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  1. Ok so far this solution looks good. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.
  2. I am very frustrated and trying to get some help resolving an issue with creating seamless patterns. No matter what I do in exporting, adjusting snapping, etc. I am getting white "seams" on my screen. Sometimes they disappear when zooming in or out or may get more faint, but they are there in my exports regardless. I do not understand what is causing this issue. To prove that this is indeed a program issue I performed the same operations in a trial version of Adobe Illustrator and experienced no issues - there were no visible seams in the working document as well as none in the export. I
  3. So I have been playing around with opening the exported jpg files in many different programs but I am still seeing seams! They are more faint, but still there. They appear and disappear when I zoom in and out, but I cannot have that be an issue. I'm VERY frustrated. Can you please help me resolve this? Being able to create seamless patterns is now a requirement for the work that I do. According to my research around the topic, this can be an issue when creating seamless patterns in Affinity and Illustrator, the solution people suggest is to turn off anti-aliasing, but I cannot find a way
  4. I suppose as long as it's not visible in the export I can live with it. Thank you so much for your quick responses and help with this issue!
  5. I've tried turning the snapping on and off to see if it made a difference...didn't seem to work DigitalPaper_TikiBirds.afdesign
  6. Hi! I will attach them here. I hope you can seem them, they are most visible down the middle of the tiki hut graphic. In the screenshot with two artboards, the image on the left is my tile and the image on the right is the tile repeated to make the pattern in which I am getting these residual lines. Thanks so much for your help.
  7. I am trying to create a seamless pattern in Affinity Designer. However, when I got to place my tiles (squares with pattern inside) next to one another I end up with very thin white lines between the tiles even though they are placed exactly next to one another. Is there a way to get rid of these lines? Some articles I have read mention anti aliasing being a problem, but I cannot find a place to switch this off in Affinity Designer. Any help would be much appreciated.
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