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  1. Hi Steps, im a bit confused. Are you saying I CAN get AP to collect and batch collect all images to one folder? And do I need to first embed them all and then select them all and tell AP to link them all and drive to a desired folder and put them there? i would love it if that is the case. This is what I am trying to do. This is essentially a “Collect for Output” function, which really should exist. We used to have to rely on third party apps to get Illustrator to do this. Then they built it into InDesign. This is obviously a desireable function.
  2. A while back, while working on a document, AP asked me if I wanted to make all my images "linked" and collect them into one folder. I said yes, and it did it automatically. Now I am trying to find that function/command and Im not seeing it. My document has new linked images from all over my hard drive and I want them to be all consolidated to one folder. I have already checked out the Document Resources panel. Doesn't seem to offer that function. I could swear the AP did this for me on its own. ( I have the folder to prove it.) But I can not seem to replicated this behavior. Was I dreaming? Or does this function exist? Please advise. Thanks.
  3. Bingo! Thanks. That's where I thought it would be. Its called Document Units rather than Units of Measurement. Thanks again.
  4. Ok, I have searched for a half an hour. I searched the forums. I CANNOT find where you change units of measurement in Affinity Publisher. Will someone please tell me where this specification option is buried? (and why!!) I want to use inches!
  5. thomasbricker

    Mask Layer with Curves

    Thank you SO much Tolec. I tried the Mask to Below a million times with no luck before I read this. THIS suggestion solved the problem. Thanks!!!
  6. I’m hunting around the help files and forums. Is it still not possible to add hyperlinks to text in AD for iPad or for desktop for that matter?!! Please say it ain’t so.
  7. Forgot to turn on Reply Notification. Fingers crossed...
  8. This is a super basic one, but it is alluding me. I have hunted all over the place looking for a simple indication of the DPI of an image that I have open in AP. I CAN NOT find where this info is. It should be in the Info window. It isnt. It should be in the Change Document Size window. It isnt. (What that dialog box shows you is the dpi value you changed your last image to or what you want to change it to. NOT what it currently is.) This is a crazy omission. I can only hope I am simply missing where it actually is. This whole quest was kicked off by trying to change the dpi of a folder of images using the New Batch Job dialog window. That function is not built into the UI. So I created a custom macro in AP to do it (being careful to not select to Resample the image in the step of reassigning the 72 dpi size) I added this custom macro to the macros being performed on the images in the New Batch Job. This did the trick. But still, there is no way to check the DPI of the file within AP. I have to resort to viewing the files in Adobe Bridge which clearly shows every bit of info imaginable on said file, including the dpi. Ridiculous you may say? Yes. Ridiculous. Please tell me I am simply missing something.
  9. I can see how you do it on the desktop version, but where is it in the iOS version?
  10. Thanks JaneE, Your method works perfectly! Love it! and the masking is very accurate. Great! Couple of interesting points: - If I create the masks in APhoto and then try to "Place" them into APubisher, they don't work. But if I copy and paste them using the clipboard, they work just fine. Strange... - Whether I invert the mask image or leave it positive, seems to make no difference at all. They work identically. Wosven, You mention creating a mask by going from Chanel to Pixel. I cant figure out what you mean by that. And whatever that means, I am still unable to do this technique solely in APublisher without creating a Mask in APhoto first. Also with the APhoto Rasterize to Mask version, I get no border edge problem whatsoever. Again, thanks for your help. PMS Color with Rasterize to Mask.afpub
  11. Ok Im getting warmer... Unfortunately I cant see how to get my masking to behave correctly. What I want to do is use the grayscale image of the branch as a mask for the rectangle that is spaced as PMS 418. Makes perfect sense. But I haven't figured out how to set it up right yet. Whats the method? Files attached. Thanks. PMS Color with Mask.afpub Gracie Tree Art_BW_Inverted.afphoto Gracie Tree Art_BW.afphoto
  12. Yeah. Thats why traditionally I would colorize a grayscale bitmap tiff in InDesign assigning a PMS color to it. Works perfectly in Adobe software. I have to believe there is an alternative method in Affinity. I just don’t know what it is yet. Usually, Affinity’s solution is there. It’s just a little different. And usually better. Any further ideas anyone?
  13. Cool. That looks promising... Now if I use an Effect or Filter, will that reproduce correctly if I’m printing in PMS colors? Can I specify a PMS color to the tree art? And what is a Form with a Blending Mode in this context?