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  1. It might be more useful to hide the dartboards from the layer panel. So you would just zoom out and visually select the artboard. The layer panel would only show those on the selected artboard and hide all other artboard layers. I currently find it needlessly clogged to see all artboards layers even though I am not working in them.
  2. Hey, any progress on the "minimise space" option? It would be very useful for archiving older large files in an efficient way...
  3. Hey MEB. Any luck on the file? Or if you are just able to open it, on just generating a pdf for me? Thanks!
  4. Is there any way to restore the broken file? I am about to lose many hours of work...
  5. I have just installed the latest beta and the same problem occurs here...
  6. Hey Affinity team, I have a publisher file that keeps on crashing. Is my work lost? What can I do? Publisher crashes directly after opening the file. Can I send the file somewhere? I hope you can help me out here!
  7. My Affinity Designer always crashes when I try to open the attached pfd. A3_SewageWaterTreatment.pdf
  8. I agree it should be set to all pages by default. I also needed some time to figure this out and i find it counter-intuitive: standard one expexts a page-per-page print. (And anyway, wouldn't booklet printing also require the pages to be in a different order?)
  9. @achilles177 I really like the clean style. I'm curious to see if you have done more work in AD since 2016?
  10. The video's look great! Looking forward to the surely imminent 1.7 beta...
  11. Or linked markdown .txt files that update automatically
  12. Thanks @MickRose but this was not what I meant (unless I misunderstood you). I have documents with multiple artboards set up. Quite often I want to continue with one of those in a separate file. I'd like to select the artboard and "create a new document from artboard". This way both the content and the page setup would be copied to a new document. It think it could be useful and could fit in neatly under the exisiting option "new from clipboard" (with the added functionality of not only copying the content but also the page setup).
  13. Hey, is it possible to set up a non-printing text styles for adding notes that don't print? Or his there an other way to add notes that don't print or can easily be turned off across multiple pages?
  14. Hey, I seem to remember an option to lock guides, but somehow I can't find it anywhere?
  15. Hey, I think it could be useful to have an option to "create new document from selected art-board(s)". This would be a useful addition to the "New from Clipboard". I have had many situations where I want to create a new document from one or two of my existing art-boards. I can duplicate the file and then delete the art-boards don't need. Or I can create a new document and copy-paste. But this option would be more straightforward.
  16. I updated the post above with the reports.
  17. Hey, I have experienced multiple crashes when changing the language of the text style base: > open document > select text style "base" > language > drop-down menu to change language >> CRASH After trying 5 times, it suddenly worked though. Reports (I didn't know how to save them so I copy pasted in text file if that's ok) https://www.dropbox.com/s/nc4wyhhyvm69h1i/Crash 1.rtf?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/s/1f4nxp2tod4f0lj/Crash 2.rtf?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/s/yz6z5ovcadkiuj9/Crash 3.rtf?dl=0
  18. Hey, thanks for the help, but I must say that is a very confusing setup. In indesign it is not much better. I don't see why "current page" and "total pages" should not be found under the same menu...
  19. Hey, I am considering buying the workbooks. I was wondering though, to what extend they are still up to date and usable? It's been a while since their release after all and the software has had multiple updates over that period. Or is an update planned perhaps?
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