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  1. Haha, probably! I should ask this question in its own thread I suppose.
  2. Not sure if this was what you meant, but InDesign gives the option to split a column into multiple smaller columns as needed, as well as the ability to have particular lines span the entire width of the page. I'd love to see this functionality in Publisher! In fact I'd go so far as to say it's a must if it's to be a serious contender as a page layout program.
  3. Looking forward to seeing a Hyperlinks panel in AP. It's a must, guys! Thanks for all your great work so far, I'm loving this program.
  4. I'm trying to use my double-sided printer to print a 192 page book in signatures, and to export a PDF of the file so that others can do the same. Is it possible to press print, select the Booklet option, AND somehow tell AP that I'm looking for signatures of 4 or 5 sheets each? At the moment when I select "Booklet" and ask it to print pages 1 - 16, I get page 194 included in the mix. What I'm looking for is an automatic way to print my 192 page document with correct booklet page ordering for pages 1-16 only, then pages 17-32 only, etc. I'm hoping there is an easier way than creating separate files for each group of 16 pages!
  5. I am looking for a one-stop full screen preview mode as well! Hopefully there's an answer out there somewhere.
  6. Yes, could be. I have Dropbox and BackBlaze attached, but this problem has never come up in the past.
  7. Yes, could be. I have Dropbox and BackBlaze attached, but this problem has never come up in the past.
  8. Pretty sure that wouldn't have been the case as there's nothing else attached to my computer.
  9. The sequel to this short saga: I found the file in the Deleted Files section of my online Dropbox account. Hooray for automatic cloud backups! I noted that it still had the name of the original file I'd Saved As, rather than the new name I'd created. Odd. I was able to restore the file to my computer from Dropbox, but the mystery as to how it disappeared from my computer in the first place still remains.
  10. Let me begin by saying, I am loving Publisher! So far it's almost everything I hoped it would be, with more coming, so I'm really happy. However... I did 2 hours of work in Publisher the other night, saved regularly, only to be met by a message something like: Your file has been deleted and will close now. The message only appeared for a second so I can't be sure of the exact wording, and fortunately I'm not a swearing kind of person so you don't have to wonder about MY wording when it happened - mouth did hang open and eyebrows went up though, I can tell you. I've searched everywhere for the missing file, but it's not in the trash, not hidden anyway that I can see (even in the ~Library/Application Support folders) - it just seems to have been either obliterated or beamed away to an inaccessible dimension. My fault entirely for trusting this work to a brand new beta program (we were all warned very clearly), but still I thought it best to let you know what happened in case there's an identifiable bug that can be squashed. I remain undaunted: I'm going to begin the work again, and this time I'll Save As regularly to keep versions as the project progresses.
  11. To continue the side question, anything equivalent in screen capture for Mac that you know of? Those were really well presented, ChristAlix.
  12. It's good to know there are other approaches to this, thanks everyone. I've attached the document I'm working with so you can see exactly what I was trying to do, and why the flood select tool magically solved the issue when setting the document to transparent background didn't work, and when Erase White Paper would have made things transparent that I wanted opaque. Once the background was removed, you can see that the image can now be easily placed onto a colour background with the internal whites intact.
  13. EDIT: I've just re read the comments here, and realised I missed the flood select tool - genius! does exactly what I wanted. Please disregard the original message. I'm digging this topic up to ask if this is the only way to get a similar effect to the Photoshop magic eraser? I regularly need to remove the white background from a proof sheet of thumbnail images that also contain white. I want to remove the background around the images while leaving the white colour inside the images intact, so that I can place it on a coloured background without the background colour bleeding into the thumbnail images. In Photoshop this is a 1 click operation - I'm still looking for an easy way to do this in Affinity Designer or Photo that doesn't require me to create masks behind each image.
  14. Encouragement vibes!! I work with VERY large, detailed world map source files, and often need to cut small geographical regions out of them for use in various projects. They must be vector, so the pixel persona work around isn't an option. Masking is possible but would blow out the memory of each vector map to a crazy extent. I keep a tame copy of Illustrator around for the vector eraser - very much looking forward to this feature coming to Designer!