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  1. Roberta

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Oh Jeez!! :O Thanks for the clarification! I didn't even noticed a different tool was highlighted in the image... I posted about the anti-aliasing for the flood fill tool on a already existing post from 2016... I wonder why this feature is still not implemented..
  2. Just making this topic relevant again. I also think that the Flood Fill tool definitely needs the anti-aliasing option.
  3. Roberta

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hi MEB, I don't see that in my Affinity Beta, I have a Mac Book Pro and the latest version available of the beta.. (Please see attached) Regarding the anti-aliasing I will do thanks
  4. Roberta

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hello, I read in the description of new features: But I don't see it and it is really a pain that it doesn't have anti-aliasing options.. Is this going to be fixed? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I just downloaded the new beta and I had to re-launch it 3 times because at the creation of new file (web in this case but it may crash with others too), it crashed. Does anyone else have this issue?
  6. Yes I can see how it is similar... even though everything is all over the place not just the windows... Better than nothing for sure! Thanks!
  7. Oh no I hope they make it work on Mac too!
  8. Thanks for the reply Chris. As for 1 - I really think they should try to fix this.. it is very annoying not being able to trace back which brush you were using simply because you changed the size or opacity.. 2 - Happy to know they're working on it 3 - I don't see that option in my beta but under 'WINDOW' there is a 'clean up floating windows' Can you help me locate the function?
  9. Hello! I recently started using the beta and here are some of my suggestion: 1) Brush selection: whenever I select a brush but then I change the size, the selection disappears and there's no way to know which brush I am using (or is there and I don't know where to look?) I think there should always be an indication of the brush currently in use even if you change size or hardness or any other spec. 2) With the new Symmetry feature, I noticed that if I go too close to the center, instead of drawing, it selects the irradiating line and moves it. It would be nice to have an additional button to 'fix' the symmetry guide so that it's impossible to accidentally move it instead of drawing. 3) I noticed that if you have multiple canvas open, you can't detach the windows to (for example) compare two projects or use references. Hopefully this is helpful!
  10. Tried out the beta! The smudge brush tool is much better! I also downloaded the smudge brushes someone posted in a previous topic and with those I have a perfect tool. Looking forward to the release of the updated AP
  11. Oh great, I had a look before on the topic and it seemed like a difficult thing to do! I will try asap and update here. Thanks!
  12. Hi stokerg! Thanks for the reply. I'd love to do it but I was stupid enough to buy Affinity Photo from the App Store and I am not sure how to activate the beta because of that.. Is there a way?
  13. v_kyr Thank you for the reply but I already read everything I could find related to the Desktop version and tried what they say (soft round brush and tweaked every setting possible) and it stills gives me problems. Plus the only tutorial linked is for Affinity Designer and not Affinity Photo... I couldn't find a proper tutorial for Affinity Photo smudge brush tool anywhere.. I am not sure if it's a bug of my version or if I am doing something wrong.. I'd like someone from the staff to reply
  14. Hello everyone, I have a huge issue with the Smudge brush tool in Affinity Photo (Mac). When I use it to blend between two colours, it messes them up completely. I tried a lot of settings, even tried the smudge pre-set from DAUB brushes library but they all do the same. Please see below screenshots of the setting used and some tweaks with flow and strength. Can anyone help me out??
  15. Hello! I am using Affinity Photo since August 2018 but only recently I have started to do more illustrations and digital art with it. I've always been using Photoshop before then and I need to say I find Affinity fantastic! I would like to share some drawings and my latest speedpaint video. Please let me know if you have any feedback or advice to improve Thanks! Speedpaint video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKx1FbRYjZg