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  1. Of course it's up to the individual however I wouldn't bother at that price. So say 50-50 and you end up with a pound max, what's the point unless you expect to sell tons of them? Some might enjoy a little pocket money though.
  2. Saying how much something costs is always a good plan! I don't think Affinity is about to get into that type of thing, print on demand or even selling digital outputs of work but then I don't know anything about their plans, I just can't see it. I don't really look at the store but clipart may be OK, I'm not sure. I can't imagine many selling their output for £1-2, just not worth the bother after the host takes their cut. Well yes several £2 obviously do add up but not to anything worth talking about, perhaps pays for a pizza or treat of your choice. I never output to PDF, why not JPG or TIFF? As for clipart licensing I'd have thought you can do what you please with it other than share it or re-sell it.
  3. Someone else suggested Printiful, it didn’t seem to be very paper printing orientated but I have bookmarked it. Thanks. Funnily enough I do quite like some of the outlines on their own and a few others have commented that they did too.
  4. I only do that because that’s my name 😆 I thought vectorvondoom but then thought marvel would probably moan so something with my name is easy. Junk, well not posh, cheap paper, cheap inks, don’t want that. I think limited vs unlimited both have pros and cons but I’d imagine newbie would tend to go for unlimited. I think a mix isn’t a bad way though. Becoming much sought after probably isn’t something to consider too seriously as you’ve no idea if that could happen.
  5. May well be true but AI has a way to go as it stands. I’ve been looking at one of the subreddits that showcases output. There are a some things on there that are really good, some things it’s absolutely useless at and the majority where it is a bit of both. It’s also the case where quite a few look fine in a tiny thumbnail but you open the full size version and and it’s oh dear! But it will certainly improve and then why spend hundreds or thousands on a design with a fairly length turn around when you can try/do it yourself for a few £/$ in . However I can see it going to court, think things are already ramping up, as it’s using people’s work to train the system much of which much has copyright. If the courts side with the artists and they can only use public domain images then it may never be a thing or no where near as good.
  6. Thank-you, I had it bookmarked from a bit earlier tonight. Think I used them once.
  7. I will definitely look again about doing prints of my stuff, need to find somewhere who dropships glicee’s (not interested in cheap junk) internationally and not a silly price. If that works, as in there’s any interest, then I could just do what I enjoy which would be ideal.
  8. Mac, I do have AD on my ipad but find it easier on the macbook especially moving layers around which is slow going on the ipad with no scroll bar. Unless someone knows a trick in which case I would use it more.
  9. No I hadn’t but thanks for the idea and links.
  10. I’m not sure the stuff I enjoy is commercially viable unless perhaps it was trying to sell prints. I’d need to decide on a style and stick to it. Good logos aren’t as easy as some people think but it’s a crowded market along with other brand identity things.
  11. So two jobs 😅I will try and get freelance work, not sure what type yet though. Millions doing logos etc so probably not a good plan.
  12. Thanks, I did read a bit, well really just looked at the pics. But if I every try another then perhaps I’ll get closer or not care and it call it art deco.
  13. Thanks Ben, it’s not as abstract (at all!) as most futurist work so a rubbish effort in that respect but I quite like them for what they are. I need to eat, at least once in a while 😆
  14. I do enjoy doing my scribbles and of course if others happen to like them that’s a bonus but no it doesn’t make you rich (at all). Vector can be time consuming that’s for sure but it’s no fun if it’s too easy.
  15. Thank-you.. Whilst the things I post on here are fun, well sometimes not so much fun when they drag on for any age!, I need to start doing boring stuff. Just have to work out what. I’m a whiz with the pen tool now so that’s a start 😅
  16. Thanks Patrick, I’m glad you like my scribbles (and other people too). But need to try and find some paying work so less scribbling.
  17. Lol, twitter name is the same as here (only started it a couple of days ago), instagram (still yuk) vector_von_doom. Posting my old junk first so nothing interesting if you’re on here.
  18. my last post. I’m posting on instagram (yuk) and twitter (2 followers so Elon will be getting worried!) if you can find me! Also in the private Facebook Affinity Designer group (the biggest one). Two quick ones. Did the astronaut then he had to have some transport. The rocket is a bit closer to futurist I guess. Rocket one needs a tweak or 10 but didn’t take too long.
  19. Used a few references and filled spaces in. Could have done more but didn't want to spend any more time on it so it will do.
  20. I haven't been totally idle! Bit different than I normally do.
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