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  1. I have a similar issue. I'd like to save the style attributes of my pen or brush into the style panel which is possible but I have no idea how to reload them to my current pen or brush.
  2. You're right, export will rasterise it. But while it's an .afdesign file it will always be a vector that can be edited. It's just a workaround until or if a mesh/perspective tool appears.
  3. Refinement of white inlay and better colour
  4. ralisdaum This guy has a handy work around for non-destructive vector perspective. It's quite clever and I've used it. Check it out. It's towards the end of video. Rory Townsend. https://youtu.be/UQc9IPUkMBc
  5. Thor’s Axe. This is my Swedish made Hagstrom Viking. It’s a vector drawing done with affinity designer on my Mac. If it wasn’t for the shutdown I’d never have done it. This is the kind of stuff I've been killing time with. Bet you didn’t know that Thor had more than a hammer.
  6. arezendes. It can be done. It's just not as obvious as other apps. When you take a screenshot on an iPad it will be saved to apple's iPad photos.app. Open affinity and press the plus sign to import an image. Then you should see 'Import From Photos'. Press that and you'll find your screenshot under 'Recents'. Press the image you want to work with and do your edits. When you've finished your edits use export. At the bottom left off the screen, you'll see a 'Share' button. Pressing that will give you options for direct sharing by mail, iMessage, social media. In the list below 'Copy' you can use 'Save Image' to place it in the apple's iPad photos.app as a modified photo alongside the original. I don't know why it doesn't say save to Photos. It seems a long way round but it becomes second nature after a while. Is this a solution for you?
  7. I have frustrations with Designer. Auto-trace, Line/shape blend, direct single line segment selection, Vector image brush and warp/perspective. In illustrator, there's an outline pointer that allows you to work directly on line segments with copy and paste. This is quite handy. But instead of having a different pointer, we could have a new persona for line work. This persona could have (when they're available) the bitmap auto-trace, line/shape blend and knife tool and anything that we may need only occasionally. And it wouldn't clutter up the existing design persona, which is very elegantly arranged. It would also save you having more than one pointer (illustrator had three the last time I used it). The vector image brush like Inkscapes (although I would prefer Illustrator's random duplication) and warp could be added to the existing design persona without much detriment to its elegance.
  8. How very useful. This has sorted out my problem. Thanks markw.
  9. I had the same problem. For me it was a. type 1 font. True type and open type fonts work fine
  10. I get this too. I found that it seems to be related to the font. If your using Mac, check the fontbook app for errors in the font. Type one fonts can become corrupted over time. In my case it was Mgillsans from monotype which has been hanging around my system from the time I had a Classic2. I switched it to adobe gill sans and that works but I had to sort reflow. The same issue happened with Univers which was also really old. First try another font to see if it still happens Hope this helps. Out of interest does this error show in acrobat or when you re-open the pdf in affinity?
  11. I figured it out. The eps option needs to rasterise the graduations. This has to be set in the more menu under rasterise unsupported properties. The pdf setting had that, eps export didn't. I recreated the logo with the same colours and similar typeface capital style remake.afdesign and then exported to eps capital style remake.eps. I also used Inkscape for the same process and this seems to be just how eps files deal with graduations. so there is nothing wrong with affinity designer. It was a missed option all along.
  12. Thanks Old Bruce, These files are 2 decades old (we are both old). And to tell the truth they never reliably worked. There'd be discoloured banding that looked awful, parts of the the graduation would disappear, showing the red background colour and this would happen randomly. I even remember rejecting proofs because of this and then checking the logo and wondering why the designer chose to do everything the hard way. It's like he chose not to do it elegantly. The tech might have been new to him. I wanted to maintain the integrity of the original format because that's how it was imported to the layouts that were originally Quark Xpress files that were then converted to Indesign. I don't want to open and edit them. I want it to place it in a document without dropping the masked graduations. Affinity suite won't play but everything else will now that I've cleaned them up.
  13. Buckle in, this is going to be complicated. I have an issue with a logo that was created using illustrator. It has gradient fills masked by outline of letters. The logo wasn't created by me but I did use it for a job. I used adobe Indesign and illustrator to do the finished layouts and saved them as eps files. The logo construction is a mess.No-one would do it this way now. The original eps of the logo displays correctly in preview but drops the Graduation and mask for designer.GLONLC.EPS. I believe that it will open and display OK on illustrator but I don't have that app anymore. But for affinity designer I reconstructed it, reducing the complexity and generally cleaned up the untidiness of itGLONLC.afdesign. But affinity designer still drops the masks when reopening after exporting to eps. Preview still displays it correctly and inscapes opens it and displays and exports it correctly so that it can be opened in designer without the issue of dropping masks. GLONLCink.eps I think this is a bug. Or I am missing an option when exporting?
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