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  1. I did it last week, but then when I went to cancel they offered me two months free, so thought I may as well make the most of the Adobe Stock and get some more images over the next two months. Pay back time! I'll be cancelling in August, unless they offer another freebie! Goodness knows I've paid that damn company more than two months worth of free images for the past 15 years.
  2. What a relief that must be. I've got a couple of websites that I need to finish in my new software and one more to sort out then I'll be doing the same. I can't get rid til I've sorted out the debacle that was caused by EOL of Muse. Can't wait to get to where you are.
  3. Thanks @PedroOfOz is there a free trial version of XnView MP? Would be handy to test it out first. I can't see a free trial thing on their website. Cheers, Cathie
  4. Reading that other comment about the things working in the background of Bridge, I think I may still look for an alternative. Really not happy with Adobe and as soon as I can confidently ditch them completely I will. If anyone has an alternative, please share! Cheers, Cathie
  5. Oh! Didn't know that. That's why I thought I needed to replace Bridge. Thanks for letting me know. Not exactly been advertised as such - guess that's why I didn't know. I'm sure I'm not alone. Cheers, Cathie
  6. Thanks for your homework! I've done a bit too and have swapped to AD and AP, also just uploaded the Beta of Affinity Publisher - yet to have a play around with it, but definitely on the list for the next couple weeks. I also bough Quark again after ditching it for InDesign many years ago - think I should have waited til APublisher came out, but was a bit infuriated with Adobe at the time of the EOL announcement of Muse and dived into replacing everything as quickly as possible. I recently contacted Adobe about my horrendously expensive subscription and after many tedious and frustrating conversations with their sales people, managed to get a cheaper subscription for the next year with three months free! I haggled (moaned at them!) pretty hard! I'm keeping it for one more year so that I know I can switch over to more affordable options - thankfully Affinity are providing that so far. The only thing I'm really going to miss is Bridge - if the Affinity guys could come up with something to replace Bridge I will be a very happy designer! Anyone had any luck finding something to replace it yet? Good luck all with your missions to ditch Adobe! It's possible - we just have to stay determined. Cheers, Cathie
  7. Hi John, I'm going to do the same. My subscription runs out in October and I've barely touched AI or PS since the EOL announcement of Muse and BC back in March. I immediately started using Affinity Design and Photo and switched InDesign back to Quark - which I first started my design career with many years ago. I haven't looked back. Just wondering, did you simply save the most current versions of your CC apps so that you can use them without the subscription? I've more or less done that but want to make sure that is all I need to do so that I can still use them if I need to once I cancel. The thought of having all the subscription money every month is so nice. Adobe are such rip-off merchants. Thanks, Cathie
  8. Fingers crossed this might become a thing! Would be great if it could. Thanks all for your input.
  9. Think I'll do the long haul thing. Not sure I'm confident enough to take any risks with it at this stage of my learning curve.
  10. Thanks so much for that. I knew there must have been an easy way to do it. Just getting my head around all the fab features and didn't want to spend hours looking for a solution. Appreciate your quick response! Cheers! Cathie
  11. Hi, Just wondering if there is a way for me to share the AD assets that I've added to the app on my laptop so they also appear in the app on my desktop. I've added a load to the assets panel on my laptop, but when I opened the app on my desktop this morning, none of them were there. Guess it's because it's app based and not cloud based. Is that right? Is there a way of saving them and uploading from one to the other? Cheers, Cathie
  12. Was just looking for the same thing! So relieved we can do this in AD. Loving using it so far.
  13. Hi MEB, Thanks for that, I'm seriously considering a switch from Adobe to Affinity, but really need to get the low down on the price structure moving forward. As it stands at the moment, I'd end up having to pay for one off versions of your app, but still have to pay for the other programs that I use from Adobe, so I'm not sure it's going to be financially viable for me. I use Adobe Muse to create websites and really don't want to lose that. Big decisions ahead I think. Appreciate your prompt reply. Thanks! Cathie
  14. How much do upgrades cost once you've purchased the product with the one off price?
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