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  1. I really wish I could drag PDFs onto the Publisher app icon to open them. I assumed at first that this feature was perhaps disabled on purpose in the beta, but then noticed that it works as expected with the Designer and Photo betas. Has this just not been implemented yet for Publisher? It's the fastest and most convenient way for me to open a document in Publisher, vs. File->Open from within the app, or right-clicking the document and choosing Publisher from the "Open with..." contextual menu. Especially for PDFs, since they can be opened by a large number of apps.
  2. jasonhuck

    Pub BUG: Random Caps caps Caps

    That might keep it from happening, but if so, there's still a problem, because it's Capitalizing every few words right in the Middle of sentences for no Obvious reason that I can see.
  3. jasonhuck

    Pub BUG: Random Caps caps Caps

    I can confirm this has been happening to me the last few days. The document I'm working on contains a lot of objects imported from other sources. Mostly PDFs generated from Sketch, in case that's a clue.
  4. So far, the only way I can find to move pages is to drag and drop them one at a time. Am I missing something? I would like to be able to select one or more contiguous pages in the sidebar and choose a new place to insert them in the document, e.g., a contextual menu "Move..." with a dialog to specify a target page and whether to insert the currently selected pages before or after the target. I thought perhaps I could define a set of pages as a section and then move the sections around, but that doesn't seem to be how that feature works. It would be great if you could drag and drop the sections to reorder them. Thanks, Jason
  5. jasonhuck

    New app icon ?

    I don't actually miss the triangle/"A" shape of the old icons, but my initial reaction to the new square one was that it felt washed out. Most of the icons in my dock (including Designer and Photo) are much more saturated and contrasty by comparison. Aside from that, I do prefer the clean, minimalistic look of the new splash screen. The old ones were a bit gawdy and over-designed IMO. A little too "hey, look at me, I'm fancy" vs. "I am a professional tool, part of a professional suite, and in it for the long run." So, overall, moving in the right direction. The icon is part of the public beta, too, right?
  6. Publisher 1.7.162 on Mojave. I created a new table in a document started in a previous build. Deleting characters in the table didn't work -- pressing the delete key would just insert a space. Deleted the table, and after that, ALL text boxes in the document displayed this behavior. Delete key inserted a space. Also, I could not change the color of individual sections of text within a box. Only all the text at once (when the object was selected with the pointer tool). I saved and closed the document, then re-opened it, and it was fine. Haven't tried to reproduce.
  7. +1, surely one of the most essential features not yet available.
  8. A few operations that would be handy when working with tables, perhaps for some future version: - Create a table from a selection of objects. (e.g., You have a nicely aligned grid of text frames, and you would like to convert them into a true table.) - An option in the column & row headers to duplicate that column or row, preserving formatting. (I do see that you can copy/paste an entire row or column into another one.) - Optionally paste tab-delimited content into a table and have each item populate a separate cell. - Dynamically link a table to an external spreadsheet or CSV file as the content source.
  9. Congrats on the launch! Immediately purchased a copy in support of your efforts. Bring on the Publisher beta!
  10. +1 for .idml support (import AND export), especially if a spec has been published. I'm sure this has been discussed ad nauseum already, but very few users of this suite will have the luxury of operating in a vaccuum where they do not have to share files with other agencies, service bureaus, and clients. In order to gain traction as an alternative in an Adobe-dominated world, it has to be easy for new users to pick right up where they left off with existing files, and collaborate with other people using Adobe software. It can't be a hassle or a special request for different formats every time files need to be exchanged. It's bad enough if you're on an older version of Creative Suite and have to ask someone to save back from Creative Cloud to an older format just so you can open their files. - jason
  11. jasonhuck

    Affinity is NOT Adobe!

    Very interesting points about not copying Adobe yet splitting the roles up along the exact sames lines as Adobe's products. Our shop primarily uses Illustrator to produce web layouts. It's currently our best option because we can keep related layouts together in a single file with multiple artboards/pages, but still have complete drawing capabilities and more freedom to move things around than in InDesign. We don't want a tool just for making single illustrations, and we don't want a tool just for publishing long documents with master pages and text flowing. We want a tool we can do layout and design in. We own Sketch, and have used it, but the lack of print support is a serious drawback -- designers don't want to have to move assets between two similar but different tools. There aren't any other current, viable options that support multiple artboards/pages (one of many features that Freehand nailed so many years ago). Gravit might become an option at some point, though it needs to gain a lot more traction, and I'm disappointed that they are dropping the dedicated desktop version in favor of a purely browser-based cloud service. Or maybe iDraw will step up and add this feature. I am hopeful that once development of Affinity Publisher is underway in earnest, Designer will gain support for multiple artboards/pages without the need to switch back and forth to another app. If that's not going to happen, and the only way to use multiple pages in this suite is to flip back and forth between Designer and Publisher, quite frankly we will never switch to it.
  12. jasonhuck

    Art Boards & Pages

    Oh, of course. I understand that, and my comment wasn't meant to come across as a complaint or demand. Just registering my "vote" for this feature and explaining the reality that it is a significant barrier to full adoption for us. Obviously that won't be the case for everyone.
  13. jasonhuck

    Art Boards & Pages

    This is easily my number one feature request, and yet another area where Freehand nailed it so many years ago. Illustrator's implementation is awful, but at least it's there. It's a key feature that sets Sketch above other "alternative" but otherwise reasonably capable apps like iDraw. I purchased AD and am very optimistic about its future, but it simply can't replace Illustrator or Sketch for us without support for multiple pages. I keep hoping that this feature from Publisher will show up early in one of the betas.

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