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  1. Thanks Thomaso for sharing your experience. Of course, two 24" monitors produce more than one 27" usable workspace; this is needless to mention. Maybe I did not explain everything in the first post. Eizo monitors are among the best on the market and not very cheap. With the price of one of EIZO's 27 "CG series, I buy one of 24" of the same excellent series and a second monitor (with a € 400.00 difference) just for tools in use. What I want to know is if the Serif applications already work well in this dual monitor mode. If there are serious problems that delay or make it impossible to work quickly and effectively, then a 27" solution is a better one, because 27" is more than I currently have I have (not a giant leap though); but with the assurance that works without problems.
  2. (Using Aff. Photo/Designer/Publisher) Hi, my Eizo CG 241W monitor 24" is a bit old. 10 years of use. Trying to decide between another 24" (maybe two monitors) or a bigger 27". The two monitors solution would be an Eizo graphic for documents in full screen + a much cheaper monitor (or the old one as long as it is working) just for panels and tool bars (workspace modes-separated mode) The 27" is self explanatory (workspace modes-Normal mode) What are your choices? Thanks for your feedback. Regards.
  3. Thanks for your useful feedback. 8 more days... And yes; I too have high hopes for the Designer Persona. Meanwhile I will try the .afdesign file import method.
  4. No problem using Designer; that is not my point; I am sorry. The point is to start using Publisher instead of Designer for documents with many pages, text flowing across several boxes/pages, etc. That is what a DTP is for. My only doubt is the best way to use Designer pages (direct open/copy/paste or export as images) in Publisher and take advantage of a proper DTP app. No problem ,-) I will perform tests. But all help is very welcome.
  5. Thanks Walt. my point is not "What I like"; but what give me best professional results in the end (both for PDF or print). Better to open Designer files directly inside Publisher or Export as TIFF files in Designer before? The best end result is what I am looking for. Not the simples workflow. I don´t mind to work more for better results. :-)
  6. Hi, I have been designing a Logo Usage Guides Manual using Aff. Designer. A lot of pages/artboards... Since Publisher is here and ordered .-) I thought I could finish this project in a proper DTP program. Several pages, text, graphics, photography... Publisher will shine ,-) for this project, to start. So; what is the best workflow from Designer to Publisher? From Designer artboards, where I have my logo designs, rules, colours, do & don´t, etc; to Publisher pages? Should I simply copy/paste this vectorial artboards from Designer to Publisher (is it possible?) or should I export as images (TIFF or JPEGS?) and place those in my Publisher pages? For absolute best results. The final format will be PDF, for now. But maybe for digital print later (not offset). Longer texts, master layout, page numbers, etc; will be done on Publisher. Thank you very much for your help.
  7. Aff. Photo and Designer new versions. Great .-) But no Portuguese (European). When? Years waiting .-( I am sure there a lot of users waiting for an interface in Portuguese (European). This is not a poll, but... please support this request. The Brazilian version is not good. Do not forget Aff. Publisher; this is even more critical. I will keep using english (UK) until you correct this. Thanks a lot.
  8. Thank you very much, Mithferion. I will cut the text .-) Its is faster.
  9. Hi, I am doing a small 12 pages brochure for PDF only. Is it possible, in Affinity Designer, to connect a large text, from one text box to another or even to another artboard/page in the same document, thus making the text flow, as in DTP programs? If not, I must cut the text in pieces and place it in several text boxes. Looking forward for the final Aff. Publisher. Thanks a lot.
  10. Thanks Mithferion. Where did you bought your Avant Garde and which package to include the Stylistic Alternates?
  11. No problem. The goal was to identify the font. Very 70s ,-) Reminds me of Kubrick too (memory is playing again).