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  1. Trouble is the email I have copied above says they have no plans to do this in actual fact....if you read it it shows they have no intention of doing anything soon! Thanks for your encouragement though there are plenty of other apps that will do this simple thing !
  2. Latest update from Affinity support: "Hi Guy, We don't have a timeframe to when arrow heads will be added to our Affinity apps at this time. We don't have any mailing lists setup to inform users of fixes. However when we release an update, mail shots are done that include links to the updates release notes, which include information on fixes and features. You can also signup to our support forum and follow the roadmap threads for each app. You'll then receive a notification when a staff member edits this. Designer roadmap Photo roadmap Regards Lee" I think I will give up on Affinity creating this facility.
  3. Hello, could you tell me how you managed to get it to just draw a line with an arrow on it in the 1st place? I would be most grateful for your advice.
  4. Thank you that advice. my gosh thats a clumsy tool to use to draw arrows! I need to be able to draw a line and select an arrowhead one end and maybe a dot or line or another arrow at the other. I appreciate your support and help none the less.
  5. can you tell me where to find the quickshapes flyout? I am new to affinity and only on a trial at the moment while i assess it's suitability. Best Regards, Guy M.
  6. Please advise when Affinity will enable the drawing of simple vector arrows, thank you. Best Regards, Guy M.
  7. I draw textile products and need to draw simple arrows ( options to have arrows or dots etc at both ends of a line) and to have a simple way to click select a line width. Love the look of Affinity Designer but this is not a usable tool till this simple function is added. I am looking for a mac alternative to Corel Draw, which does all I could want. In hope and anticipation..!
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