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  1. Downloaded the v2 software suite via the Mac Store. Was able to activate in Affinity Photo 2 by using the buy option and selected Universal Licence. This all just worked through the App Store payment and confirmation process. Then able to activate the Universal Licence for Affixing Designer 2 and Affinity Publisher 2. Lastly checked the Affinity account and the licence detail is displayed in full, including the option for the iPad versions. Hope this helps those who appear to have some problems.
  2. Thanks for prompt feedback and suggestion. Will do.
  3. Been trying to recreate the export issue with the JPG option. Tried with different files, filters and effects but no issue so far. Will keep working with various files and will log if this issue pops up again.
  4. Cannot reproduce the JPG export delay (as I mentioned in the post this seems intermittent). I have attached a video of the blend mode pause but unfortunately this doesn't actually capture the "wheel of death", just the mouse frozen at the last screen update location. Included a time code displayed so you can see the pause starts around 00:00:08.23 and finishes around 00:00:18.33 - therefore lasting 10+ seconds. Hope this is helpful. Will try to re-create the JPG export issue but this is dependent on whether it happens. Blend Range Issue Video.m4v
  5. New version 1.10 working well except there are some slow responses when the dreaded "wheel of death" appears. This doesn't happen all the time which is annoying! Tried a MacOS reboot and reload of Affinity Photo. Memory is set to maximum available with Metal too. This issue has been particularly noticeable on export to JPG files and when using blend ranges on a layer. Seems you have to wait for something in the software to compute before being able to proceed. Hope this can be looked at and fixed.
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