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  1. The BETA resolved the problem completely. Many thanks. Doug
  2. Where, oh where do I find the beta downloads? Cheers Doug
  3. I have a 34 page publication that I needed to save as a pdf file. I attempted to export the file (see attached) and end up with an error every time. So, I had to export as an eps and join the 34 files into one pdf in Adobe Acrobat. Not good. So, what is going wrong? Cheers Doug Thomson
  4. I should think the problem of Publisher for the iPad Pro on which I am writing is significant. That said, I look forward to the opportunity of testing a product before roll out. Is there a test version in the wings?
  5. Time to get Publisher on the iPad Pro platform. Come on, people!
  6. OK Affinity Designer types, I know we have been beset by COVID-19, but here we are in mid-2020, everyone can still work from home, and no sight of rulers. This has been plugging along for going on three years (previous threads to this one) ... where are the rulers?
  7. Indeed, I too would love to hear about Publisher for iPad Pro. I find it quite pleasing on the iMac, but I don’t tend to truck that thing around with me.
  8. Jon, I will when I get back to the computer ... writing from an iPad. It was most frustrating last night.
  9. Printing a series of concert tickets (an aside: really need csv file merge ... really!) and printing has been a total mess. 65 pages in the document ... it sometimes started printing in the middle, sometimes at the end, and never from beginning to end regardless how I set the page order in paper handling. I was left with the first page unprinted and finally had to export a pdf to get the first page to print. In fact, I am now printing everything from pdf and that is just not acceptable. I am so happy that you all are replacing Adobe in my world, but, people. This is not particularly good. Cheers Doug
  10. Now, some experimentation proves that this only happens when I attempt to change the text and the font size at the same time. If I only change the font size, all is well. This means two steps instead of one, but something is better than nothing. Hope that leads you closer to a solution
  11. I need to search and replace text in a ticket layout with a different font size. I specified a 10 pt. replacement size, but end up with 41.7 pts. It seems to be multiplying the font size by a mysterious factor that changes with the substitution font size. Not good and will mean a lot of work for me. See attached. I need a fix toute de suite.
  12. I have just switched from Adobe CC and am on something of a learning curve. Two issues have sprung up immediately. The Fit Type -> Shrink to Printable (or Fit to Printable) does nothing on my Canon iPF-Pro 2000 when printing sheet stock. This is important as one looses a fair amount of paper real estate when using what is ostensibly a roll paper printer and the loss is not even (greatest loss on the tail of the print). Ergo, one would have to fiddle around with setting uneven borders for every print. So, is this a bug, an oops, my misunderstanding or what? The print driver doesn't seem to shut off Color-Sync when using custom .icc profiles. Now it may be that you simply aren't greying out the Color-Sync radio button and I'm getting something else happening, but it would be nice to know what is the story. Apart from that I am very much enjoying my new to me Affinity products. Cheers Doug
  13. Exactly the obvious I was missing. Just left Adobe and will be facing a learning curve. I've been using the former since about 1984.
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