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  1. Any Moderators, I have Emailed 3 days ago and haven't heard anything back yet, it says it'll take 24hrs but could be longer during busier times, 3 days is 3x as long or am I being ignored? Thank you.
  2. Yes I know, It's only critical updates for v1 now as far as I'm aware, as they'll be focusing only on v2 now, unless the next os update breaks v1 then they'll patch it to make it work again, I don't use it for commercial either, I'd never get a mac, don't really want an Ipad, the new iPhone 14 they made it non repairable, they put chips in screens, I don't like this stance from apple, I've heard apple may go subscription based soon too. Its just that the Ipad pro is way cheaper than the Windows tablet, it's tempting. But doubt I'd upgrade after just 6 months though. An idea is to buy another photo program instead, then it's a win win. Best of both worlds. Thank you @Dangerous
  3. The surface 8 Pro, some have traded there Ipad pro and macbook in for one of these.
  4. Thanks @PaulEC Yes it's all very confusing, I was going to buy an Ipad pro mainly for affinity photo, but now v1 is not available and the v2 would not be compatible with my v1 on my pc. Very frustrating, only workaround is getting a windows tablet. I waited for black friday too, That's why it's made me more annoyed.
  5. You have a point, thanks for sharing. Your point is very valid and it does make perfect sense but that would mean that those who bought it even a month ago shouldn't get a free copy of v2 as they bought all of those same updates included in it.
  6. Some on here are misunderstanding me, I never said I expect lifetime updates but I expected for this lifetime slogan to mean that I get longer than my 6 months of updates, also I've seen some YouTube videos of v2 and they are saying that they are dissatisfied as it's not a major update to what some of you claim, they say you can do the same in v1.
  7. Some people on here can't understand or don't want to understand. If you purchased a data plan with unlimited data, then all of a sudden they tell you, oh yh it's not unlimited, nothing is unlimited in life, that is misleading. I was sold on misleading info on the understanding that I'd have at least a couple of years of full updates. I've only had this app 6 months and now I won't get my full updates. This app was the easier option for me, it was either this app or gimp, but gimp we have to install a bunch of addons to make it just as good, if not better. So I thought I'd save myself some time and go with affinity. Now with all this licencing and they did mention about a subscription based affinity, it seems it's definitely on the cards in the future because that's where the money is, if they do go that way which I think they will, then I'd guess they and the fanboys will blame it on us as an excuse to why they went subscription based. Yh go ahead and blame it's customers. You lot are blind and follow like sheep. The fanboys of affinity. As for the customer service, what customer service, where is it, it seems like a laughing stock of a company. Too many are way too laxed and sleepy to not see what's really going on. The old timers on here obviously will feel there looked after because they have been, it's only the new comers like myself that are left to the wayside by the Devs. They even admitted that they mislead us, but they are not fixing this to make it right. I can't believe that some of you old timers can't even spot bad customer service and see the tone in which they speak. So because you've been looked after, forget about those who've been given the hard shoulder eh. Now I won't get full updates, you have to stand by what you believe to be right. I've been mislead, all I ask is for this company to do the decent thing and fix it. Then it'll be problem solved, but I don't believe they will as some new comers I believe would have paid again and they wouldn't want to be out of pocket by refunding them. Affinity Photo doesn't look like a bunch of roses like it used to.
  8. Yes then assuming we're jealous of v2 update which doesn't seem a major update to me, sometimes there too proud and stuck up on there own products to even care for its customers, I've left a company before because of it. My number 1 favourite thing with any company is its excellent customer relations. I'm not angry now, was mainly shocked in how its been dealt with.
  9. @debraspicher Yes I seen that, it's a bit misleading though, if your promised lifetime updates, I'd expect at least 2 years. Imo They should release v2 and keep full updates for v1 for 2 years, then stop all updates on v1. Or if you purchased v1 less than a year or 2 then offer a more discounted price or be given other options. It just don't feel right, it's not that I can't afford it, it's just the principle, I feel violated. Also I'm wondering if it's legal. Hope that makes sense.
  10. And if you've noticed one of the moderators maybe in breach of GDPR, giving the impression that one of it's customers may of had 30% discount, tried looking on the system then came on here to tell us all. So others can mock him.
  11. @debraspicher I've contacted them through email, have only received automated reply saying they are very busy. It's been over 90 days, I brought it in May, so 6 months ago, but I had no updates apart from this V2 one that they want me to pay again so soon. I brought it from their website. Misleading promises of lifetime updates but don't even get any. Thank you for your concern, it is much appreciated.
  12. @Loocor Yes, your point is valid, I had to go to Google translate, I do think they care what we say, but not in the right sort of way, no one likes criticism and as a business model they should be professional, I don't think there used to this criticism and allow themselves to get hurt by it, it feels as though they are biting there tongues a bit as not to get angry with us. I whole heartily believe that we should all have at least a years worth of updates, preferably 2 years though, as it does say unlimited free updates when you buy, and for those of us that's only had the v1 for only a few months and for them to just shrug their shoulders and to give us an empty look is not very professional, it don't look professional, and it doesn't look like they even know what they are doing and have not properly thought it out, and they expect us to pay for v2 if we want to carry on having any updates. It's as if there just hoping/thinking we'll just pay again for v2.
  13. I received an automated reply stating with how busy they are. I read someone else said the same thing and they never got a reply, I'd be amazed if you replied to my email. I'm nearing ready to wash my hands from the serif brand.
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