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  1. I'm on 1.8.4, having the same issue. Resetting fonts didn't fix it.
  2. I recommend doing the dots as periods, with tab stops. This worked well for me. No idea why you were having those jumping issues. Did you try grouping the first line of dots, then use the transform dialogue box to precisely place the next row?
  3. For the most part I get along just fine, but from time to time I find myself using Ctrl + mouse-scroll (Mac) to zoom into parts of the UI that are hard to see.
  4. No span and split columns?! Oh my. Looking forward to the happy news, whenever it may come.
  5. Thanks, Walt, I'll give it a go. Fingers crossed! Edited to add: IT WORKS!!! So happy!! Thank you Walt—you've made a massive task MUCH easier.
  6. I'm very much looking forward to this feature! Not having it really bogs down my workflow.
  7. I've just come here because I wanted to find out how to create global layers: and I'm sad to learn this isn't possible yet. My case scenario is this: I have a year planner with two days per week, including a unique quote for each. I intend to release multiple versions of the planner (digital pdf), where the quotes follow different themes, so I want to be able to turn off all the theme A quotes and activate the theme B quotes, and then the same for themes C and D. Very similar to the multi-lingual example above. The only other option that I can see is to make sure the base document is
  8. Haha, probably! I should ask this question in its own thread I suppose.
  9. Not sure if this was what you meant, but InDesign gives the option to split a column into multiple smaller columns as needed, as well as the ability to have particular lines span the entire width of the page. I'd love to see this functionality in Publisher! In fact I'd go so far as to say it's a must if it's to be a serious contender as a page layout program.
  10. Looking forward to seeing a Hyperlinks panel in AP. It's a must, guys! Thanks for all your great work so far, I'm loving this program.
  11. I'm trying to use my double-sided printer to print a 192 page book in signatures, and to export a PDF of the file so that others can do the same. Is it possible to press print, select the Booklet option, AND somehow tell AP that I'm looking for signatures of 4 or 5 sheets each? At the moment when I select "Booklet" and ask it to print pages 1 - 16, I get page 194 included in the mix. What I'm looking for is an automatic way to print my 192 page document with correct booklet page ordering for pages 1-16 only, then pages 17-32 only, etc. I'm hoping there is an easier way than creating separ
  12. I am looking for a one-stop full screen preview mode as well! Hopefully there's an answer out there somewhere.
  13. To continue the side question, anything equivalent in screen capture for Mac that you know of? Those were really well presented, ChristAlix.
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