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  1. It finally settled the issue. I uninstalled and installed it again and it is updated .-) I hope it helps others with the same problem. Thank you for your help.
  2. So, it is safe ti delete the app and download it again and try to solve this issue of the 1.8.2 update?
  3. I will delete my A. Designer and download again. Cannot remember where to find my serial number ,-( Was ordered via Apple 2016.
  4. Says "Update" not "Install" and when I click on update, it just keeps going around forever.
  5. Hello, I can't update to version 1.8.2 of A. Designer from the Apple App Store. I've tried everything. The updates page doesn't even appear. If you go to the shopping page, the store shows version 1.8.2 but when I click on update, it just keeps going around forever. It's a shame that I can't change these updates and centralize them all on the Serif page; then I never had any problems with Publisher. It is not the first time that there are problems at Apple. And there are always delays. What to do? Thanks.
  6. Go to your shopping list and open the Affinity apps. I use High Sierra; no problems.
  7. A bit out of this topic: Manual Lens Corrections My Classic manual Zeiss Classic ZE 21/35/50/85mm lenses are not there ,-( Bad luck. In the near future... ?
  8. Thank you Walt and Cecil. It is not working. I must wait.
  9. Hello, The Publisher has already updated yesterday and today to 1.8.1 It has the function "Check for Updates" in the menu. It was purchased at the Serif store. Photo and Designer do NOT have the "Check for Updates" function in the menu; why? Because they are older and were purchased from the Apple App Store? I can't update from Apple App Store to 1.8.1. It is not working. I know it can take a while but it sucks. Is it possible to pass them from the Apple App Store to my Serif account? Will this give me the "Check for Updates" function for all three apps? Thanks.
  10. No problem Alfred ,-) I thank you too. Imagine 9 pages/artboards > 9 PDF pages. My client can open the PDF and erase pages 4/5/6 and keep pages 1/2/3/7/8/9; correct? (yes; this was done before Publisher was released)
  11. Thank you for your kind help. 1. It seems hard to edit using Adobe Acrobat ,-( Not good. Anyway; without an Aff. Designer copy, to open using Illustrator what is the best export format (If it is possble)? 2. What about simply erase some pages in the PDF (no fonts; everything is in curves)? My clients can do that with Adobe Acrobat DC/Pro? (fonts are not available via Adobe CC fonts)
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