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  1. Thanks Dan, I plan to do more of this kind of illustration. I have a thing for Cars and Guitars and the affinity apps are an absolute boon for me. Regards, Tom D
  2. Hi Dan, Here's the original document with the font and image resorces.Isettacity.afpackageFonts and images.zip Thank you for your attention. Regards, Tom D
  3. I am using the file export. That's just the last try, so far the problem occurs whatever settings I try.
  4. I am reporting a bug in affinity designer ( I created the file using Designer, but it has the same problem in Photo and Publisher). I am using an iMac with the latest Monterey OS. iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017). 3.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 Missing elements when printing and exporting to pdf. This happens reliably all the time with and without hardware acceleration. There's a screengrab of the print panel with the preview showing the missing elements, and a pdf as exported.Isettacity.pdf I rasterised unsupported properties to the document dpi.
  5. Thanks Callum, On PDF's I do check the rasterise unsupported properties on export and still get this issue. But what gets me is that I can't print directly from the app when the app displays the complete image on screen. On the printout preview it shows what's missing but there is no rasterise option on that panel. It has previously printed directly and created pdfs without this problem. I have attached one of the pdfs it did before. This is not quite perfect but you can open it in designer and edit it. This is the difference between then and now.Isetta.afpackage.pdf Unsupported FXs are rasterised but vectors without FX are intact.
  6. Hi Callum, thank you for your reply. I have found a variation that's small enough to send on this forum. I've included a screenshot of the problem with this file. My problem with this is that it did work before the M1 update. The missing elements were a problem when I started using affinity, but the last update before the M1 update sorted it, and I could print directly from the app ( I had been printing out by sharing with apple's photo app). I am using the apple mac but not the latest M1. Even if you're using a PC and it works for you, this would be good to know PS I'm not a city fan, this was for a friend who is, just in case you're a fan of another team. Isettacity.afdesign Fonts.zip
  7. Hi Callum, The file size is massive, 3.9 GB. Which means I can't send it using this site. If you want it from dropbox or Google Drive let me know.
  8. This is not a huge problem I can still get the work by rasterising it. But but this same thing happens on pdf's and I'd like to preserve the vectors for export instead of rasterising. Is this a bug or it it something to do with the how I set up the AFdesign Doc?
  9. Progressive Broadcast Hire commissioned me to do a full-page ad in the Scottish Bafta 2021 Awards programme. The image is from their newly installed lens test room. The primary purpose of the ad was to celebrate the talent in Scottish film and TV and congratulate the evening's nominees. Then suggest how Progressive can help them achieve even better results.
  10. Is there trapping in your plans? I would rather not have to borrow someone else's Mac with illustrator to take control of this issue that happened on my last job. In this case I would have chosen to have the blue under print the red a tad more to avoid the white edges. If you could do this I could happily quit my dysfunctional relationship with Adobe. If this feature is available and I have missed it let me know how to use it.
  11. ‘Guilt’ is a BBC Scotland drama series where only the strongest liars, bluff merchants and crooks survive. This is the work I came up with when Progressive Broadcast Hire asked for another ad. It presents their part in the production. I am delighted with the wording; it’s that latent copywriter in me coming out again. It appeared in British Cinematographer magazine.
  12. dannyg9 Thank you. Progressive BH were a great company to work for. The last episode was broadcast last night on BBC 1.
  13. Progressive Broadcast Hire is Scotland's only facility for hiring TV and cinema equipment. They hired me to do this ad for them.
  14. I just tried to expand the stroke and it only had ten 10 nodes. This qualifies as a fix.
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