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  1. Is there a way to remove overflowing text from a publication? I am splitting a very large document in chapters by doing a save-as and deleting superfluous pages. But then every last page has a text-frame with overflowing text, containing all the rest of the text...
  2. TonHaarmans

    Dutch language pack

    Wow thanks Walt! Will let you know if it works!
  3. TonHaarmans

    Dutch language pack

    Yes, sorry, I forgot this directory
  4. TonHaarmans

    Dutch language pack

    Here are the files. Location of the language files: ProgramData > Affinity > Common > 1.0 > Dictionaries test.afpub hyph_nl_NL.dic nl_NL.aff nl_NL.dic
  5. TonHaarmans

    Dutch language pack

    I have restarted a number of times with an existing document and every time when I define the language it crashes.... When I create a new document I can set the language and the spelling on Dutch, but typing anything (correct and incorrect) will give red lines under the words...
  6. TonHaarmans

    Dutch language pack

    Thanks! Unfortunately, when I change the Text Styles language settings AFPub immediately crashes :-(
  7. Where can I get a Dutch language pack for spelling correction for the Windows version of Publisher?
  8. Another instance of the same file did open... So maybe the file was corrupt. Or it needed also the resource fork?
  9. Well, I get this error-message, saying the file type is not supported. See attachment...
  10. How can I open afpub file from mac version to the windows version????
  11. That's too bad... Thank you for replying...
  12. Good morning. I downloaded Publisher from the website and payed. When I look in the Mac Appstore it still shows I can buy it... In the future I want to be able to only use the AppStore. How would I do that?

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