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  1. I don't use In Design so can't comment on that, it would be helpful if the layers where preserved when opened in Illustrator.
  2. When exporting a file From AD as a PDF and opening it in illustrator, the layer structure is not preserved, even if the Include Layers option is ticked. Is there any way of preserving the layer structure of the file?
  3. No, no way to cut straight from Affinity Designer yet. You can design in AD the save as an svg or pdf then use a program like Sure Cuts A Lot for the cutting.
  4. I use this feature in illustrator everyday at work so this would be very helpful for me and also to be able to set the document size / Artboard to selected object would be nice too.
  5. So anything outside the art board will not be included even if I check PDF compatible file. Is it a legal issue for you not reading the content outside the art board. Sorry but I don't really understand the complexities of what can and cannot be used in a file format.
  6. I was just wondering why when you open an AI or PDF file created with Illustrator why content outside the art board doesn't show up in Affinity Designer? we do a lot of setting files up for large format printing and need to place some elements outside the art board but we still need them to edit with later.
  7. Hi Would like to see preserving the name of a swatch colour when importing a document colour palette, For example if I get a file and it has a spot colour with the name BakeryK1234 then I would like the name preserved when I import the colour palette. Thanks
  8. I would like to see a checkbox for us to set the default measurement in a document. At the moment when I open a PDF the measurement is alway set to points, I would like to set the default measurement to millimetres for every document I open. Thanks
  9. Hi Lee D I should have mentioned the swatches are spot colours with custom names that I wanted to keep. I will put it up in the feature request. Thanks
  10. Is there a way to keep a swatch name when creating a palette from a document, All colours that are created have the document file name followed by a number, Not easy to identify when colours are similar to each other.
  11. What I meant was a plugin for Affinity Designer so we can design in AD and plot from AD.
  12. Oh right i didn't realise that. Anyway would it be difficult for them to make a plugin for Affinity Designer to use with there cutter?
  13. I sent a tweet to Silhouette America asking if they had any plans to add the Affinity file format to the Studio app, I got a reply saying they would pass the info on to their developing team. So hopefully it might just happen.
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