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  1. I'm also experiencing this issue with cycling with the shortcut key J. I've setup an express key on my Wacom Intuos Pro to cycle through Js to get to the inpainting tool but it no longer works. When I manually cycle through J, the clarity adjustment dialogue box pops up too.
  2. I've been Adobe free for two years and counting. Photo and Affinity have everything I need for my design and photo editing jobs.
  3. @hannah I can't give you more than one thanks. This has been bugging me for a long time that it didn't occur to me to look under keyboard shortcuts
  4. livetheshot

    Affinity Photo - Refine Mask - Fuzzy edges

    Thanks for the quick reply Chris! If you load the Spare Channel as a selection, you'll see that I created a pretty close selection using the Quick Select tool. When I use Refine and enable Matte edges, it ends up blurring the edges regardless of the amount of contrast. Were there any changes to the Matte edges functions between later versions of 1.4 and 1.6? I never had this prior to 1.6.
  5. livetheshot

    Affinity Photo - Refine Mask - Fuzzy edges

    Hi Chris, I tossed the original file as I couldn't get it working. Here's another file with the original photo and with the initial selection made. I've created a spare channel to make it easier to load the selection. If you click Refine, you'll see all of the edges end up being fuzzy even on the other side where the light provided more contrast between the dress and the background. Would love to get to the bottom of this as the examples Affinity have posted have had worse contrast and the edges weren't muddied like this. Thanks. dress.afphoto
  6. Hi, When I refine a mask selection, the edges get fuzzy on the default settings. The settings are: Matte Edges - Checked Border Width - 10% Smoothing - 0 Feather - 0 Ramp - 0% I've attached a screenshot to show this. The noise occurs both inside AND outside the selection. I don't mind it occuring outside as I can deal with that, however it's inside the selection that's a constant frustration. This happens regardless of the matte I use. All the demos that I've seen have had worse background contrasts, yet the edges come out clean when the Refine tool is used. I'm also using OpenGL for my display. My current version is Affinity 1.6.7. Thanks.
  7. DPI doesn't matter for web use. Go to File -> Export. The next window lets you select the file format you wish to export to. Click on the More button for expanded options such as colour profile, etc.
  8. livetheshot

    Masking drives me nuts

    Same issue still exists as well. I reported this last year ( ) and it looks like the issue is worse. Here's a screengrab working with both 8bit and 16bit TIF files in Adobe RGB. After refining the mask, I set the output to New Layer with Mask. Hoping this gets fixed in the next release as this is a dealbreaker for composite photography.
  9. Currently we have to click on the new guide button, double click on the automatic guide value and set a new value. It would be great if we can generate the guides according to values that's been copied from a text file. Or at the very least, if we duplicate the artboard and re-adjust the new artboard's dimensions, the guidelines are moved according to the new dimensions. This helps greatly for guides created in % values rather than pixels.
  10. livetheshot

    AD: SVG export error

    Coolio. Thanks Chris. It's very re-assuring ;)
  11. livetheshot

    AD: SVG export error

    I'm using OSX El Capitan. I exported the file using the default SVG settings in AD (see screenshot).
  12. livetheshot

    AD: SVG export error

    Hi Chris, Here is the original AD file. Could the issue have occurred because I used the > sign as text, rather than changing it into a curve? slider-navigation.afdesign
  13. livetheshot

    AD: SVG export error

    Hi There's an error when the image is exported as an SVG. One of the images gets flipped when I export it. See attached screenshots :) slider-navigation.svg
  14. Yes please! I was about to post exactly the same thing! At least with the option of hooking it into one of the tabs
  15. This issue still occurs in 1.5.1.