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  1. I still struggle quite a bit with this - are there any plans to go back to snug fitting text boxes or will the current behavior of creating oversize text boxes for imported text via pdf prevail?
  2. thanks a lot, Old Bruce, the far right bottom corner handle did the trick (unclear how I missed that one...).
  3. Dear Affinity team, I'm afraid my workflow really has taken a hit with 1.7; it mainly concerns the different way 1.7 seems to handle boxes of text objects upon pdf import (I also remarked on the issue with the size of the boxes here). Previously, resizing of text from objects imported from a pdf would result in a change of the text size, whereas now it only changes lines, but not the text. Is there any way to toggle between this behavior and changing the text size? Thanks!
  4. Congrats to the 1.7 release! Upon pdf import the bounding boxes of text objects are not as neatly adjusted to the text field as they used to be in AD 1.6. As I remarked in the beta forum, I would really love for AD 1.7 to revert back to the behavior of 1.6, since excessively sized bounding boxes make alignment of text objects in 1.7 much more cumbersome. Alternatively, it might be a solution to have a shortcut to make bounding boxes fit tight to text objects? Thanks for considering this!
  5. Has it been decided to leave v1.7 with the larger bounding boxes? I realize this might not be a major issue for most, but for my workflow (relying a lot on pdf imports) this is a major setback I'm afraid, wanting me to revert to 1.6. Otherwise, would it be possible to create a command to make bounding boxes fit snug? Thank you!
  6. I preferred the tight bounding boxes since they made it easier to align separate text boxes upon import.
  7. When moving an object in its entirety off an artboard oftentimes that object disappears from sight and cannot be re-selected after deselecting it. A workaround to this is to drag the object to different places outside the dartboard, after 2-3 times it becomes and stays visible. Please see the screen recording. ps. I'm using OS 10.14.2 on an MBP 13" mid 2018
  8. This is just to confirm that the problem persists with Thanks!
  9. This seems to happen with every file I have tried. For instance, please look at the bounding box of the text item upon importing the attached pdf into 1.6 versus any 1.7 version. Thanks! Text example
  10. Thanks everyone; it makes sense that probably Word is to blame, but it is somewhat strange that this issue did not occur with AD 1.6. Thanks again!
  11. When importing PDF files into AD 1.7.07 the bounding boxes of text objects are not as neatly adjusted to the text field as they used to be in AD 1.6. Would be great if this could be addressed in a future update, thanks!
  12. The pinch zoom on my trackpad (MacBook Pro mid 2018, 13", Mojave 10.14.2) seems to stop working frequently when using Affinity Designer. Sometimes I can re-enable it by de-activating/activating it in systems preferences, but often I need to put the laptop to sleep for it to work again. Is anyone else experiencing this issue, too?
  13. Thanks for looking into it, Sean. Please see the attached Designer file; when exporting the artboard as a pdf ('for export') the resulting image seems to be vectors only, but Microsoft Office rasterizes it upon placing into a Word document. This does not happen when removing the embedded file. Rasterization_file
  14. Sorry for hijacking this thread, but to me not all PDF rasterization problems have been resolved in 1.7.07; while the pdf export now does put out vector graphics these get rasterized in Word, which did not happen before (exact same artboard, was not rasterized by Word after exporting as pdf with 1.7.04). Is this a known issue? Thanks! Edit: narrowed it down: this seems to be occur when there is an embedded document as part of the export
  15. hubob

    PDF bugs with

    That's great to hear, thanks Matt! Could these possibly also fix the rasterization issue?