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  1. Hello. If someone have the whole kit (photo, designer and publisher) it is better to start from publisher when doing different kind of work like logo, illustrations, flyers, magazines, since you can benefit of studio link? Or why whould I need to start from designer or from photo instead of from Publisher and benefit of studio link? Thank you
  2. That is a looongg time. I hope not that much
  3. Hello, I've used Coreldraw before and after testing Affinity Designer I see there is some features i think would be great to have in AD. I bought Affinity Publisher and i would love to add Designer to it. 1- Smart fill tool. 2- Virtual segment delete. 3- 2-point line. 4- Beizer. 5- B-spine. 6- Polyline. 7- Connector tool. 8- Text effects: warp, skew, distor, perspective, etc.. Does any of these features in the roadmap? Thank you
  4. I bought Affinity Publisher and Im thinking about buying Designer but this Virtual Segment Delete tool like Corel it's a must. Also smart fill tool but that is for another thread.
  5. Help, I bought Publisher Mac version by mistake and i need to change to WIndows. Please help Thank you
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