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  1. Hello, This is a known issue (refer to the release notes for the beta, under "Macros"). Apparently it will be fixed soon. Regards, Travis
  2. TDmah

    Sudden, unstoppable runaway scrolling

    Hello, Could you perhaps post a video of this happening on your system? I wasn't able to reproduce it by following your instructions. Regards, Travis
  3. Hey guys, That was indeed the problem: "Whole document" needed to be selected. Thanks!
  4. Hi Alex, Try exporting to .jpg directly from File>>Export (not using the Export Persona). The resulting file is missing the background elements. What is the explanation for this?
  5. Hello Misc33, I rasterized the "Stripy background" group (right click on it in layer palette and select 'rasterize') and the image exported to a jpeg fine (notice the text is off, as I didn't have the font you used and it needed to be substituted). I suspect this is a bug though, and perhaps has something to do with the fact that the "stripy background" layers are larger than (and not fully contained by) the artboard?
  6. TDmah

    inaccuracy of the ruler [AD]

    I just checked. Canvas Draw can zoom to a maximum of 204,800%--without inaccuracies. Just tried with AD: was able to zoom in to 204,854,145%, after which point the ruler started displaying inaccuracies. I'll take Designer! I'm sure the programmers could also limit the zoom in AD to 204,800%--without inaccuracies. But that would be a bit silly, wouldn't it? Maybe, like you suggest, there should be a warning that at extraordinarily high zoom levels (i.e., above 200,000,000%!) display inaccuracies can occur. But I'm doubting that many people will actually zoom in that high. ;)
  7. TDmah

    inaccuracy of the ruler [AD]

    You didn't answer the question. What percentage is the zoom?
  8. TDmah

    Burry images at 144 dpi or 216 dpi

    Have you tried the 1.4.2 beta 3? This issue would appear to have been fixed there...
  9. Hello, Nope, there is definitely something buggy here. Just tried this on my Mac Mini 2012, and it crashes the program. You have to drag the control handle of the Live Perspective past the mid-point/dividing line. See attached video. Regards, Travis Live_Perspective_Crash_2.zip
  10. I simply created a new image, added a cog, then applied live perspective to it. After 20-30 seconds of modifying the grid (which is anything but fluid--the perspective tool in the toolbox works perfectly fluidly...), the app crashes. Have a look at the video I've attached. I suspect it is related to my underpowered MacBook Air. Will give it a try on my 2012 Mac Mini tomorrow. Live_Perspective_Crash.zip
  11. Nope, just tried-- no problem using the Perspective Tool! But the Live Perspective crashes the app every time...
  12. Hello, 1. Create a cog using the pre-made objects. 2. Apply a strong motion blur to it. 3. Apply an Outside Shadow FX. The Shadow is clipped by a box just larger than the object's bounding box. See attached video. Regards, Travis Outer_Shadow_Filter_FX_Contrainted_By_Box.zip
  13. Hello, In Affinity Photo 1.4.2 beta 3, trying to use the Live Perspective Layer on pretty much any object (shape or pixel layer) crashes the program (drag the grid control handles around a lot--on my low-strength MacBook Air 2010, the program crashes every time). Regards, Travis
  14. Hello, So, I ran into this bug again on one of my images, and I think I finally found the trigger for it--so hopefully it can maybe now be fixed! Affinity photo, 1.4.2 beta 3 (also happens in Mac App Store version 1.4.1) 1. Create New Image 2. Create New Pixel Layer 3. Create a rectangular selection 4. Edit>>Fill 5. With Custom Color selected, change the color. Don't apply. 6. Now select Inpainting in the Fill Dialogue. 7. With Inpainting selected, go back up and change the custom color. I think this is already a bug: I don't think that one should be able to change the custom color when one of the other options is selected. 8. Try to toggle back through the other options in the Fill Dialogue: the program has become unresponsive, and you have to Force Quit the program (see attached video). Fill_Crash.zip
  15. Actually, I still think there is something buggy here. The destructive perspective function behaves normally. When using the Live Perspective Filter and playing around with the blend modes in the filter dialogue, the layer seems to interact with its own alpha channel (see the video). This may well be intended behaviour, but seems odd to me. But notice how changing the blend mode in the filter dialogue causes the blend mode to change in the layer panel, but changing the blend mode in the layer panel does not cause a corresponding change in the filter dialogue. Regards, Travis Live Perspective Filter.zip