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  1. Hi MEB, I tried with the setting you suggested but with no improvement unfortunately.. I also tried downloading and installing old drivers for the tablet (from before the issue) and it still overheats. Just for a comparison I tried the tablet with photoshop and the same happens so I guess I have an issue with my tablet... So I guess I need to ask for support from Wacom Thanks for the help anyway!!
  2. Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-Intuos-Touch-Tablet-Version/dp/B00EN27U9U
  3. Hi MEB, Thanks for replying, I am getting a bit frustrated/sad because of this issue. I will try what you suggested and let you know. In the meantime I also reinstalled the old tablet drivers and for some reason it gets a bit less crazy overheating.. The weird thing is that Affinity makes my Mac overheat only if I use the tablet.. Thanks again!
  4. Hello there, Lately I have been having an issue that I can't resolve. My Macbook Pro starts to overheat like crazy when I use pressure-sensitive brushes (even the simplest). It has never done it before and I can't figure out why. The only change I can think of is that I had to install adobe CC and dropbox for work but when I use Affinity they are both inactive. I mainly use Affinity for illustration and I have uploaded a short video showing 2 different performance settings that both lead to overheat in seconds (and you can also see the lag on the line). Video: Can anyone shine a light on this issue? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I just wanted to add my voice to this conversation as this issue has been happening to me as well with different files all saved in my Macbook pro drive. Even though deleting the user folder could be a solution, I'm not a fan of that as I lose some settings when I do it.. Any chance this is being fixed? Thanks!
  6. Hi Chris, Unfortunately I had to reduce the file size (by merging some layers together) to finish working on it without crashes. I can maybe give you an estimate based on other similar illustrations I worked on: 3000x3000px with roughly 20 layers for 200MB on disk It has not happened since though.. I think the file might have been corrupted in some way while I was working on it
  7. Hello, Tonight the app has crashed twice while I was increasing my brush width using the ']' shortcut. The file is quite big so that may be a reason but please see attached both crash reports. crash-brush-1.rtf crash-brush-2.rtf
  8. Thanks everyone for the help I wonder why my HP scanner creates those PDF abominations XD
  9. Solved! I remembered that I had attached the PDF to this topic so I dowloaded it and tried again. At first try Affinity P simply didn't open it, no dialogue box etc Then I opened it with acrobat, simply saved with another name and now it works exactly as Merde and Phil were saying
  10. Hi Chris, to be honest I don't remember the exact message if there was one.. I think it just didn't do anything when I tried to open it. I have since deleted the files, but if you think it would be helpful, I will scan another one and see how it goes
  11. Hi Gabriel, They are either directly on my Desktop or on a folder I always use and always used (even with the prior version of Affinity). I do think this is a bug. I reported it while using the beta as well.
  12. Thanks PaulEC I think it will remain a mystery! I can scan it again as a jpg (already done) so it's not a problem Thanks for the compliments as well
  13. Hello, It just happened again with a jpg I never opened before. Crash report attached: Crash-87295.dmp
  14. Hi Gabe, Thank for the reply. I need to say that the problem didn't happen with a specific file but it happens randomly either if I try opening files or if I try to create new ones. I will do as you suggested though and let you know if the app crashes again
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