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  1. It might be more useful to hide the dartboards from the layer panel. So you would just zoom out and visually select the artboard. The layer panel would only show those on the selected artboard and hide all other artboard layers. I currently find it needlessly clogged to see all artboards layers even though I am not working in them.
  2. Hey, any progress on the "minimise space" option? It would be very useful for archiving older large files in an efficient way...
  3. Hey MEB. Any luck on the file? Or if you are just able to open it, on just generating a pdf for me? Thanks!
  4. Is there any way to restore the broken file? I am about to lose many hours of work...
  5. I have just installed the latest beta and the same problem occurs here...
  6. Hey Affinity team, I have a publisher file that keeps on crashing. Is my work lost? What can I do? Publisher crashes directly after opening the file. Can I send the file somewhere? I hope you can help me out here!
  7. My Affinity Designer always crashes when I try to open the attached pfd. A3_SewageWaterTreatment.pdf
  8. My current version is 206 and is not auto-updating. "Check for updates" also does nothing.
  9. Thanks, the file that gave me problems now works fine again!
  10. I agree it should be set to all pages by default. I also needed some time to figure this out and i find it counter-intuitive: standard one expexts a page-per-page print. (And anyway, wouldn't booklet printing also require the pages to be in a different order?)
  11. I also had trouble with an older file. At first it seemed to open properly, but on exporting, many of the images did not export, while some embedded pdfs exported only partially. I could fix it by - rasterizing the pdfs - disabling all filters - disabling all adjustments such as opacity I don't know if the problem is because it's an older file or if these problems would persist if i rebuilt the file from scratch in the current version .... I can share the file in a personal message but not on the forum.
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