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  1. I managed to go into Time Machine and revert back to version 1.8.6, this version does what I need done and it will be a VERY long time until I upgrade. Is there a list of new features online? Mark
  2. I COMPLETELY agree with Joaquim I just updated Affinity Designer to 1.9, then opened the file I was previously working on and found out I cannot print (attached file). Each time I went to print an artboard AD would crash but I did manage to do a screen capture where it does not show a preview. I then thought maybe it needs a reboot? Well, now I cannot even startup AD with it crashing. It's a great piece of software but this is bad!
  3. Thank you v_kyr and Old Bruce! I am a very happy person now 😁 These two replies are very helpful, thank you to you both. Mark
  4. Hello everyone, Lately I've been working on many grayscale line charts for a research paper and I'm finding one thing very frustrating. See my Screen capture >> When a line is selected their isn't any indication of what color it is? In this case I have the line selected and would like to find its grayscale level in the palette. Is this possible? Thanks
  5. 👌 - Now that would be SPECTACULAR!!!!
  6. Hello gang! I've been using Affinity Designer for various projects (MAC) and lately I'm working on some charts for a scientific research paper and I keep seeing this happening and wanted to see what is causing it. As you see in my screen capture there is redish border on objects, nothing is selected but still showing up? What causes this?
  7. I'm glad I found this post, I was looking for a font manager (MAC). I think I'll give Typeface a try, I did try out FontBase and found it very confusing but remember it doesn't take much to confuse me. ~ Cheers
  8. Thanks 😁 - it's not too fancy.
  9. Hello Affinity community. I'd like to introduce myself and give you a bit of history on my design work. I am employed at the Canadian Forest Service, Great Lakes Forestry Centre as a Forest Ecology Technician for the past eight years, prior to this position I have worked as a Molecular Biology lab Technician and a Graphic designer at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre. Back in the day when I was employed as a lab tech I was introduced to Corel Draw V3 which we used to create presentation slides and charts (there was no PowerPoint back then) and then when I worked as graphic designer we used Adobe Illustrator because all designers throughout Canada were on MAC's and to be honest I hated Illustrator 🤮. Disclosure - I respect people that use Adobe Illustrator and I mean no disrespect to those people. Then... when I changed careers and became a Forest Ecology Technician I reverted back to using Corel Draw V7 for illustrations and mapping, I really enjoyed Corel Draw. At my home office I use a MAC pro G5 with Parallels to run Corel and it worked out fine but found it a long process to start up Windows on the MAC just to use Corel Draw. Now jump to the COVID-19 pandemic and a friend of mine DC mentioned to me about a program by Affinity, I downloaded the trials for both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo and REALLY enjoyed the programs and bought both right away. Over the past few months I have a good understanding of Affinity Designer and use it for all my work. Whewwww... that was a long intro. My work isn't fancy but I have included one of many maps of our Jack pine (Pinus banksiana) 🌲 research areas in northern Ontario created in Affinity Designer. Cheers and be safe!
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