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  1. This bug has been fixed in Publisher/Designer/Photo 1.8.4. The Alignment Panel now remembers the previous settings like it used to in 1.8.1. 😀
  2. @GarryP I use the Candidate List and Snapping Prefs and Layer Locking/Hiding/Restrict To One Layer Editing for certain situations and I love having that power and flexibility. But in general for the kind of stuff I do it's quicker to use the Alignment popup. But a permanent Alignment Panel would be even quicker and nicer By 'comprehensive' I mean detailed info for everything, every tool, feature and setting. Greedy maybe but I don't see why I should have to play guesswork for something I've paid for. The info should all be available already in the dev requirements and the documentation of the build process if the devs are following good practice. So it should just require getting a tech writer in to massage it into a digestible form.
  3. @GarryP Hi. Thanks, good point. They're an interesting and nice method of snapping to a key object and on the face of it more visually direct and quicker than using buttons. For simple alignments - excellent but I find I don't use them much because I don't find them reliable. I find it can be quite tricky to get them to snap to the object edge that you want to align to in complicated artwork. They will often snap to some of the selected objects but totally ignore others, unless you zoom in a lot and take time placing the handle exactly near the object's edge for it to snap, which is more time consuming than using the alignment panel. Plus, perhaps I'm a bit slow in the head but it took me ages to notice them and even longer to figure out what they do and how to use them. At first I was utterly confused and I've never found any tutorial/instructions for them in any Affinity video/webpage/help manual (i have the Designer Workbook and they are not even mentioned!) or the several Lynda/LinkedIn and Youtube tutorials I've gone through. @Affinity - As a general point, your tutorials, help and workbook are woefully short on in-depth coverage and explanations. We really need a comprehensive manual for reference. I love the software but this lack of decent training/reference material is what prevented me switching from Adobe years ago. No use producing brilliantly well thought out software if no-one knows how to use it
  4. 1. BUG: The 'Align To' field is broken in Publisher 1.8.2 & 1.8.3 (mac) and it no longer remembers the last chosen alignment option (as it did in previous versions). Now it always reverts to the default alignment option of 'Selection Bounds' so if you are aligning to Spread or Margins you have to change it every time - very annoying and time consuming. I've raised a bug report for this and have reverted back to 1.8.1 until they fix. 2. REQUEST: I agree with the OP. Please can we have an Alignment Panel that we can keep permanently open, either docked or floating - just like the other Studio Panels. Having to open a popup every time you want to align/change alignment options is really annoying and really slows down work. Or at least include the crucial 'Align To' field on the Control bar with the other alignment buttons so we don't have to open the popup! 3. REQUEST: Personally I'd like the Alignment process reversed, so that you set the 'Align To' option first and then choose the Align Horizontally/Vertically option. Choosing the Alignment Horizontally/Vertically first (left, right, top, bottom, etc) is counterintuitive to me and confusing because the objects jump all around the screen when you click these settings first and it feels like you're doing something very wrong. 4. REQUEST: A Key Object like Illustrator would be nice too.
  5. I get similar, but slightly different, behaviour on macOS Catalina. I opened a Designer doc with 26 artboards (Doc1). I then opened a 2nd Designer doc with 8 artboards (Doc2). I tried to copy the 8 artboards from Doc 2 to Doc 1. The Paste command produced no results at all, Doc1 sat there looking exactly the same and there was no 'Paste' in the Undo menu. I was confused. Then I tried to add a new artboard to Doc1 by drawing with the Artboard tool (the artboard options in control bar are greyed out) and got the same error message the OP got, that I can't add Artboards to a doc with pages. I've never seen that message before. Doc1 has no pages and never has. It was created with an artboard, not just a canvas, and then expanded to 26 artboards. Doc2 has no pages and never has either. This bug has now made Doc1 unusable because I can't add more artboards! You can imagine how much work went into it with 26 artboards already! Not a happy boy. Do we have a fix/workaround yet? BTW - I'm a photographer and designer transitioning from Adobe (I'm Adobe certified) and I'm finding Designer/Photo/Publisher much easier and quicker to use (i use on mac, windows, desktop & ipad). The UI and workflows are so much better thought out and clutter-free (particularly the Layers panel and Snapping/Guides) - whoever designs these is genius, don't let them go! There are some missing features and annoyances but all in all well done Affinity team, these are developing into stellar products Initially transitioning was very slow because of the lack of decent structured training, but the latest Affinity tutorial videos and LinkedInLearning Courses are way better and made transitioning a breeze. Finally I've reached a place where I can ditch the money-grabbing ***** at Adobe. Thanks to all the Affinity Team !!!
  6. Publisher 1.8.3, MacOS Mojave 10.14.4 The Alignment Panel used to remember the previously used 'Align to' dropdown menu setting. So for multiple objects, if I changed the 'Align to' dropdown to Last Selected, the panel would remember this and every time I opened the panel Last Selected would still be the choice in the dropdown menu so all I had to do was click an alignment button to align to the last selected. Quick and easy. But now the Alignment Panel dropdown menu defaults to Selection Bounds every time the panel is opened (for single objects it defaults to Page every time). So now if I change the 'Align to' dropdown to Last Selected, the panel forgets this setting and reverts to Selection Bounds the next time I open the panel. This means I have to click an alignment button and then open the dropdown again and choose Last Selected again every time I'm aligning objects. This is very annoying and really slows down work. I can't imagine this was intentional. Please revert to the previous behaviour where the Alignment Panel remembers the 'Align to' dropdown menu setting.
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