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  1. Thanks for the comment A_B_C, that's a good point! The weird thing is that the non-beta version of AD got it correctly, so I think Dingbats should be available on the system, but you're still right that this seems to be the root of the problem: when I suppress the use of Zapf Dingbats in the generation of the plot (using R) the import works correctly for the data points (the hyphens are still off, though). Thanks for your help! ps. as a follow-up: I found this comment in the help of R regarding the use of Dingbats: Maybe it might be worth to ensure the compatibility of AD with these font types?
  2. Hi everyone, here is a pdf import bug: when placing the attached file (which contains a lot of data points) into an AD document (version 1.6.1, beta 3) some of data points' coordinates shift (look at the lower right edge). Additionally, hyphens in the text don't get displayed correctly. thanks for looking into it! hubob volcano_not_annotated.pdf
  3. Great update, I especially love the new "align to" function as well as the ability to adjust the size of boxes to text. Regarding the latter: As of now clicking on the handle in the bottom center adjusts the height and double-clicking the handle in the right center adjusts the width. Wouldn't it be great if then clicking on the handle in the corner adjusted both at the same time? Regarding the "align to" option I slightly agree with others' opinions in that I liked AI's solution a little better - it saves a click to just select the object you want to align to rather than having to unselect/select if you first selected all of them at once, but maybe that's me having to get used to the new workflow. I found a couple of small bugs that I hope I'll have the time to write up soon! Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the new beta, great work! Unfortunately, the issue persists where pdf inserted via copy/paste (rather than "Place") will not retain their physical dimensions but their size will depend on the DPI settings of the target document. hubob
  5. hubob

    Designer 1.6 Beta – when?

    All fingers crossed for arrowheads, correction of the PDF DPI issue and aligning to key object features.....it's terrific how the product is advancing, I look forward to 1.6!
  6. Hi everybody, when creating a vector object in a document the dimensions of this object change when pasting it into a document with a different DPI setting (as far as I can see DPI shouldn't affect the physical dimensions). To reproduce, create a square 1cm x 1cm in a document set to 72DPI, copy and paste into a document at 300 DPI and the square will be much smaller than 1cm x 1cm. Cheers, -hubob
  7. Hi everyone, is there a way to restrict the selection of snapping candidates to the current artboard? Thanks!
  8. @mattP, thanks so much for fixing this! Indeed, when importing pdfs using the "Place" command they now get imported at the correct physical size, which is great! The instance in which the old behavior still persists is when importing them via drag&drop, but for me personally that's not a big issue. Thanks again for taking the time to fix this! EDIT: I just realized the problem also persists when directly selecting vector elements in another application (in my case Graphpad Prism) and then importing these into AD via paste. If you could align that behavior with the now revised Place command that would be greatly appreciated.
  9. But shouldn't a pdf keep its dimensions regardless of whether it's imported into a 300dpi or a 72dpi document? Sure, I can set the Affinity document to 72dpi whenever I need to import a pdf to have the pdf display at the correct size, but that seems a little clumsy and might possibly mess up rasterized objects in the document...
  10. Hi Julian23, I wonder whether your observation is related to Affinity's behavior I recently asked Matt about: when importing a pdf with fixed dimensions (e.g., 2x3cm) the pdf's physical size in Affinity will be different depending on the dpi setting in the Affinity document. This seems to be a bug and could be the same reason for AD not distinguishing correctly between points and pixels in your scenario. - hubob
  11. I would also love for this feature to be implemented as soon as feasible. Along with arrowheads (...), an option to resize canvas to selection, and being able to link and not only embed objects - after these I'm all set:)
  12. Thanks so much for trying this out, JimmyJack, it certainly seems like Prism is to blame with regards to the first point (yes, it was 1/2pt and I exported the pdf); I'll get in touch with the developers there. As far as the second point is concerned: you're absolutely right, this way works to adjust the sizes and it's what I use to do. Since I import a lot of individual pdf's all the time (creating figures with multiple pdf-subpanels) it would be very useful, if AD recognized upon import that the placed file is a pure vector file and thus just recognizes the dimensions, regardless of whether pasting it into a 72dpi or a 300dpi document. With the current way I need to create an intermediary document in which I assign the required dpi value to the pdf before placing it into final document. I wonder which way it works in Illustrator? Thanks again for your great help!
  13. Hi JimmyJack, this actually is the pdf export from Prism prior to pasting into AD. You're absolutely right - when adjusting the dpi's of the pdf and the AD file the font comes in at 100% but the weight of the strokes is 0.72pt rather than 1/2 pt in Prism (this could potentially also be a problem on Prism's side). On a more general note, I don't understand why AD requires the adjustment of dpi's - a pure vector pdf should just carry dimensions, right? Thanks for your help!
  14. Thanks for your answer JimmyJack and sorry for taking this long to post the graphic. These are the issues: - after placing the pdf into an AD file I have to manually adjust the dpi of the placed vector graphic to match the intended size; I don't understand why AD does not just recognize the dimensions of the vectors but requires dpi for it? My understanding was that vector graphics don't really have an associated dpi but rather just position cues and dimensions... (i.e., the vector should always be for example 3x4cm regardless of whether pasted into a 72dpi or 1200dpi document)? - after manually aligning the dpi of the placed pdf and the target file the font in the placed pdf is correct (7pt, Helvetica) but the weight of the lines (set at 1/2pt in Graphpad Prism v7) shows as 0.72 pt. thanks for your help! affinity_test.pdf