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  1. Hi, the viewer is for me the big field showing pages big. Browser is the small field showing the same smaller. So one checks a book with pics to see if there shall change some places/ pages or if the colours belongs together... In the viewer let´s say is p. 10. Then moving along the book, stopping p. 60 to see one which could belong to p. 10. Double Click to bring it into the viewer to check it in a fine way. Therefore you want to move to p. 59 and 61 too, a little up and down, may be to see two rows half... (p. 60 and p. 62) But if you click at the viewers slider there is not p. 61 – there is p. 11. So one has to move to p. 61 again... I said it again for getting an update yesterday waiting for the finished P. So they are working longer. But the programm is fine, the bug makes nervous... (and the slider is not red! Walt) W´ll see. Reg. lars
  2. The slider in the viewer is not at all synchron to the pictures. If the pages in the viewer are set and then in the browser changed one will see the new page in it. But the slider of the viewer stands as before. So you move it, it shows not the next pages or the former one. It moves from the old viewer position. Reg., lars
  3. Hi, is there a way to colour pages? Thx. lars
  4. Hi, I think we spoak about, but I don´t find it. And it was long before. Making a 72 dpi PDF with 100 pages 30 x 30 cm including 50 pics (3.000 x 2.000 px), set Lanczos 3, it has 98 MB. Is it not too big? (In 300 dpi it is 230 MB and the print is ok). Thanks, lars
  5. Fine. I did it with 1.7 first (100% and 85% very little difference) to get the big ones. 1.3 is not on my screen. But the setting shown in the attachement makes less than 10% to 25% of the big. That´s what I need. Thx., lars
  6. No, uploading; or what ever. Other PDF (with other programm) makes around 10 MB. Reg., lars
  7. Very Little Bug. After using Afpub and then Finder to copy something to backup Afpub don´t accept cmd-h (hide) by keys. Works with the yellow point above left. Then a click to the screen is necessary and click to the symbol Afpub site in the menue raw (left) to bring it back. After it it is ok. Reg. lars
  8. 1. let me ask: is there a way to make a file new using the formating of an existing book? 2. it´s fine to copy a text into a new file. Is there a comand to float to all pages? Thx, lars
  9. Ja, wenn wir die Deutschen nicht hätten mit dem erhobenen Zeigefinger! Kölle Alaaaf. I did not ask only for the text styles but the whole formatting, Masterpages etc. Shift-click fills text only to right OR left pages.
  10. In .305 was opened a .afpub 1,16 GB. Then I added a .pdf with 270 MB (no frames, no masters) and saved it as .afpub to 1,18 GB again. No problems. lars EDIT: the first PDF was from Afpub, but now I loaded one from LibreOffice, 50 p text; ok.
  11. No problem to make big PDF, my last one with nearly 500 pictures was very quick to do and printed well by a bookmaker (blurb). Moving the pics into the frames of one ore more masterpages... There is only very little text, accepted by the printer, but what I see it should make no problems. lars
  12. The hyphenation is on, but does not work. Should it? But the first row shows a mistake. The cursor runs from this point to the next row: K...
  13. larsh


    EDIT: What I get by all formatting is that charakters in italic normal are only normal or italic bold. Thanks Walt, there are several points: 1. in Paragraphs, 2. textstyle, click to blue field, 3. above a hoke, 4. a hoke to style to marked... More? May be it works not in German, or not on saturdays... It works not by writing, not afterwards. I don´t need it. lars
  14. May be it´s better to make a new thread? If I click in my new "aTEXT" to: Zeichen anwenden und lokale Formatierung 305 breaks down
  15. Test.jpg is my actual book started with a version before and now 305. The coloum with styles is not to move downwards more then the screen. test2 is new pub in 305 No hurry, I don´t need it, lars
  16. I made a new "aTEXT" in another afpub. It´s the same. EDIT: Made two new afpub with given settings, using "Körper" dircet; crash. One more first made aTEXT, see above, then using Körper: crash
  17. EDIT: I found "aTEXT" not in table paragraph but in Textstile. That is enough for me. Hi, what is my mistake, please. Creating a new paragraph style (as: "Text") it not to find in the list what is ending below the screen. It seems to be possible to move down with the arrow key, but it is not to see my "Text" (or "aText" to show it above...). The Hyphenation does not work to this time? Thx., lars If I change the distance between paragraphs (end) in my new aTEXT the italic written goes to italic bold
  18. Hi, may be you must show it.
  19. Hi, that´s funny. I was interested if a part of a book can moved and then the pics allone used as before in the pic folder. To use Edit in Photo and one pic marked in Afpub let me see one double page in Photo. To export this brings all (!) double pages as single files (.jpg) without the end: .jpg, but to add it makes an correct jpg. What I would like to do seems not possible (is not importend). But linked or included pics are no difference in the moment, one can move the .afpub to another mac, pc and use it there (or for a test one can delete all pics and get it back later). It´s easy to mark all pics in document/ ressources and change to included. Thx, lars
  20. Hi, is it possible to save an .afpub in an other folder and then get the pics out in the new one? So only the used pics could be separated. They are now all linked (some were not?). Why the pics in the Document/ Ressources are signed with Adobe98.icc and CMYK too? Thx. lars deleted
  21. May be some fonts are included. I sent a book to print first with Times New Roman, the printers automat (Blurb) says: no or wrong fonds. Then I used TIMES, that runs, who knows if more would run? Reg. lars
  22. Hi, I don´t understand your problem. Afpub is most self explaining. Create first one Master pages, later some more, you will find the way. Click to make frames, one for pictures, one for text. Write something and see what type... I think you know that all. The PDF is done by export (may be there is a problem with 72 dpi, change bilinear to lanczos 3 in MORE). And then you see some real problems by working and find aswers here... lars