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  1. Hi, I noticed that on Photo 1.7 there are two strange things happening when I toggle through both the lasso/marque tools (using the shortcut L) and the healing/inpainting tools (using the shortcut J). For both of these tools, their associated shortcut does not cycle through all of the tools. I'll have the freehand lasso tool selected, and when I hit L, it changes to the column marque tool, and then I can not hit L again to make it cycle back to the freehand lasso tool. For the healing/inpainting tools (shortcut J), it will cycle through the healing, patch, blemish, and red eye removal, but it will bypass the inpainting tool and instead a clarity adjustment window will show up on the screen. I have to manually click the healing icon and select the inpainting tool.
  2. @Old Bruce Oh man, this is EXACTLY what I was trying to do! Thank you! I had no idea the Transform Studio thing existed and it is going to make nudging a single side so much easier. I appreciate it
  3. @Old Bruce Thank you! It seems like I can do that with a shape, but not a pixel layer. I think that was what was tripping me up. If the only way to nudge multiple notes is on a shape layer, that is cool. Do you have suggestions on how I could do that with a pixel layer? I tried to rasterize the pixel layer, but I still wasn't seeing the ability to convert to curves. Forgive my lack of not knowing the exact terminology for the kinds of layers. Even though I've been an Affinity user for a few years, I still have a lot to learn
  4. @toltec Cool, thank you! Is it possible somehow to be able to nudge an entire side instead of just a node? I realized I was kind of unclear in the original post I should have typed "nudge this entire side left or right." PS - thanks for sharing about the convert to curves feature. I know that can come in handy in the future!
  5. In Affinity Photo, is it possible to nudge (i.e. use keyboard arrows) a single handle in a certain direction? I am aware I can nudge an entire object, but there are some instances where this isn't ideal. I haven't had 100% success with enabling some of the snapping features available in Photo, so this this type of nudging may not be possible. See screenshot to show what I'm talking about. Thanks for any insight you can give!
  6. Awesome, thank you so much. I love how in-depth you went with it and it is really helpful to see how it works step-by-step. It didn't even come to mind about using a macro for the original need I had but now it seems as if that's the way to go. Thanks again!
  7. @John Rostron Thank you so much for sharing that link. I totally missed that post when I was searching through the forums. I downloaded the macro and it looks so helpful and exactly what I am looking to do. Does it have any parameters to avoid upsizing? No worries if not – this is a great starting place and I know it will be helpful.
  8. Hi, I am trying to find a solution for the following: I have several folders of pictures that contain both landscape and portrait orientation images. Some of these images are as big as 6,000px + on the long edge, and some are as small as 2,500px on the long edge. The orientations and dimensions of the images are totally random in a given folder. I want to be able to select all of the pics in a folder – no matter the dimensions or orientation – and be able to have Affinity batch resize them to a the long edge I choose, while not enlarging any of the pics that would need to be upsized. Lightroom has a feature to do this (upon exporting images from a catalog), but I am looking for a way to do this in Affinity Photo. I don't want to re-import images back into Lightroom as a new catalog just to export them again with a new long edge. Is this possible?
  9. @carl123 That is a great idea and I haven't tried that route yet. Thanks for the tip and I'll try it out. I'll keep you posted if it works. @Roger C Thanks
  10. It appears like I can transform (scale up/down) a mask after clicking on the mask while the move tool is selected, and then I can scale it up and down accordingly, just like changing the size of a pic or an element on the page. The downside is that it looks like I can only select a single mask at a time, but it's a start. I'll experiment a little further with it, but it may be a solution that is semi-usable for now.
  11. @firstdefence Hey, thanks for the insight. Yeah, I think I may have used incorrect wording when referring to high res and low res . What I meant was for the actual dimensions of a pic. I use Affinity to help do luminosity masking on interior and architecture photos, I'll usually experiment on a 1800 x 1200 px image (primarily to save on filesize and to check my edits I've made in Lightroom before sending to Affinity.) If the quick edits look good, I'd love to import a 5400 x 3600 px image and retain the masks (scaled up 3x, or whatever the scale factor is). Haha, I realized after your response that adjustments obviously can be copied and pasted over to any size image. I had a brain fart on that. So, basically, I'm looking for a way to scale the masks in relation to the dimensions of pics. Thanks again for your input!
  12. Sometimes I'll do a quick test edit with low- or medium-res versions of images. If I'm happy with how the test edit is going, I've wanted to be able to pull in the high-res versions of the images and use them to replace the medium-res versions. I'd love for all masks, adjustments, etc. that I've done on the test edit to be correctly applied, or at least scaled accordingly to fit the new image size. Obviously, I'd need to make sure the height:length ratio and cropping placement of the high-res images is exactly the same as the lower res versions. I've looked around on the forums, tested this several ways on AP, but am not sure if this is even possible. Do you have suggestions of ways I can either a) scale up / down masks and adjustments to perfectly fit new image sizes, or b) swap out a smaller pic with a larger version of the pic and have all edits be properly applied?
  13. Hi, is it possible to align images after an import? I am aware of the File > New Stack and/or File > New HDR Merge options (both of which give an option to auto-align images upon importing), but I am wanting to find a way to select several layers after import and then tell Affinity Photo to align them. I can't seem to find a way to do this and haven't found any insight on the FAQs, tutorials, and forums. Suggestions? Thanks! PS – I do not mean using the Arrange > Top, Middle, Centre, etc. with layers, but actually arranging images due to tripod movement between shots, etc.
  14. quinnballard

    Trial not available?

    Cool, that sounds great. I appreciate your help! Affinity seems like such a great program – I'll def keep an eye out for v1.5. Have a good day, man!
  15. quinnballard

    Trial not available?

    Hey, Callum – you are right! I guess the trial was installed and I had forgotten I did it since I never ended up using Affinity to test out. I investigated on some of the plist/misc. files on Finder and they do show an Affinity Trial install in 2015, explaining how the timer has run out haha. Is there a way to reinstall the Trial? I am hoping to use it primarily for panoramas, but I wanted to test it out before I dropped $50 on a program that turned out to be just as good on handling panos as Photoshop, since I already have photoshop. I def know that Affinity is way superior to a lot of Photoshop's features, but those aren't the features I am going to be using 99% of the time! I checked out several of the pano tutorials on the Affinity Vimeo page but I'm still not sure if it will be worth the purchase. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. I appreciate your help! Quinn