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  1. You're welcome Sean. Thanks so much for the information, and the fix worked perfectly. I'll have to use symbols properly this time.
  2. I’ve uploaded the document and video showing what I do. Sorry, not fx layers, but Adjustments layers are the ones I deleted to enable me to copy & paste into another document.
  3. Hi Sean, I tried uploading the document, as well as zipped, and it keeps failing in Safari. Rebooted the iPad Pro doesn’t help either. I get the error code -200. 50% - 75% gets uploaded then fails. Emptied Safari’s website data to no avail. Happy to help if there is a way around it? I actually am copying and pasting vector geometry layers and text, and part of the problem seems to be some fx layers I got rid, but shouldn’t have to delete them.
  4. Also, I’ve got some media (fx layers) I deleted and made it possible to copy layers 1 or 2 at a time.
  5. Hi Team, Letting you know Affinity Designer crashes almost constantly when copying & pasting layers from one document to another. This is on iPadOS Public beta 6. I copy from 1 document to another, and change layers from there. Tried Paste Inside to no avail. I rebooted the iPad Pro this morning and no go.
  6. Actually Sean, can you include the ability to import colour palettes? I’ve voted a long time ago, and thought I’d bring it up again. Thanks and take care 🙂
  7. Thanks Sean, I mean’t this as a help if anything for supporting iPadOS 14. Things to look out for if it helps and possibly haven’t seen it already. Have a good weekend mate.
  8. Hi Sean, Ah ok, good to know the difference. The video attached shows copying a colour from my colour picker, as I’m not aware Affinity Designer (iPad) supports importing colour palettes. Then switching to Affinity Designer’s colour picker, you need to implement Scribble for the Apple Pencil. I cannot use Scribble yet, such as deleting a character or all of the hex. Or to paste a colour. Can you paste the colour you’ve copied? It doesn’t look like it unfortunately. Thanks IMG_1407.MOV
  9. Hi team, Letting you know the current Affinity Designer on IPadOS 14 public beta 5 produces issues when changing colours by inputting hex. You cannot press the cross in the circle to empty the text box either. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi Serif, Just a suggestion. In your account description, you still have iOS. It’ll be more accurate to write iPadOS. Hope everything is well.
  11. Thanks for getting back to me. The file is attached. Just remember, I can create the text frame in Designer in another document, and drag it into the publisher document with no border, so what you’re are saying could be correct. Document.afpub
  12. Hi team, Creating a mock signature in Designer on iPad, in a Publisher created document, keeps having a border around it. See attached. Letting you know of this issue even though there is a workaround. I created a new document in Designer on iPad, had no border issue, so copied and pasted it into the Publisher created document in Designer on iPad.
  13. Hope its sooner, even for a public beta for Photo & Designer iPad users. Would be good timing for Ash from Serif to get an iPad Publisher demo on the keynote. Studio Link is coming Serif said.
  14. Waiting here as well. Using Designer and Photo on the iPad. Doing one piece in Publisher on my aging Mac. Definitely not getting another desktop, as can’t doing my work on the go. Being mobile also acts as a camera in tablets and smart phones.
  15. No, not about docs. It’s about symbols being copied from one doc to another unfortunately.
  16. Hey team, Wondering if you could implement AR for previews before printing, and over time, use measurement adjustments to get a feel of what the final measurements should be of the drawing? Vectornator X has implemented AR for previews. Thanks.
  17. Hey team, Wondering if you could implement AR for previews before printing, and over time, use measurement adjustments to get a feel of what the final measurements should be of the drawing? Vectornator X has implemented AR for previews. Thanks.
  18. Hi Sean, Thanks for taking it up. Much appreciated.
  19. Yep, definitely a bug. My old Mac works fine with this.
  20. In the same pattern document, changing the shape of one circle (symbol), does not changes the other circles. Changing colours in one circle gets changed in other circles.
  21. Hi team, Attached the designer documents containing the pattern (symbol), and the other being 3000 pixel document.When copying the pattern, either all layers or the patterns only together, then pasting into the 3000 pixel document, Designer crashes. Pink pattern.afdesign 3000 pixels.aftemplate
  22. Hi Team, Good news. Letting you know the midpoint movement issue has worked every time for something I worked on in iPadOS Public Beta 7!
  23. Thanks for the ideas Sean. Using 3rd Gen iPad Pro 12.9”. I find having to drag almost immediately when tapping on the midpoint, otherwise the colour picker comes up like you said. I remember it used to be easier to move the midpoint. Will see if I can find another way, like the tap and then drag.
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