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  1. Select all = Seleziona tutti​ --> tutto:
  2. Please, can you add Mesh Wrap to Live filters? I need it as a live filter for Embedded documents sources manipulation. This way it will be easy to replace the image (in the Embedded document) and keep the deformed mesh intact.
  3. Please also add mesh wrap to available "Live filters" (Levels panel). This will indirectly extend available effects you can apply to Embedded documents too...
  4. Double-click on the mesh borders to add vertical/horizontal nodes, but yes, can't rotate etc. them around as you wish...
  5. Confusing duplicate menu item in the same sub-menu:
  6. Definitely a MUST HAVE. At present Embedded documents implementation can't handle Mesh Deformation and other operations without converting these objects to plain pixel images. This means you can't appy a deformed Embedded document and keep it as a "template" easily switching the "texture" inside in the future. From a professional POV this is an important feature wanted by many users. See f.e. (www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLdLwxt0nB8) Would be also very useful a direct import of PSD's Smart Object -> AP's Embedded document
  7. On the 1 of July I bought AD (Eu/Italy). Wanted to buy AP and noticed now prices are +10€. Is this correct?
  8. Great :) Love AP and AD!
  9. Here is a pic showing a few errors I've found (some text strings are still in English). I've also noticed it shares same few erros I've already reported here for Designer in the Text menu (Testo in Italian), so I won't report them again for Photo since I expect them to be fixed for both programs...
  10. No crashes here. Windows 10 x64 15063.447, NVidia driver 384.76 WHQL (see also signature). Keep Windows clean, try to reinstall Affinity tools, DO NOT use CCleaner and other registry cleaners frequently deleting useful keys.
  11. Here are some typos I've discovered in your excellent Affinity Deisgner Corrections in red.