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  1. Hi, to move more then 9, may be 10, pages does not work (frozen in the browser). If it works there is the image of a right page on the left side (with one image frame from master)... To select the first right page and then the last left page the selection sets only double pages and the mistake must follow. Reg. lars
  2. Hi Dan, hope to remender what I did. My programms and the mac was MacBook Air (13", Mitte 2013) OSX 10.14.6. APhoto and ADes. came frome Apple shop, why ever, APu from Af-shop. If possibel i would like only to use Af--shop. As I told there was no icon to update in Apple-shop, only to open. And the same it was in the System setting. But looking around there I found the way. May be Apple shop was opened as I show below. That´s what I saw. After clicking somewhere it was possible to update. But there are no updates now. Regards, lars
  3. Hi, after installing Mojave to the MacBook Air there is no Update from 1.8.1 to .3. Before the mac update was done it was to see that there was the update. In the mac shop I can open the old one. The same with Desighner. Publisher was updated before. What ist to do, please? Best, lars
  4. As you like it – but if it would changed, it must be in the beta, isn´t? Best to you, lars PS: I asked for that in the first beta...
  5. Hi, Walt. It´s only to tell about; not importend for me now. You see a marked file (my dictionary says: marked; with the end: ...1026, a nearly white pic, the very small icon left). But the file which is named left below (end: ...1188) and the bigger icon right above (...1188) show not the marked file. What is shown is the pic which was marked before. After it I used cmd-arrow up twice. I think it would be better allways to show the name and bigger icon of the marked file/ pic. It must be used the mouse (pad) to click the marked file to show its name and icon. Reg. lars
  6. Hi, for my books the afpub and the pics, which shall included, are in one folder. If I work with two books/ folders and want to include a new pic to this *.afpub Afpub search in the folder of last time – that may be the book 2. But to this time I may work in book 1 – so I must change the folder to find the pic what shall includeded. I would like, Afpub allways would first open the folder in which the *.afpub is. Reg., lars
  7. Hi, in the DM it is possible to mark an included file/ pic, sure. The mark is to move with: cmd-arrow up down. But to do this, the new marked file is not shown as pic right up. That only works by using the mouse. I would prefer to see all pics if marked by scrolling. Reg., lars
  8. Hi, may be a from time to time problem. In a afpub-b with 400 p. and 200 pics (and some empty pages at the and more) in the browser I wanted to move a group of ten pages to the end of pics (p. 400). It was choosen with mark the first double page and shift-click the last in the browser. But several times they don´t move. Two or three works, then the group of ten works; next try it don´t work. It happened four or five times. At the end it works again. May be you understand it. First the file came from af 1.7. Reg., lars @LarsHennings.de-abuch-beta.afpub
  9. Thanks! It is ok now, but someday may be rastering could help. There are in the folder of the project more pics than in the book! That is the problem. If this are 20 pics, no problem. But if they are 200 yes. Now, with the beta, if I count the pics in the book, there may be an difference to this one in the folder – and I have to search, which pics I forgot. This is easier by having a new folder with the pics which are to that time are included. In Finder can be moved the two folders, then beside to eachother and sorted... Reg. lars
  10. Hi, would be fine to move pages in the viewer up - down by arrows to have a color, red or yellow, as ruler; it becomes very little using 500 pages and the grey is not to find for "blinds". Thx. lars
  11. Fine to hear!!! It´s a mac-beta? Why I don´t got it. Where can I get it? I looked around... When will the next ver. come out? Best, lars
  12. Hi, Carl, thanks, the problem may be there is no collect button in the ressource manager (mac). There are: search, actual. (greyed), change, include. What is marked can´t be copied as usual. My situation: 200 pics and the *.afpub file are in one folder now, may be a PDF too. Works fine. But not all pics are included in the book. Which one? So a collect button which only copied the included pics was very fine. But... You have an idea where my mistake is? Reg., lars
  13. Hi, moving afpub smaller and then bigger again the ruler of the viewer was gone. Restart makes it ok. Reg. lars
  14. Hi Walt, not what I can see; shure I can count it there: click, click, cklick ... 200. But you may know more. Reg. lars
  15. Hi, is there a place in an afpub to see how much pics are included. A good place would be to mark all pics the ressource organisation frame and to see it then. Thx. lars
  16. Is there a way to show the filename of a jpg beside the pic automatic? Thx., lars
  17. Es lag ein Sicherheits-Update für Mojave (und Safari) vor. Das war problemlos, änderte jedoch nichts am Affinity-Problem (mit cmd-back geht weiter gar nichts, cmd-alt-back wie gehabt). Gruss, lars
  18. Oh, thank you, that´s ok. My Mac may be has some problems. I did the security udload just now; does not work. Reg. lars
  19. Hi, in TextEdit klappt es, obwohl mir der Vorgang, eine Bilddatei in die Publikation einzubeziehen, einen anderen Charakter zu haben scheint. Wenn ich ein Afpub öffnen will, lässt sich dieses .afpub natürlich nicht löschen, eine andere Dateiform wird gar nicht angenommen, sondern nur Öffnen oder nicht. Der Mojave-Dunkel-Modus ist nicht angeschaltet. Geschwärzt sollte nur heissen, das war früher in Sierra nicht so. Egal, warten wir das nächste Update ab. Gruss, lars
  20. Ja, in Sierra ging´s. Aber da lief Capture One nicht mehr gut. Dazu hiess es damals, in meinem Verständnis, es sei auch innerhalb von Afpub einfach nur ein Fenster des Finder. Nun, geschwärzt, sieht es eher nach Affinity aus, dass dann ja auch angepasst werden könnte. Vor allem, um bei offenem Fenster dennoch andere Funktionen ausführen zu können, scrollen der Seiten etwa. Ich verstehe überhaupt nicht, wie, wo ich denn in einem anderen Programm (welches?) eine Überprüfung machen kann/ soll. In Finder gibt es kein Problem. Nochmal: da der sich öffnende Rahmen doch Löschen anbietet, sollte diese Funktion auch zum Laufen zu bringen sein; ein Bug also. Aber, wenn Du mir sagst, was ich tun kann/ soll, mache ich das (sonst warte ich auf das nächste Update). Gruss, lars
  21. Hi, ich bin nicht sicher, ob wir das Gleiche meinen. Ich will nur einzelne JPG löschen. Das sieht dann so aus. Und Klick auf LÖschen bewirkt nichts. Natürlich kann ich aus dem Finder das erledigen, aber es war praktisch bisher, dies in diesem Feld machen zu können, wenn Bilder aus dem Afpub entfernt wurden, was – wie der Rahmen zeigt – ansich auch vorgesehen ist. Aber ich komme auch so zurecht. Danke, lars
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