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  1. Thank you very much, Mithferion. I will cut the text .-) Its is faster.
  2. Hi, I am doing a small 12 pages brochure for PDF only. Is it possible, in Affinity Designer, to connect a large text, from one text box to another or even to another artboard/page in the same document, thus making the text flow, as in DTP programs? If not, I must cut the text in pieces and place it in several text boxes. Looking forward for the final Aff. Publisher. Thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks Mithferion. Where did you bought your Avant Garde and which package to include the Stylistic Alternates?
  4. No problem. The goal was to identify the font. Very 70s ,-) Reminds me of Kubrick too (memory is playing again).
  5. Memory is a funny thing ,-) Thank you Alfred. AvantGarde it is! Do you own the font? That feature is under the stylistic alternates. I think I do not own it. Must buy. Regards.
  6. Hi, can someone help me remember that sans serif font with an "A" inclined. One side is vertical. The kind of type that is used in the British band's logo The Verve. I thought it would be AvantGarde or Univers but I can not find that "A" or else I do not have complete font families. Thank you for your help.
  7. Dear Dan, no need to apologize; I thank you for your attention .-) I think I have my answers. I hope it will be of help to others who find this topic. Thanks again. Best regards.
  8. If possible Dan, I would like to read your reply to my questions. Thank you very much.
  9. First things first. This is a great forum, with great people! Thank you Dan for your help. Allow me some verification, in order to do things right. 1. Change Document colour space according to, the objects (logo/type) and future export colour space. All I need is to change the colour document, with the document open, in: Document Setup>Colour>Colour Format and choose according; correct? For the Pure Black and White Konckout versions is it wise to change the Document Colour Formta to Grey8 or Grey 16? 2. Export: The use will be for paper, website and video. Paper: CMYK and Pantone (Tiff or SVG) Website: RGB or RGB HEX(Jpeg/Png-if transparency is needed) Video: RGB (Jpeg) Is this correct? 3. Conversion: really good news. And thanks for this additional tool: https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/color/index.html Hope this help others here in the forum. 4. Pantone: is this the tool you use? https://store.pantone.com/uk/en/color-finder#/convert?colorSpace=rgb&pantoneBook=all Thanks again Dan .-)
  10. Hi, I am in the process of fine tune a logo work. Need some help, please. Must do RGB/CMYK/RGB HEX/PANTONE versions for the two colours of the logo. Each colour is in different document (One for the RGB, one for CMYK, etc). 1. My documents are all in RGB/16 (in Document Setup>Colour). Should I change the Colour in the document setup or leave all as RGB/16? 2. Will at the end of the process export the logo in TIFF RGB/CMYK and Jpegs. Should I export in any other formats? 3. By selecting a colour in the logo and changing the Fill>Colour Panel>Sliders I automaticaly can see the values changing for the different sliders (RGB/CMYK/HEX) for the guide lines manual. Are this values correct to write in the guides manual? Is this conversion ok? 4. What about to choose the closest PANTONE? I tried this ( https://www.ginifab.com/feeds/pms/ ) but it is just an aproximation. Is there a better way, to find the PANTONES I need, maybe using only the Aff. Designer that I am not aware of? Thanks in advance for your help. Regards.
  11. I´ve been waiting for this feature to be able to produce Digital Negatives for Platinum Palladium prints as it is done with Photoshop. Anyone suggests an alternative; while we wait... ? Thanks.
  12. Thank you so much my friends. A simple and funcional app. I will place my order ,-) and improve my workflow with one more tool.
  13. Hello, someone from our forum has integrated FastRawViewer into their workflow with Affinity Photo? I would like to read your opinion on the advantage of using it. Thanks.