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  1. Tony Cotterill

    Document resizing query

    Thanks Fixx. Having it would be a useful feature but knowing it's not there for the moment is also useful.
  2. Tony Cotterill

    Document resizing query

    It also raised a separate question - unconnected with this particular issue, yet linked. Is there a way to import a pdf (File>Place) into a frame in Publisher, or open in Photo, for that matter WITHOUT breaking it down into an editable file. The same flier which I initially wanted to use as a template for further fliers, I now also want to use as an image in its own right. It which uses a decorative font that I don't have installed so the font gets interpreted as curves and goes all screwy. All I wanted was the image in this case as thought it were a JPG or TIFF for example. I tried to open it in Photo and create a TIFF from it but Photo tries to do the same thing and I get a jumbled image. Reluctantly, I had to revert to Photoshop which opened it as it looks, for this task.
  3. Tony Cotterill

    Document resizing query

    I opened it. As if it were a standard Affinity document. Because I wanted to be able to edit it.
  4. Hi, I'm using Affinity Publisher on Windows 10. Can anybody tell me why the following happens? I import an A5 pdf flier. It looks fine but when I check the document setup it says it's 'custom' but 148mmx210mm portrait - so a custom A5. Fine. So, for completeness, I change the setup to standard A5. Instantly the page dimensions change to 74mmx105mm but the elements maintain an A5 size. So I have only the central part of my flier showing. I go back to document setup and it's showing 74mmx210mm custom, and will not change - however many times I try to tell it to use A5 parameters. Obviously, I'm missing something... what should I be doing? It has happened with three separate pdfs, so it's not a problem with the pdfs themselves, it seems. Cheers, Tony
  5. Tony Cotterill

    Different sized PDFs

    Very much so. Yes. Thanks again.
  6. Tony Cotterill

    Different sized PDFs

    Thanks very much for the analysis, BofG. It explains much. I'll cut down the images sizes that the artist sent. It only really leaves me with two questions.... 1. Why does adding or subtracting the mask make a difference to how it is saved. Perhaps the mask causes it to automatically be flattened? 2. How did you do your analysyis? It would be useful for future such occurances. Cheers, Tony
  7. Tony Cotterill

    Different sized PDFs

    Sure. Here you go. I also forgot to mention that the is Publisher, in case that's important, and I'm using Windows 10. Half-hexes with bleed.pdf Half-hexes without bleed.pdf
  8. Here's a curious one. It's not a game breaker by any means, but it would be nice if somebody knew why the following happened... I have a new document and since the shape of the printed area is not rectangular I have made a bespoke shape picture box and created lines, using the pan tool, around it for a 3mm bleed. Then I made a mask and masked out the bleed area so that I can toggle it on and off for viewing ease. All tickety-boo so far. I do my designing - only two pages - and output it as a PDF. Now, when I have the mask ON, to hide the 3mm bleed the file exports nice and quickly and is around 1.2mB for a 300dpi document. When I turn the mask OFF so show the bleed the file takes an age and is around 15.5mB for the same 300dpi resolution. What I'm wondering is... HUH? Why? What on earth is taking up the other 14mB. Is this a feature/bug, or am I doing something weird? Cheers, Tony
  9. Hi. I am so happy with AP. It's sooo much better than the previous rival whom we don't mention... There is only one feature I still miss and you've probably guessed what it is from the title of this post. Sometimes I need to switch on/off features across several different pages and it would be great to have globally linked layers to do this, instead of needing to remember where the relevant linked features are in the document. An example is language translations. Often I need to do layouts with alternate languages and changing each page of a 50 page document is a chore. I know, I could have a separate file for the other languages but global layers would be better. Is there anything like this in the pipeline? Cheers, Tony
  10. Okay. No worries. I don't know what was going on, but a de/re install fixed it. Tony
  11. Hi, can anyone please help me? I had Publisher running fine. I was a Beta user and bought the full package which worked fine. Yesterday I bought and installed Photo which works fine but now I can't boot up Designer. I have them both installed on my D: drive in separate folders. What am I doing wrong? Tony
  12. Tony Cotterill

    Nesting layers

    Well done! Good spot. It's not at all intuitive that this would make a difference. Hopefully, there will eventually be some sort of manual or full tutorial for picking up these tiny features.
  13. Tony Cotterill

    Inputting exact dimensions

    Yes, Walt, you are correct. I'm on the Beta publisher. Only spotted it a few days ago. I'm liking it a lot, but the layers and image handling are confusing me a little atm.
  14. Tony Cotterill

    Nesting layers

    It even happens with a straight text box. If I put a text box layer into a created layer the same thing happens - white background and text goes black. It's as though it strips it back down to a basic black and white image, although the font is not lost.
  15. Tony Cotterill

    Nesting layers

    I'm on PC and I updated to the latest Beta today, so 1.7, yes.

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