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  1. A strange bug I've found 1. Create a square 2. Shift Alt click the square to duplicate it and move it to the right keep the shift key pressed but let go of the Alt key and snap the square with the first square. 3. Whilst still pressing the shift key press the right arrow twice to move the second square. 4. Press shift Alt on the second square and move it to the right as soon as you start to do this the second square will snap back to the right edge of the first square. See video below. Snap_Back.mov
  2. Kaffeeundsalz It can be difficult to change peoples habits if all they have known is Illustrator, I mean I keep mentioning it to my department manager but he just can not see past Illustrator. but i do keep trying. MattP I just opened an AD PDF in Acrobat and it opened perfectly so yes it is Adobe that can't make things standard across their apps. So carry on nothing to see here
  3. If our client needs changes to artwork and we send them a pdf to pass off that we made changes to in AD then they won’t open correctly in illustrator. If PDF is an interchangeable file format then surely it should open up correctly in all applications.
  4. The text is not behind the blue rectangle take a close look at the bottom left of the art board in my screen shot I have clicked on a type layer and the text is in the bottom left corner of the art board. If you zoom in and drag it away from the corner & scale it up there is no text and it cannot be edited.
  5. I work for a print company and I am testing AD in the hope that we can replace Illustrator with AD, Now I set up a file as we do in Illustrator in AD and saved it as a PDF when I opened the file in Illustrator the text did not show up as shown in the image below, If you look closely you will notice we have a code in the top right corner of each artwork that is text but the main text is not showing. The text is not outlined. Artistic Text Tool used. I opened the file on our RIP station and the text showed up ok so I assume it will print correctly. In illustrator I highlighted the a text layer you will notice it has dropped to the bottom left of the artboard but I can not do anything with it. This happens in the App store version and the Beta version. Set up process We have a cnc cutter file (PDF) set up with camera dots on 1 layer and cutter lines on another, We then drag and drop artwork into the document and align it to the cutter lines then save the file as a PDF to send to our Vutek printer.
  6. Hi I have just noticed when I drag a PDF from the Finder and into an open document the PDF doesn't respect the actual size of the PDF it opens at a smaller size. If I use the Place option then the size is correct. Also if I open the PDF then select the PDF and Copy and then paste it into another open document the size is again smaller than the original size. This happens with the Mac App store version and the latest beta version. Any idea why this happens? and can a fix be found? EDIT.. Attached a video of what happens it also happens with .afdesign file too. AD_Placed_Image_Problem.mov
  7. Ok thank you for clearing that up for me.
  8. So anything outside the art board will not be included even if I check PDF compatible file. Is it a legal issue for you not reading the content outside the art board. Sorry but I don't really understand the complexities of what can and cannot be used in a file format.
  9. I was just wondering why when you open an AI or PDF file created with Illustrator why content outside the art board doesn't show up in Affinity Designer? we do a lot of setting files up for large format printing and need to place some elements outside the art board but we still need them to edit with later.
  10. Having played about with it a bit more I do see how it is more flexible. I was was just testing aligning 1 object in the centre of the other object in AD it took 7 clicks in AI it took 5. Is there a way you can add the align to options to the pop up menu when you right/CTRL click the objects to align?
  11. This is what I've been waiting for for a long time now, But I personally think it's not very well implemented! the way Illustrator does it is far more flexible than AD, In Ai you select your objects (wether you drag select or select individually) then select any one of the objects you want to align to then select your alignment option, now thats simple. I hope AD gets a simpler way to do it in the future. But at least I can do it now.
  12. Hi Would like to see preserving the name of a swatch colour when importing a document colour palette, For example if I get a file and it has a spot colour with the name BakeryK1234 then I would like the name preserved when I import the colour palette. Thanks
  13. I would like to see a checkbox for us to set the default measurement in a document. At the moment when I open a PDF the measurement is alway set to points, I would like to set the default measurement to millimetres for every document I open. Thanks
  14. Hi Lee D I should have mentioned the swatches are spot colours with custom names that I wanted to keep. I will put it up in the feature request. Thanks