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  1. I remain confused by the correct method to automatically page number. I produce a professional association's newsletter. In InDesign, it has always been set-up as a horizontal A3 page that then gives me four A4 pages when folded. In ID I have set the page numbers on the Master to correctly reflect the number of the folded A4 page - but I'm darned if I can get the same page-numbering set-up on my Affinity Publisher layout. All my attempts on an A3 spread end up with the first A3 side numbered 1 and 2 - whereas I actually want to show 1 and 4, then with the second side showing 2 and 3... I can correctly sequentially number in a four-page A4 layout (thanks to the advice above) but that does not give me the press-ready PDF output that I need. Help please!! (I need a 'Killer Tips' book or 'For Dummies' to go back to school on this...)

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