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    Color palettes

    Hi paola.limoncelli I imported the custom color palette you created. But I don't see all the colors present in the screenshot you attached. I only have 21 colors in Flat UI color set and 67 colors in Fractal Design Painter color palette. I believe there should be 113 colors in total right ? Can you tell me if I am missing something ? Thanks for your effort - Pranav
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply. I tried the trick you suggested me. I imported the image containing the color palette. But AD recognized very few swatches. I am trying to include the color swatches from google material design specification which was released just last week. Here is the link to it. http://www.google.com/design/spec/style/color.html#color-ui-color-palette Its an excellent collection of swatches. If someone can come up with a way to include all this color palette, let me know. Thanks Pranav
  3. Hi I am trying to import the color palette into AD from ase file which isa standard for illustrator. Is there a way I can do this. Right now the AD doesn't recognize this file type. Thanks Pranav