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  1. Good stuff Sean and thanks for the update
  2. SageBlue

    Isometric drawing

    Thanks ErrkaPetti, got it Missed Fit in Plane, so my mistake.
  3. Hi team, Likely obvious, snapping to the isometric grid does not work. I found a strange workaround once, that gets shapes snapping after they’ve been drawn away from the grid. Will the Isometric studio be coming to the iPad?
  4. SageBlue

    Document export naming

    Hi Sean, I’ll keep an eye out for it. I’ve done the save a copy as well, which always works. While I was referring to the file name while exporting, the name change to untitled shouldn’t happen after the document has been closed from the Welcome screen and reopened right? The name from then on should only stick to the file’s name at the time in Files app.
  5. Hi team, When saving a doc I opened from iCloud Drive... - Each save from Designer causes the file to loose its tag in Files, and “Hide extension” property switches from on to off (in macOS). Noticed the Mac when creating Publisher docs for page spreads, before switching back to iOS for the rest i.e. Publisher doc created first, gets worked on in Designer (iPad) from there and saved. The tag loss happens to both Designer and Publisher docs in Files. - Strangely the doc’s tag remains in the Finder on Mac. Lately been finding Files updates better automatically than the Finder, so perhaps Finder isn’t refreshing well (macOS 10.14.5). Though the Finder does show the loss of hiding the file extension when getting saved in Designer on iPad. Have closed/reopened the apps numerous times, and restarted OS. Thinking this may be important for Serif, for compatibility in file management between Files and Finder. For my work in iOS, simply loosing the assigned tag after every filesave in Designer. Using iPad Pro 3rd Gen, 12.9”, iOS 12.3.1 Hope this helps.
  6. Hi team, Just a little bug I’ve noticed a few times over a while, and doesn’t stop the workflow thankfully. When working on a document that has been named already, and then export it from the document menu, I find the file name field with the name untitled, along with the extension. Reopening the document from the Welcome screen and exporting, shows the file name as it should be in the Export settings i.e. taking the name of the document and adding the extension of the export format. Hope this helps.
  7. Ok Patrick. Thanks for the information.
  8. Attached the document for you here. Dark Pages.afpub
  9. Hi team, I have reported this in v1.7.1 as well. Letting you know when opening a Publisher document in Designer on iPad, there is no snapping a text frame to guides. You can see the attached video... 3220CF5C-68F2-4FCF-8FF1-6387A53F1D2F.MOV The same thing happens with rectangle shapes. Snapping to Guides in settings is switched on, and snapping is on in the toolbar.
  10. Hi team, Letting you know when opening a Publisher document in Designer on iPad, there is no snapping a text frame to guides. You can see the attached video... 85C7AD94-83D6-4AC7-B9CC-25D828ACE877.MOV Tried the rectangle shape tool and same thing happens unfortunately. Snapping to Guides in settings is switched on, and snapping is on in the toolbar.
  11. SageBlue

    Designer docs open pixelated

    The same pixelation occurs in 1.7.1 beta, so might be a setting change or simply not fixed yet.
  12. SageBlue

    Designer docs open pixelated

    Hi Walt, Good points. In Designer (iPad Pro), the main and split view modes work normally, including pixel split mode. Before v1.7, Photo had no pixelation when opening a Designer vector mode document. Designer documents used to appear in Photo, as they do in Designer. The pixelation in Photo has only happened in v1.7. Looking into more settings after work, to see if Photo has a bug since v1.7, or no longer supports vector mode by default.
  13. Hi team, Letting you know when I open documents that were created in Designer (iPad Pro), my documents are all heavily pixelated in Photo. I can work with the documents in Photo as usual otherwise. I make changes and save it in Photo. When the documents are opened in Designer again (iPad), they appear perfectly sharp with the changes as well. Attached is an example. At this zoom level, the banner should be perfectly sharp to the naked eye, even up close. The 50% bubble May show the pixelation most clearly. Compare the banner to Photo’s toolbar icons. Tried 2 other Designer documents in Photo, and the same thing happens.
  14. Publisher on the iPad would be an instant purchase here as well. The iPad Pro is my platform for Graphic Design.

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