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  1. And yes. The file def. has a .jpg suffix
  2. Just used the standard export environment. (Hitting shift, option, command S)
  3. I discovered the source of the problem. The original file had a huge amount of metadata. I unchecked the box that said “save metadata “ and the file is now appropriately small.
  4. Im experiencing the weirdest issue: When I go to export my Affinity Photo file (Aprox. 33mb), and I select Jpeg, at 85% quality with no dimensional changes 600px X 1200px at 72 dpi, Im getting massive files. 88mb jpegs! That is insane. I have never had this issue with AP. I cant image what is creating this phenomenon. If I then open this jpeg and flatten it, the file size goes back to what you would expect. (300 k) I was under the impression that Jpeg have no layers and are flat by definition. What is going on here? Any suggestions?
  5. Good point. I did notice the other Persona tabs in the UI. All makes sense.
  6. Thanks Walt. So I just tested the functionality. Works absolutely perfectly! Well done Serif/Affinity! I have been away from Publisher for a few months and had not tried it lately. So if this is working so well in Publisher, which is still a Beta, why not roll it out to Designer and Photo? It's extremely useful.
  7. So are hyperlinks functional now in Publisher?
  8. thomasbricker

    hyperlinks and designer

    I reinforce this request. Designer needs to have the ability to add hyperlinks to type and elements so when the layout is exported to a screen pdf it functions correctly. Its silly that it doesn’t. I’m doing a project that requires this ability and I was forced to use Apple Pages to do it. Its 2019! Please add this function.
  9. Yes. I am aware of the More button. Unfortunately it does not include a selectable DPI. Unless it is hidden and Im not seeing it.
  10. I cant believe Im having to ask this, but unfortunately, I am. Im trying to take a layered AP image at 300dpi and export it at 72 dpi with a reduced pixel dimension. I can not for the life of me see how I dial in the 72dpi spec. Changing the pixel dimension is easy. But where is the control of the desired dpi? I know you can change the dpi in the Document setup. But cant I make this change AS Im doing the export? What is the trick? Please advise. Thanks.
  11. Hi Guys, Sorry for the delay getting back about this. So far Im not seeing the solution Im looking for. I want the export to include the entire area of the image frame. I don't want the slices to include just the floating layer element. I want the entire dimension of the canvas to be included with each exported layer. In this case it would be the logos on a consistently sized white background. There must be a way to do this.
  12. I know that Designer has lots of ability to create slices in the Export Persona. But what Im wondering is, in recent day, has AD been updated to have the functionality that Sketch does. (Where it can export the HTML and CSS code for an entire web page, not just the separate graphics pieces.) All the threads Ive found on this topic tend to be several years old. Whats the story for right now?
  13. I have read multiple threads here on how to do this, and Im still not finding the correct solution. I want to get each layer to export as a separate jpeg file with the element on each layer on a white background. I do not want the slices to exist at whatever size the elements were that were floating on the page. The Export Persona is supposed to be the way to do it, and so far its not giving me what I need. Surely there must be a way to do this, without having to do each layer individually one by one. Whats the trick? Attached are examples of what I am after.
  14. Hi Steps, im a bit confused. Are you saying I CAN get AP to collect and batch collect all images to one folder? And do I need to first embed them all and then select them all and tell AP to link them all and drive to a desired folder and put them there? i would love it if that is the case. This is what I am trying to do. This is essentially a “Collect for Output” function, which really should exist. We used to have to rely on third party apps to get Illustrator to do this. Then they built it into InDesign. This is obviously a desireable function.