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  1. Thanks, the file that gave me problems now works fine again!
  2. I agree it should be set to all pages by default. I also needed some time to figure this out and i find it counter-intuitive: standard one expexts a page-per-page print. (And anyway, wouldn't booklet printing also require the pages to be in a different order?)
  3. I also had trouble with an older file. At first it seemed to open properly, but on exporting, many of the images did not export, while some embedded pdfs exported only partially. I could fix it by - rasterizing the pdfs - disabling all filters - disabling all adjustments such as opacity I don't know if the problem is because it's an older file or if these problems would persist if i rebuilt the file from scratch in the current version .... I can share the file in a personal message but not on the forum.
  4. Is the symbol for the preview mode a windshield wiper?
  5. Ecifircas

    Architectural axonometric illustration

    @achilles177 I really like the clean style. I'm curious to see if you have done more work in AD since 2016?
  6. Ecifircas

    Photo - Architecture & Train station

    Wow beautiful... I think I know that station
  7. The video's look great! Looking forward to the surely imminent 1.7 beta...
  8. Or linked markdown .txt files that update automatically
  9. Thanks @MickRose but this was not what I meant (unless I misunderstood you). I have documents with multiple artboards set up. Quite often I want to continue with one of those in a separate file. I'd like to select the artboard and "create a new document from artboard". This way both the content and the page setup would be copied to a new document. It think it could be useful and could fit in neatly under the exisiting option "new from clipboard" (with the added functionality of not only copying the content but also the page setup).
  10. Hey, is it possible to set up a non-printing text styles for adding notes that don't print? Or his there an other way to add notes that don't print or can easily be turned off across multiple pages?
  11. Hey, I seem to remember an option to lock guides, but somehow I can't find it anywhere?