the only file .afpub is this one v457... I deleted it now. All the same.
  7. Hi, Tomaso. That´s not I want to ask. If text is written in the pinned frame it should look as attachment 0. (why it is marked more than the frame?) If then the page 13 is moved to 103 the pinned frame is to small and an empty place comes up (att. 1). So, this frame must be set big enough to take: (S. 103). But then the first position (13) has a distance to the following text (att. 2) as long as the pinned frame is. A dynamic pinned frame should become bigger itself if the page is moved and the number grows and the following characters should be moved too. Hope it is explained ok now. Is there a mistake in what I see? Nice day, lars PS: (artistic frame etc. I didn´t find even in the english menue). To set the new page number by hand is terrible if very often to do.
  8. Wounderful, hide in STUDIO. Is there a way to make the pinned frame dynamic, so that it grows if the page number grows? To think one has to do this all 100 times or more... Happy day! Best, lars
  9. Ja, if you know whatfore you have to search... Where is the "character/ pinning" menue as you show it above in German? Thx. lars
  10. Hi, Hilltop, Tomaso, that works fine if you active what I show below RED above (not the arrow). The small frame runs with the point in the text. Dan, thanks, I found the way. What I not found was the field: Textumbruch (pinning?) to show a picture to make a distance to the text, as Tomaso shows it now. But generally I think it could be simpler the next update. How to find, that the text in the small frame shall set: below... Reg. lars
  11. Hi, Dan. I did, but see no serious problem. p. 3. Reg. lars
  12. Ja, thanks, Dan. That was the first problem. The second was that the included frame lies over the next word (see left screenshot [...]uch...) . So the second setting is needed: the word: "auch" is moved (in this case to the next raw) a fixed distance to the included frame. Sometimes this included frame with the page-number must be big, instead of "53" it could change to "153". And the distance to the line of the raw must closed by setting the charakter to the baseline of the frame. Is there a way with more dynamik? 1. make a frame (and the other one as goal; here p. 53), 2. include the first frame in a raw/ line. And all the rest is done by afpub? Set the character to the baseline, get the place between words as it is needed, if 53 or 1053. First I looked to a way to say the big textframe: write the words in the main text beside the included frame not overwrite somewhat (as: auch). I know that by my writing programm with frames. But I did not find this function (I only play around). Regards, lars
  13. EDIT: in the small frame the text can set on the frame below! Hi, please have a look to the attachments. First shows the frame (next Frame number) as it should in a line with the main text. Second, if the function integrate into text is activ the frame runs up. It is for the frame itself is to high which is not to make smaller, isn´t? What is to do? Thx. lars
  14. Fine! There are some wishes more today. To move in the browser the pages with arrow-keys in very small steps or without up down. And to make the ruler at the browser yellow; grey is not good to find if there are 200 pages or more. Best, lars
  15. Ja, exact. All pics to belowshow the same. lars

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