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  1. misc33

    How would you draw a perfect S

    To continue the side question, anything equivalent in screen capture for Mac that you know of? Those were really well presented, ChristAlix.
  2. misc33

    Crashes when using refine tool

    Me too...
  3. misc33

    Magic/Background Eraser?

    It's good to know there are other approaches to this, thanks everyone. I've attached the document I'm working with so you can see exactly what I was trying to do, and why the flood select tool magically solved the issue when setting the document to transparent background didn't work, and when Erase White Paper would have made things transparent that I wanted opaque. Once the background was removed, you can see that the image can now be easily placed onto a colour background with the internal whites intact.
  4. misc33

    Magic/Background Eraser?

    EDIT: I've just re read the comments here, and realised I missed the flood select tool - genius! does exactly what I wanted. Please disregard the original message. I'm digging this topic up to ask if this is the only way to get a similar effect to the Photoshop magic eraser? I regularly need to remove the white background from a proof sheet of thumbnail images that also contain white. I want to remove the background around the images while leaving the white colour inside the images intact, so that I can place it on a coloured background without the background colour bleeding into the thumbnail images. In Photoshop this is a 1 click operation - I'm still looking for an easy way to do this in Affinity Designer or Photo that doesn't require me to create masks behind each image.
  5. Encouragement vibes!! I work with VERY large, detailed world map source files, and often need to cut small geographical regions out of them for use in various projects. They must be vector, so the pixel persona work around isn't an option. Masking is possible but would blow out the memory of each vector map to a crazy extent. I keep a tame copy of Illustrator around for the vector eraser - very much looking forward to this feature coming to Designer!
  6. misc33

    Font Manager

    Has anyone used FontBase? It's free, with optional $3/month subscription for extra features, and looks very promising. I'm struggling to figure out how to pare down the enormously long list of fonts that show up in Affinity Designer, as there doesn't seem to be documentation explaining it step by step. Any suggestions appreciated.
  7. This just happened to me, too. There was no other error message. My disk space was almost gone, mysteriously - it's been going crazy up and down lately making it impossible to work. How does an iMac hard drive go from 19GB to 128MB in seconds, with nothing going on on my part? I've cleared up hard drive space, but the file still won't save and won't let me save as in another location. Any tips welcome - I've looked up the problem but haven't found anything yet in Apple land. BTW there was no code number, nothing else in the error message except "save failed because the file could not be written to"
  8. Yes - I figured that out after about 30 seconds of confusion! Good to know there's a way to do both, and thanks for the extra tips.
  9. Alfred, thank you! This is fantastic. I now know how to put my black and white line drawings onto a transparent background in both AP and AD - just what I needed.
  10. I think it depends how complex the contents of each artboard. I regulary work with AD files that contain over 30 artboards with no problem at all. Each artboard typically contains a black line drawing, often complex with placed images.
  11. When you are on the start up screen, you'll see the option to create a new document, as well as to open samples or tutorials. See attached screenshot.
  12. Try double clicking the home screen button and swiping up on Affinity Photo in order to restart the app. This worked for me when nothing else did.
  13. Plus one for this request. It would be a truly useful plugin for AP!
  14. I've been using an Apple Pencil on iPad Pro with Astropad to do line drawings with the vector brush, and it's been great. For me, the amount of smoothing they've built in is just right - when working at big enough sizes. When working small, it's way too much - so I join you in your request to hand over some smoothing control to the end user. Maybe you should submit your resumé to Serif and see what happens!