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  1. Thanks yes I recently learned assets need to be exported, but doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of the whole asset library idea, unless I'm missing something? I thought the whole point of the asset library was having all your assets readily available within the app. Before I discovered how to use Assets, I stored all my vector design elements & motifs as Affinity files in a folder and sub-folders for the various categories on my desktop. Then every time I needed an asset, I'd open the file in Affinity Designer in a separate window. Please can you help clarify this- When the assets
  2. Thanks but only found out about this recently on the forums. To be honest I had no clue that assets had to be exported, I thought an asset library was exactly that- a library. Funny thing is my own custom assets disappeared except that iOS asset library πŸ™„πŸ™„. I'm still trying to research solutions to retrieving them. I still can't accept my entire asset library is gone forever.
  3. I recently upgraded to Affinity Designer 1.9 (on Windows 10) and did a completely new install as I have been having problems at every launch where all my settings revert to the default factory settings. I thought the problem would be resolved with the new upgrade and account registration, but it appears to freeze more and I still get the same "There was an error loading your settings. Some settings may be inaccurate" error message. After my last launch of AD, I went to my asset library and noticed my entire asset library I had taken time to build (over 10 categories) with over 100 assets
  4. Yeah just make sure you have everything backed up as I discovered to my dismay today. Over a period of a few months, after discovering what I could do with assets, I was excited as it's a brilliant feature and had built several design elements under about 10 different categories including my pattern design templates, KDP interiors collections and close to over 100 designs I had created spontaneously and stored there thinking it was safe. Well after launching the new AD 1.9 today, my entire asset collection is gone, except the default iOS one (useless to me)- I'm livid.
  5. Thanks for the response. However, I haven't launched the app as Administrator because I normally install, launch and uninstall apps as a normal user without any issues. Normally I get prompted to agree to privileged access when required. It's even happening after updating to version 1.9 and now after my last relaunch, my asset library I had taken time to build (over 10 categories) with over 100 assets have all disappeared only with the iOS assets left- I don't know whether to scream or cry. 😑😭
  6. Hi, thanks for responding. I don't have CCleaner and I have the free Avast for anti-virus but my Avast Cleaner subscription had expired last year, so it isn't it. I never had this problem with the last version. I'm sorry but I said this error occurs when I launch the application not when updating the app. It is now happening almost every time I launch the app.
  7. Hi, I'm using Affinity Designer 1.8 on my Windows 10 laptop. I don't know if this counts as a bug or a problem with Windows 10, but every now and again when I launch the app, I get the following message " There was an error loading your settings. Some settings may be inaccurate". Then when I either apply "OK" or close the dialogue box, my Affinity Designer app loads with the default settings. All my customized toolbar, tools, studio settings and preferences are gone and I'm presented with the default settings and it's so frustrating. I'm now having to customise my Affinity Designer a
  8. Yeah still don't get what you mean because my comment is related to this topic and I clearly stated I'm experiencing the same issue. Any resolution to this will greatly help me too because as a pattern artist I'm not entirely happy with my exported swatches and text no matter what I do as stated by others on this thread. You may patronizingly put "the same issue" in quotes but I'm only I can know what issues I am having and it is the same, thank you.
  9. I don't understand what you mean. I commented to the topic addressed here because I'm experiencing white lines in my repeat patterns even after applying all the suggestions. I'm confused why I need to create a separate post?
  10. Thanks for mentioning that because I had never heard of coverage maps until today! Why do we have to do workarounds for things that should be basic features anyway? I love AD but It's now getting tedious with having to use workarounds in AD.
  11. Even with all that I get the white lines after I apply a transparent clipping mask to my pattern swatch. The repeat pattern preview shows white lines after I've clipped the repeating elements.
  12. It didn't get the fuzzy image because I zoomed in otherwise I wouldn't have complained. The image looks like this regardless of whether it's zoomed or not. I obviously zoomed on the browser to make the distortion of the lines and edges much larger and clearer to see. I don't zoom in when uploading on Redbubble and the huge I'll explain it like this: Redbubble has over 20 products with different file dimensions hence, they recommend uploading one large high res image (@ 300dpi of course) which will fit the largest items like duvet covers, tapestries etc but will appear to large for smaller ite
  13. Great idea! Also including the undo/redo buttons, knife, eraser and pattern make tools. πŸ™‚
  14. Dear Affinity Designer developers, As much as I like Affinity Designer, can you please add this quite important feature as many people have requested for this since 2014?! I have seen this topic on the forums since 2014 and it is quite frustrating that I am not able to use Affinity Designer for print on demand- the major reasons I purchase AD in the first place. I have enjoyed learning how to use AD for over a year from scratch and I'm not an experienced graphic designer as I'm still learning everyday and still enjoy discovering new features but as seen in the forums, time and time again
  15. Even experienced graphic designers have complained about this problem since 2014 - read the forums. It's not because everyone who has been complaining about this, doesn't know what they are doing. What I have learned is that it has something to do with switching anti-aliasing off which is a feature other software like Adobe illustrator have but Affinity Designer doesn't. Apparently switching anti-aliasing off prior to exporting the image makes all the difference, giving that sharp crisp image everyone is after and that's why in the forums people keep asking "how to switch anti-aliasing off".
  16. Oh wow, thanks for raising this as I having been having the same frustrating issue and was trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm also using ADfor print on demand and even though I export high resolution PNGs @300 dpi, when I upload my designs on t-shirts on Teespring and Redbubble, the images look OK only at 100% scale but rapidly appear more low res and blurry with jagged edges when scaled down to meet the dimension requirements of each apparel (by the time you get to 50%, it’s barely legible at a distance) and the fonts also appear fuzzy not crisp and sharp. When I compare my
  17. You can't use PDF or vector files for print on demand. They usually require raster files-PNG or JPEG. Obviously PNG is preferred by most pattern artists because designs exported as PNG are better quality than a JPEG image albeit a bigger file. PNG also have a transparent background property which is very useful as the background colours can be changed easily. When I compare my images (for print ) to those of others on the POD platforms their images look sharp and even very small fonts are more legible than my large fonts. No matter what I do (I export at 300dpi) my images look like poor
  18. Oh wow, thanks Schmu for raising this as I having been having the same issue and was trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Affinity designer is vector software but when any designs have a stroke/outline or line- the edges become pixelated when I change the orientation or rotation of the object or line. I'm also using AD for print on demand and even though I export high resolution PNGs @300 dpi, when I upload my designs on t-shirts on Teespring and Redbubble, the images quality look quite poor as compared to other seller's T-shirts. The resolution of the images looks low and the font
  19. I don't get it either, it's ridiculous. I thought the knife tool was a basic necessity for any graphic design software. The boolean operations can't be used in every situation where the knife tool would just do. Besides, I feel the boolean operations must have functionality issues as there times when I select the desired objects to either add or subtract etc and the boolean buttons are simply greyed out!
  20. It's not a matter of taste, it's a fact. I've learnt how to use symbols and templates in AD and It is a workaround. AI has the pattern making tool and it's straight forward- Object, pattern make. Not only will it create your pattern in seconds, you can go in an edit the symmetry, orientation, sizes, repeat type. This is a feature in AI not a workaround. It appears one is having to do a lot of workarounds in AD to compensate for the absence of: the warp tool, vectorizing tool, curved text, pattern tool, knife tool etc. It appears people have been requesting for the pattern fill tool for y
  21. This feature is available on Gravit Designer. I had Gravit Designer Pro and I used it to vectorize raster images. I'd vectorize it (under the Modify menu), ungroup it, then split the paths, remove the background then export as an SVG to open it on Affinity Designer! The only thing is I don't know if it is available on the free version, but I guess you can try, you've got nothing to lose. Don't know why AD still hasn't got this featureπŸ™„πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  22. That tutorial is for Affinity Designer on the iPad. I've learnt to use symbols but it's still different from AI's pattern tool!
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