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  1. Thanks for your appreciation. I have done entirely with Affinity Designer, using only tools from that software, but I didn't know that there is some trace tool in this software. I have used mostly pen, square, circle, gear, gradients, and effects like Gaussian blur, 3D effect, shadows, etc And a photo of a real motorcycle below as template for this drawing.
  2. Hi everyone, I want to show you my vector art based on a real photo of a Honda Motorcycle.
  3. I like doing realistic drawings using vector software... I used to use AI, but now I going to start to use Affinity Designer... It's better, faster, smother, in many ways and others characteristics I think It will improve it. The way AD implement Mask is amazing. It allows save too much time.
  4. thanks for your comment. AD is a great software... I expect improve my knowledge of this software. For i.e. I don't Know how to make those little designs in a circular way, for thouse that are around the hole of the guitar. Those pictograms I have to put manualy in their place... They don't look very well if you look very close.
  5. Hello. This is my first serious artwork in Affinity Designer. It was made 100% vector, based on a real image.
  6. I think It is fair that you have to pay for something new, and a NEW version deserve a payment. They are doing an excellent work with this software and for a very low price they are giving you a great product! As long as they don't do like the other company, and they always sell with perpetual licence for me It is fair.
  7. Note: I'm not an native english speaker. Apolgizes for mistakes on writing. Hello. I think that the way Affinity Designer has layers and manage layers is wrong. There are so many artworks to manage and It become very difficult to find them in this arrangement. I think the way AI manage layers is very usefull, and Affinity Designer should emulate it. Note: I'm a very enthusiastic user of AD. It's a great design software, in many aspects and tools It is better than the competitor. I allways dream to find a software that replace AI for price and features and I think AD is The Software. For me just improve Layers, add mesh, blend and shape builder, and some few aspects to adjust and It will be the best software, at least for me.
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